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1 The Reluctance Motor Springs Forth (August 2014)

There are three major types of reluctance motors: all three reluctance motors are non-permanent magnet, brushless motors. They are synchronous motors with a non-linear relationship between torque and current. The variable-reluctance step and switched-reluctance motors utilize the principle of magnetic attraction by inducing magnet poles within the soft-iron rotor, and by energizing a set of coils wound around stator teeth resident in the laminated stator. These two reluctance motors must be sequentially excited to achieve continuous, steady-state rotation. The design of all reluctance motors requires finite element analysis (FEA) software.

2 Brushless PM-Motors Speed Ahead (June 2014)

There are more brushless PM motors being made every day. These brushless PM motors are smaller in size -- i.e., less than 50 watts in power output found in hard-disk drives, CD and DVD players and many portable medical devices. Servo systems with brushless PM motors ranging from 50 watts to 50 kilowatts are now challenging the larger electric motor applications. A few manufacturers have pushed brushless PM motors above 200 kW.

3 Reducing Electricity Cost through Use of Premium Efficiency Motors (February 2010)

motors with premium efficiency counterparts presents businesses with a significant opportunity to reduce operating costs. A comparison between premium and standard efficiency motors from 0.25 to 10 horsepower is conducted; comparisons of full-load efficiencies are shown, and estimated payback periods are calculated. Methods for calculating the yearly kilowatt-hour consumption and yearly cost savings of premium efficiency motors for this horsepower range are also given. The cost advantages of premium efficiency motors are summarized, and relevant examples of real world cost savings are shown.

4 Hybrid Transverse Magnetic Flux Motors - AKA Stepper Motors and Hybrid Servos (March 2020)

This is the first of a series of articles on permanent magnet transverse magnetic flux motors - AKA step motors. These articles will be covering the development history and the various drive technologies used with these motors - both open and closed loop.

5 Motors and Motion Meet in St. Louis (December 2014)

The motors might be small, but the big-brain technology driving these electrical wonders was on full display at the 2014 Small Motor & Motion Association Fall Technical Conference, convened November 4-6 in St. Louis, MO. SMMA, the manufacturing trade association (120 members strong) that tends to the best interests of the electric motor and motion control industries — including manufacturers, suppliers, users, consultants and universities — played gracious host to a wide array of presenters from an equally diverse range of sources — from academia to the federal government. Like gears, motors are most everywhere, as evidenced by SMMA’s membership (consumer-, public interest-, national defense- and commercial-oriented) demographic which includes: appliance; transportation; medical equipment; office automation and computers; aerospace; and industrial automation. The association’s mission: To “serve as the principal voice of the electric motors and drives industry” and to provide a forum to “develop, collect and disseminate technical and management knowledge.”

6 Baldor Motor Basics: Electric Motors and Power Systems and Electric Motors and Voltage (September 2017)

Part 1: There seems to be a lot of confusion about the voltage standards for motors and why they are structured the way they are. Part 2: The effect of low voltage on electric motors is pretty widely known and understood, but the effect of high voltage on motors is frequently misunderstood.

7 New Motor Technology (April 2013)

Novatorque energy efficient motors, Portescap smaller-size brushless DC motors, Pittman customized motors, Kollmorgen stainless steel motors, Crouzet expanded motor series, and a report from IHS on rare earth mineral supply.

8 The Importance of Thermal Protection for Torque Motors (August 2015)

When talking about high-end machining or manufacturing applications that include direct-drive technology, one of the key advantages of utilizing this particular transmission method is its endurance. Because of the very nature of direct-drive motors they are able to operate at peak performance levels indefinitely — without any kind of wear or aging — as long as the motor isn’t pushed past its capacity. Unfortunately, because this isn’t a perfect world, unexpected things can happen which can cause the motor to overheat. Whether the heat source is due to a parameter being input incorrectly, or an unexpected external force causing more resistance than expected — it is important to have certain forms of thermal protection in place. Since torque motors are built in such a way that they cannot be repaired and yet maintain their efficiency, it is vital to prevent any overheating — thus precluding the need to purchase a new one.

