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Precision Line Shafts

In the simplest definition, a line shaft is the rotating shaft part of a system of mechanical couplings between the power source and the machines that do work. Line shafts, also known as connecting shafts, jack shafts, or link shafts, are used to span long distances between rotating components. White Papers Courtesy of DieQua Corporation

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1 Flexible Options with Flexible Shafts (August 2013)

You need to transmit a rotary motion where no straight line is possible. Or, you need to allow for some uncontrollable misalignment. How about transmission taking place between moving components? What if you need to control something in hazardous locations where you cannot directly handle the application, such as high-temperature environments, under hazardous conditions or in clean room applications? Functionally designed flexible shafts can meet all these challenges.

2 Limitations of the Timoshenko Beam Theory (April 2020)

FVA Offers FE Shaft Calculations in the FVA-Workbench

3 How to Prevent Pulley Slippage (February 2017)

I'm not able to get a good connection between the pulley and shaft in my drive assembly. Could you explain the various ways of connecting a pulley to a shaft to prevent the pulley from slipping?

4 Sky Science (April 2012)

S.S. White Provides Twisting, Turning Power Transmission with Flexible Shafts

5 FEM Analysis of the Load Distribution over the Face Width of Helical Gear Pairs Considering Deviations, Misalignments and Deformations (August 2020)

The load carrying capacity of spur gears may be calculated by ISO 6336 using influence factors. The face load factor considers the impact of the non-uniform load distribution over the face width. Even if the gears had perfect geometry, the load would not distribute uniformly along the contact lines. The face load factor depends on deformations of all parts of the containing gearbox and mainly of the teeth, gears and shafts as well as on manufacturing and assembly deviations.

6 The Development of Worm Drives (February 2018)

A worm drive is a geared power transmission device in which a worm meshes with a worm gear to transmit power between two non-intersecting shafts that are oriented at a right angle. The worm drive has been an active and challenging topic of technological study since Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519).

7 Mayr Provides Shaft Couplings for Torque Transducers in FZG Worm Gear Test Stands (April 2021)

For reliable and accurate measurement results, The connection of the measuring shafts used is of particular importance.

8 Gear Design Effects on Performance of High-Speed Helical Geartrains as Used in Aerospace Drive Systems (March 2016)

The performance of high-speed helical geartrains is of particular importance for tiltrotor aircraft drive systems. These drive systems are used to provide speed reduction/torque multiplication from the gas turbine output shaft and provide the necessary offset between these parallel shafts in the aircraft. Four different design configurations have been tested in the NASA Glenn Research Center, High-Speed Helical Geartrain Test Facility. The design configurations included the current aircraft design, current design with isotropic superfinished gear surfaces, double-helical design (inward and outward pumping), increased pitch (finer teeth), and an increased helix angle. All designs were tested at multiple input shaft speeds (up to 15,000 rpm) and applied power (up to 5,000 hp). Also two lubrication, system-related, variables were tested: oil inlet temperature (160–250° F) and lubricating jet pressure (60–80 psig). Experimental data recorded from these tests included power loss of the helical system under study, the temperature increase of the lubricant from inlet to outlet of the drive system and fling-off temperatures (radially and axially). Also, all gear systems were tested with and without shrouds around the gears.

9 Bosch Rexroth Celebrates 30 Years of Linear Motion Innovations (December 2020)

Bosch Rexroth began developing linear bushings, shafts, slides, and transfer tables as prototypes in the 1960s. The first two complete linear modules with linear guides in combination with a ball screw assembly and toothed belt drive as a ready-to-install subsystem were launched in 1990 -- a quantum leap in the linear axes range which had previously been dominated by components.

10 Gearbox Bearing Service Life: A Matter of Mastering Many Design Parameters (April 2012)

The availability of high-strength shaft materials, in combination with bearings with high carrying capacity, allows use of slimmer shafts. However, the modulus of elasticity remains the same, so seat design for bearings and gears must be given close attention.

11 Rolling-Element Bearing Analysis (June 2013)

This article describes how more sophisticated modeling techniques allow the latest software to identify design issues with bearings, shafts, gears and complicated multi-body systems.

12 Frictionless, Magnetic Gears and Couplings Gain Traction (February 2010)

The Magnetic Gearing and Turbine Corp. (MGT), founded by Australian inventor Andrew French in 2000, manufactures injection molded gears and couplings based entirely on magnetic technology. The repulsive magnetic forces are used to transmit power without losing any energy, and drive shafts rotate completely independently of each other.

13 Influence of Gear Loads on Spline Couplings (February 2014)

Involute splines are commonly used in gearboxes to connect gears and shafts, especially when high torque is transmitted through the coupling. The load is shared among multiple teeth around the coupling circumference, resulting in higher load capacity than a conventional single key. However, the total load is not equally shared among all spline teeth, mainly because of pitch deviations resulting from the manufacturing process. The load distribution along the spline engagement length is also nonuniform because of tooth misalignments and shaft torsional effects. This paper presents an investigation of the influence of spur gear loads on the load distribution of spline teeth.

14 Best Practices for Gearbox Assembly and Disassembly (March 2014)

In most applications, gearbox reliability is critical to the productivity of the overall plant operation. So it follows that when industry is looking at the best ways to increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase profitability, gearbox performance and reliability are key factors. Designing for repair, and writing effective repair procedures, can speed the service time, and provide a quality refurbishment. The best practices listed in this article are proven, effective methods used to install and remove bearings, seals, gears, couplings and shafts within a gearbox.