9 Motor Management Best Practices Part 3 (February 2016)

This three-part series on motor management best practices focuses on the importance of instituting a motor management plan as a necessity in effectively administering the electric motors in a facility. The goal of a motor management plan is to take advantage of opportunities for energy savings and increased productivity using energy efficient, reliable motors such as NEMA Premium efficiency motors, herein referred to as “premium efficiency” motors.

10 Replacing Motors, Counting Savings (Spring 2007)

Th e total U.S. electric motor base exceeds 100 million motors and consumes more than 50% of all electricity generated in the country. Small motors—fractional horsepower to 20-hp—comprise 99% of the motor population but consume only 25% of all generated electricity (Refs. 1,3,10,14).

11 Baldor Motor Basics: Premium Efficiency Motors (October 2017)

Conservation through lighting alterations using different bulbs, ballasts and light sources is well understood and easy to achieve. The use of improved efficiency three phase induction motors has not been as accepted. There are a number of reasons why conservation efforts with motors have not been as popular.

12 Saving Money with High-Efficiency Gearmotors (October 2019)

Standing in a factory or a warehouse, you're bound to notice machinery, whether it's a conveyor system that winds across the floor or large fans that hang from the ceiling. You may even notice automated guided vehicles or autonomous mobile robots carrying parts, driving themselves from one section of the building to another. These machines are good candidates for using high-efficiency gearmotors, especially if they're expected to run for long stretches at a time. If they aren't using high-efficiency gearmotors, then they may be costing more money than they should.

13 Hybrid Transverse Flux Magnetic Motors - How to Measure Parameters (September 2020)

These versatile, low-cost and high-torque motors may be used open loop or as full servos - and several levels in between. The motor stator laminate designs divide these motors into those optimized for full stepping, and those optimized for micro stepping and servo operation. These differences can be easily measured with basic meters and oscilloscopes. Motor to motor variations can also be easily measured, and motor inductance at nominal speed and current can also be determined.

14 The Small Motor Rule, How Will This Affect You (December 2014)

According to the Department of Energy (DOE), more than half of all electrical energy consumed in the U.S. is used by electric motors. To address this, several years ago, the DOE conducted a technical study as to what could be done to raise the efficiency levels of “small” motors. After years of study and litigation, the Small Motor Rule (SMR) was passed that covers two-digit NEMA frame single- and three-phase ¼ through 3 horsepower motors in open enclosures.

15 Closing the Loop around a Transverse Flux Hybrid Step Motor (August 2020)

Transverse magnetic flux motors -- also known as step motors -- become Hybrid Servos when you operate them closed loop. This is the same transformation that happens between running a 3-phase synchronous motor from line voltage as opposed to running it closed loop as a brushless servo. In the case of hybrid motors, there are many degrees of what is advertised as "closed loop," and thus significant differences in the performance improvements seen.

16 Motors in Space (September 2020)

Components like motors, bearings and drives are subject to harsh environments on Earth, but they must be at the top of their game to enjoy space travel. Recent applications from Maxon Motors (Return to Mars) and the University of Michigan (Robotic Legs) illustrate the incredible requirements it takes to handle applications in space and how these components can be utilized here on Earth.

17 High-Power Density Motors (February 2021)

On the tradeoffs between power density, efficiency and cost for high-performance, electric motors in choosing the most applicable technology for a specific application.

18 University Improves Sustainability of HVAC Motors in Platinum LEED Building (April 2012)

A new preventive maintenance program at a leading New England Ivy League university demonstrates how the push for more sustainable "green" building management has led to a growing awareness of a chronic, widespread problem with HVAC motors—electrical bearing damage and failure.

19 Drive and Motor Basics (October 2013)

A discussion of the basics in DC drives, DC motors, AC drives, AC motors and synchronous motors.

20 Transverse Magnet Flux AKA Hybrid Step Motor Driver Techniques (June 2020)

The transverse flux permanent magnet motor -- also known as a hybrid step motor or hybrid servo motor -- has a wide range of performances, depending upon how you drive these motors, and whether you operate them in open loop or one of the many variants of closed loop methods you use. In this third installment we will cover some of the many ways to drive these motors, as well as how these choices affect the performance of these motors.