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1 AutomationDirect Adds Linear and Rotary Shafts to Product Line (February 14, 2018)
AutomationDirect has added linear and rotary shafts to its line of mechanical power transmission products. SureMotion linear shafts are p...

2 Stafford Couplings Join Unsupported Shafts (December 6, 2012)
A full line of rigid shaft couplings that come in a broad range of types, sizes, and materials for joining unsupported shafts in applicat...

3 Suhner's SU-Flock Silent Flex Shafts Reduce Noise in Power Seats and Sunroofs (May 1, 2015)
Flexible shafts do not create noise, but they can transmit vibrations from the power source, thus creating unacceptable sound levels. Suh...

4 NTN Rear HalfShafts Adopted in New Cadillac Escalade (March 15, 2021)
NTN Corporation will provide the rear halfshafts (CVJ) for 100% of MY2021 Cadillac Escalades. To meet the demands of GM’s high prod...

5 Flexible Shafts, Power Drive Cable, Flexible Shaft from Stock Drive Products (May 30, 2007)
A new series of flexible shafts with casings from SDP are designed for power drive assemblies. A new series of flexible steel cable sh...

6 Taper Bushings Fasten Rotating Components without Marring Shafts (May 19, 2008)
Econobelt's new stainless steel taper bushings are designed to secure rotating components without marring shafts. Stocked in 18 sizes...

7 J.W. Winco's Linear Actuators Available With Two Separate Threaded Shafts (June 20, 2007)
J.W. Winco offers metric linear actuators with two separate threaded shafts.The actuators feature guide tubes of chrome plated precision ...

8 Suhner Offers Standard and Custom Flexible Shafts (August 2, 2016)
Suhner Manufacturing, Inc. (Rome, Georgia) recently announced the availability of standard and custom flexible shafts for rotary power tr...

9 S.S. White Announces Flexible Shafts for Automotive Applications (February 25, 2019)
S.S. White Technologies recently announced their flexible shaft solutions for automotive industry applications. Flexible shafts are a tec...

10 NB Corporation Offers Tapped or Threaded Shafts (August 2, 2019)
Made in the U.S.A,  NB’s shafts are never anneal, so outer diameters are ultra precise – tolerances are always reliable....

11 Spur Gears, Metric Gears, Gears with Internal Shafts (July 12, 2007)
These 20 degree Pressure Angle pinion shafts are made of S45C (AISI 1045) steel and feature induction hardened and ground teeth which are...

12 S.S. White Technologies Provides Custom Flexible Shafts for Aerospace Applications (September 24, 2018)
S.S. White Technologies highlights bespoke flexible shaft solutions for aerospace applications. Flexible shafts transmit rotary motion ...

13 J.W. Winco’s Linear Actuators Feature Two Separate Threaded Shafts (August 6, 2007)
J.W. Winco's metric linear actuators have two separate threaded shafts and feature guide tubes of chrome-plated precision steel with ...

14 S.S. White Technologies Supplies Flexible Shafts for Recertified LEAP-1B Turbofan Engines (December 30, 2020)
S.S. White Technologies is supplying the flexible shafts that transmit power to activate the Thrust Reverser Actuation Systems (TRAS) on ...

15 SKF’s Sealing Solutions Eliminates Need to Rework Problem Shafts (March 12, 2007)
SKF’s "Speedi-Sleeve" offers a sealing solution when machine shaft surfaces have been damaged or worn in operation. Simple repl...

16 Sterling Instrument’s Anti-Backlash Gears Eliminate Marred Shafts (March 10, 2006)
A new series of 1158 anti-backlash gears manufactured by Sterling Instruments feature the Fairloc integral hub fastening system, which el...

17 Fairloc Shafts & Shaft Reducers/Extenders (May 30, 2007)
The patented system offers several advantages including: built-in overload protection, full use of the bore, easy adjustment, compact sel...

18 Suhner Offers Flexible Shafts (July 27, 2012)
So you need to transmit a rotary motion where no straight line is possible? Or, you need to allow for some uncontrollable misalignment?&n...

19 Ruland Offers Installation and Assembly Tools for Shafts and Couplings (October 4, 2018)
Ruland has added a new accessory product line including key stock, hex keys and torque wrenches to assist with assembly and installation ...

20 EFD Induction Awarded Orders for Induction Scanners to Harden Sun Gears and Output Shafts (May 26, 2015)
EFD Induction USA has recently won major orders from two American tier-one automotive suppliers.The orders involve EFD Induction ‘H...

21 Rotary Encoder Collars Give Shafts Speed Sensing Capability (April 2, 2010)
Stafford Manufacturing Corp. offers shaft collars that can be customized with steel pick-up targets on the face or outside diameter to al...

22 Voith Turbo Supplies Universal Joint Shafts for Heavy Plate Mill in India (August 6, 2007)
Reports indicate that the growing demand for high quality steel in India is leading to investments in improved production facilities. One...

23 R + W's Line Shafts' Sleeves Tapered up to 4,000Nm (June 26, 2007)
R+W developed the ZA high torque series with tapered bushings for improved shaft holding ability.The shafting systems not only compensate...