21 Baldor Basics: Motors (December 2016)

Beginning with this initial installment , and with the gracious permission of ABB/Baldor Electric, we are pleased to announce the beginning of a new series -- Baldor Basics: Motors. This is a collection of basicsdriven, motor-intensive articles authored by former Baldor engineer Edward Cowern, PE, a respected name by many in the electric motor industry. During his tenure at Baldor, Cowern - now enjoying his retirement - was tasked with producing a number of motor- and basics-related tutorials, primarily in response to a steady flow of customer questions regarding motors. Today's customers continue to ask questions and seek answers to address their various motor-related issues. As with Cowern's original introduction to the series, we hope you find these articles useful and would appreciate any comments or thoughts you might have for future improvements, corrections or topics.

22 Motors without Rare-Earth Magnets: What Are the Options (October 2019)

Lower-cost motor technologies exist that can be an attractive alternative to neo-based BL PM motors - and are not subject to unpredictable supply chains

23 Motor Design for Aerospace Applications (June 2019)

Modern aircraft, missiles and space vehicles employ a large number of electric motors and actuators. While the basic design of these motors is in many respects very similar to that of their automotive and industrial counterparts, motors for aerospace applications differ significantly in some areas.

24 Integrated Hybrid Servo Motors vs. Standard Integrated Servo Motors (December 2018)

Different motor types favor different application areas. No single style has advantages in all application spaces. Direct drive applications favor hybrid servos while high-speed, geared down applications tend to favor the conventional servo motors.

25 Motors and Mechatronics - Moving to a Higher Plane (September 2017)

This is an article about motors - preventive motor maintenance, actually. And something else - mechatronics. In today's high-tech manufacturing and industrial use environments, it is near impossible to talk about equally complex motor maintenance and repair-or-replace protocols without it.

26 Baldor Basics: Motors (March 2017)

This issue our Baldor Basics series continues with the topics of motor temperature ratings and metric motors.

27 Improperly Testing Belt Tension Can Easily Damage Small Motors (February 2019)

Most of us want to just instinctively squeeze a belt between a pair of pulleys to test the belt tension. What is not as instinctive is just how much force such a procedure can put on the shaft -- often significantly past the manufacturer's rated limits for small motors. This can cause damage to both the shaft and the bearings.

28 Baldor Basics: Motors (February 2017)

This issue we cover frame sizes and two-speed motors in our continuing series of articles, courtesy of Baldor Electric, dedicated to motor basics.

29 Cost-Effective, High-Performing Motors without Neodymium Magnets - Part II (December 2019)

In Part I we explored various motor technologies used today for industrial and traction motor design. Here in Part II we will explore another motor option: reluctance motors.

30 How to Select a DC Motor: Coreless and Iron Core Brushed DC Motors (June 2017)

DC motors possess linear relationships that allow for very predictable operation. For instance, if enough voltage is applied across the terminals of a DC motor, the output shaft will spin at a rate proportional to that applied voltage. You can take the ratio of the applied voltage over the rated voltage and multiply that number by the no load speed and get the running speed.

31 Lower-Loss Technology for a Stepping Motor (April 2009)

The demand for stepping motors with high efficiency and low losses has been increasing, although the demand had been previously focused on high torque. Also, the selection of the most suitable grade of lamination for improvement in fastening of the laminated cores has reduced losses significantly at their peak, when compared to conventional stepping motors. Lowering the losses of the motor has enabled continuous operation that was previously impossible. An expansion of the stepping motor’s usage into applications where another motor has been used for continuous operation and other uses—due to the heat generation problem—can now be pursued. In addition, these motors are very effective for energy saving. This paper explains the technology used for lowering the iron losses of the stepping motor.

32 Motors Technology Update (April 2011)

The latest in motors technology from leading manufacturers.

33 The Case for Hollow-Shaft Torque Motors (August 2010)

Permanent-magnet, synchronous-torque motors offer significant advantages on high-energy-consuming and high-dynamic applications.

34 With Electric Motors, Size Indeed Matters (February 2009)

In this paper, Edward Hage, founder of, an online motor calculation and selection tool, focuses on the overheating of electric motors. Presented here is a calculation method with which the temperature and heat development of a direct current (DC) motor and a brushless motor can be predicted accurately.

35 Various Coil Configurations Used in Coreless Motors (September 2020)

Three-dimensional finite element analysis (FEA) simulation and research from published information is used to compare the features of various coil configurations.

36 Low-Efficiency Motors and Gears Still Prevalent (October 2014)

Electric motor-driven systems are the single largest enduser of electricity, accounting for over 40% of global consumption according to the International Energy Agency.

37 High-Tech Motors Evolving from PM Muck (September 2014)

University lab's motor eliminates pricey rare-earth magnets.

38 Motor System Reliability Considerations for Cost-Effective Purchasing Decisions (June 2008)

OEMs can minimize the cost of ownership by using highly efficient motors and recognizing when unreliable motors are driving up the operating costs of their applications.

39 Step Motor Lower-Loss Technology - an Update (October 2011)

The demand for stepping motors with high efficiency and low losses has been increasing right along with the existing focus on high torque. The selection of the most suitable grade and improvement in the fastening of the laminated cores has reduced losses significantly at their peak when compared to conventional stepping motors.

40 Gearmotors Pulling, Pushing and Controlling Their Weight (October 2018)

Industrial mainstay adapts to remain relevant in a 4.0 world

41 Motor Madness (October 2015)

This issue we take a long, hard look at motor efficiency, and you should, too. After all, electric motors used in industrial settings are the single largest consumer of electricity in the United States. Upgrading your electric motors is not only good for the environment, but it’s also good for your bottom line. Sure, saving electricity lessens the burden on our country’s energy infrastructure. But it also saves you money in the long run.

42 Engineering Showcase - Motors (June 2020)

This special advertising section features Motors manufacturers.

43 Diagnosing the Health of Medical Motors (March 2015)

John Morehead, national sales manager of Crouzet Motors (Vista, CA), was bunkered down in his office in Palatine, IL surrounded at all points by ankle-deep snow from an unfortunately terrible Chicago’s winter night.

44 Lightweight, Highly Efficient Drive System (February 2017)

This paper presents a joint project conducted by Ashwoods Electric Motors and Oerlikon Fairfield that uses planetary drives with an integrated electric motor. Current solutions used in production of off-highway vehicles rely upon large, heavy and inefficient brushed DC or induction motors, coupled to a planetary gearbox. This presents a number of challenges to the vehicle designers such as: limited vehicle range, limited space around the motor/drivetrain, and motor durability. The proposed integrated system utilizes an Oerlikon Fairfield Torque Hub, widely used in off-highway vehicles, and the Ashwoods first-to-market, interior permanent magnet motor. How these products are integrated, i.e. incorporating a brake solution, represents a market-changing product. Using interior permanent magnet (IPM) technology in the motor design means the motor can be up to 70% lighter, 70% smaller and 20% more efficient than traditional motors used in off-highway traction applications.

45 Electric Motors: When is it Best to Repair, and When is it Best to Replace (June 2008)

The repair-versus-replace decision is quite complicated, depending upon variables such as rewind cost, severity of the failure, replacement motor purchase price and other factors.

46 Motorsports in Motion (February 2008)

KD-Rig Puts Accelerating Developments International in Limelight

47 A Present State and Future Vision of Motor Drive Technology (December 2010)

One of the driving forces behind the industrial revolution was the invention—more than a century ago—of the electric motor. Its widespread use for all kinds of mechanical motion has made life simpler and has ultimately aided the advancement of humankind. And the advent of the inverter that facilitated speed and torque control of AC motors has propelled the use of electric motors to new realms that were inconceivable just a mere 30 years ago. Advances in power semiconductors—along with digital controls—have enabled realization of motor drives that are robust and can control position and speed to a high degree of precision. The use of AC motor drives has also resulted in energy savings and improved system efficiency. This paper reviews the development and application of inverter technology to AC motor drives and presents a vision for motor drive technology.

48 The Race for Efficiency (August 2015)

Over the past few decades, energy efficiency in motors has become an ever-increasing concern for OEMs and manufacturers alike. With multiple energy bills mandating higher efficiency across ever-broader spectrums of motors, including the most recent Small Motor Rule by the Department of Energy, efficiency has become an essential consideration when choosing a new motor.

49 Improve Thermal Performance for Ironless Brush DC and Brushless DC Motors (February 2022)

Designers of motor-driven systems must account for thermal issues that can hinder a system's performance and efficiency.

50 How to Select Motors for Hazardous Locations - Baldor Motor Basics Part 10 (February 2018)

Failure to specify the proper motor for use in a hazardous location can have serious consequences - lost production, extensive property damage, and even loss of human life. Selection of the proper motor requires an understanding of Underwriters Laboratories' (UL) and National Electrical Code (NEC) class, group and division designations and the T code letters.

51 Historic Danish Theatre Gets a Facelift (April 2009)

The Royal Danish Theatre has occupied the heart of Copenhagen for centuries and recently upgraded to a new control system featuring Sprint Electric DC drives to extend the lives of the existing motors, keeping replacement costs down. The Swedish stage design and technology company Visual Act retained most of the original motors and mechanics while providing a much-needed facelift to the stage.

52 History-Making Micromotors on Mars! (June 2021)

Helicopter Makes Maiden Voyage Across the Red Planet with Help from Maxon

53 The Step Motor (April 2014)

Step motors come in many sizes and shapes. But they all share one item in common - each step motor type moves in discrete-degree steps. They react to a series of voltage pulses supplied by their basic controller, known as an "indexer." The step motor was the first to accept digital pulses, then move or rotate a prescribed amount without any feedback device. All step motors are position devices without the need to use any feedback devices. They operate primarily in an open-loop control scheme.

54 Achieving High Electric Motor Efficiency (April 2012)

The use of motor structures which can concentrate magnetic flux allows ferrite PM motors to achieve performance and power densities that approach those of PM motors using rare earth magnets, but without the cost penalties and supply source concerns of rare earth magnets.

55 Engineering Showcase - Gearmotors (October 2019)

Special advertising section from the October 2019 issue of Gear Technology.

56 Linear Motors (October 2016)

When the need arises for linear motion or positioning, there are many choices. One can use an Acme screw, ball screw, rack & pinion, or belts. The cost of a linear motor solution is generally greater than a mechanical linear product, but when one needs highly accurate, repeatable, high-speed motion, then the answer may be a linear motor.

57 Efficiency of Design (February 2018)

Energy efficiency is for more than just motors. Here are some mechatronics companies making sure you get more bang for your buck when it comes to your power bill.

58 Taking Aim at Conveyor Systems (October 2016)

It's no secret that conveyor systems are the primary market for gearmotors, and so it shouldn't be much of a surprise that gearmotor manufacturers are looking for ways to cater to that market's needs. From Brother's new VFDs to Siemens' Simotics S-1FG1, a lot of the new solutions in the industry have their own unique quirks, but all fall into a few common veins.

59 Integration Nation (February 2020)

Gearmotors handle harsh environments with digitalization, customization and improved service life.

60 Deep-Sea Microbe Research (April 2019)

Faulhaber motors help seek climate answers in deep-sea trenches

61 Step vs. Servo - Selecting the Best (October 2018)

Over the many years, there have been many technical papers and articles about which motor is the best. The short and sweet answer is - let's talk about the application. More recently a number of papers and articles have appeared that compared each motor's advantages and disadvantages in generic or specific terms. Many times, the methods used to drive and control these motors are not completely described due to the many control schemes available for use. A few articles focus on just the open loop step motor and the closed loop servo motor advantages and disadvantages in a laundry list format. This article is attempting to "drill down" into the reasons why and to describe how it is done.

62 Product News (April 2018)

New servo drives, gear pumps, stepper motors and more.

63 Open Loop Step Motor Error Sources - What Closing the Loop Corrects (December 2021)

A look at several Two-Phase Hybrid Step Motors and their dominant error sources, and comment on how the errors are overcome by true servo operation of these motors.

64 Full Throttle (September 2014)

The Formula Renault 3.5 is seen as a crucial stepping stone on the way into the premier class, the Formula 1. Ambitious racers do not just bring their talents - they also have highly efficient motors on board to control the throttle of their 530-hp V8 engines.

65 Motoring Ahead (August 2011)

Synchronous motors controlled by variable speed drives are bringing higher efficiencies to industrial applications.

66 Electromagnetic Know-How (August 2012)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software can be used for a variety of mechanical engineering tasks, including injection molding simulation of plastic parts, analysis of aerospace components, impact and crash analysis of automobiles and the electromagnetic analysis of motors, actuators, transformers and sensors.

67 The Painful Birth of the DC Electric Motor (June 2012)

Defined in rudimentary terms, an electric motor is a device that uses electricity to create mechanical force. But in 1834, when our story takes place, most people would have trouble understanding the ramifications. That was the year that one of the earliest DC electric motors was invented—by a blacksmith.

68 Exploring All Motor Options (April 2011)

Q&A with Harald Poesch, product marketing manager for servomotors at Siemens Drive Technologies.

69 The Ever-Efficient Motor (April 2014)

This product focus highlights the latest technology in electric motors.

70 A Little Peace of Mind (June 2020)

Condition Monitoring Technology Evolves for Gear Drives, Gearmotors and Gearboxes. Here's a look at what some leading manufacturers are offering.

71 Product News (June 2018)

Elastic housing deformation by MESYS, plus new motors, actuators, gear drives and more.

72 A Mechanical Healthcare Plan (June 2018)

Motor Operation Gets Big Boost from Smart Technology (Here's How to Take Advantage)

73 The Clean Cut (August 2018)

JBT Corporation benefits from Kollmorgen Hygienic motor design in food and beverage application.

74 Emerging Motor Technologies (February 2018)

Copper's continuing role in energy-efficient motor development.

75 Hands-Free Driving in the 1950s (April 2019)

Yes, the headline is correct: Autonomous vehicles are not a new idea. In fact, in the 1950s, handsfree driving so interested General Motors engineers that they designed a concept car for it. And in 1956, at its own auto show, the GM Motorama, the automaker unveiled the car, the Firebird II.

76 Motor Insight: Anatomy of a Drone (September 2018)

The skies are full of them in 2018 - drones flying around amusement parks, job sites and even your own backyard. There are drone racing leagues on ESPN, drones capturing wide angle shots over film locations and government drones keeping a bird's eye view on the Mexican/America border.

77 Mechanical Motion in Tight Spaces (March 2018)

Framo Morat and Dunkermotoren Produce Drive Systems for Automatic Guided Vehicles.

78 Direct Drive Technology and its Impact on the Gearmotor Business (December 2009)

An exploration of direct drive motor trends and examples of design uses for direct drives as replacements for gear drives or belt drives.

79 Keeping the Lights on - Machine Monitoring Basics (June 2018)

As manufacturers continually search for ways to cut costs and increase ROI, machine monitoring and predictive maintenance (PdM) solutions are an increasingly cost-effective way for plants and factories to help reduce process downtime.

80 Honing a Competitive Advantage (December 2009)

Sunnen grows product portfolio with motion control solution from Siemens.

81 Insider's Guide to Automate 2019 and Promat (March 2019)

Automate Show Examines the Integration of Robotics, Automation and Machine Vision, while Promat explores the latest in material handling technology.

82 Baldor Motor Basics Part 11 (March 2018)

Explosion-Proof Motors in Division 2 Areas and DC Drive Fundamentals

83 Power - and Sand - to the People (March 2020)

Zach Rountree's life would be a lot easier if his job site was closer to town. As the owner and president of Rountree Construction, he oversees an operation that pulls 200 tons of material an hour out of a remote lake in Stockton, Georgia. Big equipment demands three-phase power, but out in the remote timberlands of rural Georgia, only single-phase power was available.

84 Centralized vs. Decentralized: Choosing the Right Type of Motor Control System (August 2020)

Are you looking for one simple formula to help you choose between centralized and decentralized motor control? Unfortunately, such a formula does not exist. However, evaluating the overall size of the system, comparing labor and material costs, and maintaining flexibility can help guide engineers in the right direction.

85 Motor Decisions Do Indeed Matter--Big Time! (June 2008)

CEE/NEMA repair-or-replace campaign saves energy, dollars and downtime.

86 Upgrading Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE) and Cooling Towers (June 2020)

Many industrial facilities with air-cooled heat exchangers (ACHE) and cooling towers often have older units installed. Depending on the age, repairs, and maintenance done over the years it may have had an impact on performance. Upon conducting site inspections of the equipment, it is sometimes found that ACHE or cooling tower components have degraded. This can result in a system that is not very energy-efficient and delivers substandard cooling performance.

87 Keeping Drives Electrically Quiet: Ferrites, Shielding and Grounding (October 2020)

Motion control systems often combine high power drive signals in close proximity (or even within the same cable) with lower level signals, like encoders. You will often see ferrite beads added around cables; their effectiveness in minimizing noise is greatly affected by how they are deployed. This involves which signals are grouped, what are the drive characteristics, and how shielding and grounding are handled in the system.

88 DC Motor Protection (June 2013)

The purpose of DC motor protection is to extend a motor's lifespan by protecting it from conditions that can damage the motor's windings--both electrically and mechanically.

89 Acoustic Analysis of Electric Motors in Noisy Industrial Environment (June 2016)

This paper presents a method for the acoustic analysis of electric motors in noisy industrial environments. Acoustic signals were measured via acoustic camera 48-microphone array, which has the capability to localize a sound (or sounds) source and, in turn, separate those sounds from intrusive background noise. These acoustic analysis results are then compared with vibration measurements; vibration monitoring is a well-known and established technique used in condition monitoring, and in this work vibration measurements were used as a reference signal for assessment of the value of the acoustic measurements. Vibration signals were measured by piezoelectric accelerometers. Two induction motor cases were examined — a healthy motor case, and a combination of static eccentricity with soft foot case. As shown, acoustic analysis appears to be a valuable technique for condition monitoring of electric motors — particularly in noisy industrial environments.

90 Bearing Protection Needed if Inverter-Duty Motors Are to Live up to their Name (August 2012)

All major manufacturers of 3-phase AC induction motors offer "inverter-duty" or "inverter-ready” models, but while these motors have inverter-rated insulation to protect the windings, the bearings--their most vulnerable parts--are too often ignored.

91 Another Thought: Brace for the Impact of The Washington Solution to Fix Climate Change (September 2021)

How it impacts our industries.

92 Navigating the New Normal (April 2020)

Power Transmission component suppliers discuss COVID-19 Threat and how their companies are responding to keep the supply chain connected.

93 Dynamic Performance (April 2020)

PTE Examines Gearmotor and Gear Drive Technology

94 Gearmotor Paint Coatings (December 2019)

The following article explains the commonly used paint components and methods within the gearmotor industry, with a focus on electrodeposition coating (E-Coat). These processes will be described in general, with a closer examination of the E-Coat applications steps. Some pros and cons of each method will be presented along with comparative test results showing the benefits of E-Coat.

95 Packaging Stimulus (April 2009)

Few industries are experiencing change quite as fast as the packaging arena. Lighter-weight containers are being introduced to reduce costs and energy use, packaging is being redesigned to attract consumer attention and manufacturers are using fewer materials in an effort to address environmental concerns.

96 Cars with Jet Engines (June 2019)

In the late 1940s, the U.S. auto industry started an exciting experiment and spent decades on it. One result came in '63, when the Turbine was introduced by Chrysler Corp., now a part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). In appearance, the two-door, four-passenger car looked like a regular car, but it wasn’t. Under its sleek shell, the car had a jet engine.

97 A Mechatronic State of Mind (February 2020)

Welcome to the Age of Information, where flexible, intelligent drive systems separate the haves from the have nots

98 Creature Comfort (February 2020)

Intelligent drive technology in the cowshed

99 Power With Precision (February 2009)

Can direct drive technology improve your bottom line? Manufacturers relying upon drive systems in their production process have long sought ways to improve gearbox efficiency. While a gearbox-driven system has been the mainstay for manufacturers, it has also been, among other things, the source of frequent breakdowns, expensive line stoppages and increasingly costly maintenance.

100 Value-Driven (March 2020)

New Opportunities and Technologies Allow AC Motors to Enhance Motion Control Applications.

101 Motor Sizing Unusual Loads (February 2020)

One of the fun parts of the motion industry is involvement in popular movies! Motor specifications can be a bit rough: "I need to spin a 120-pound actor (and chair) 180 degrees in one-half second. He will be sitting up-right."

102 Motor Technology Makeover (June 2019)

Efficiency, Size, Space and Mounting Requirements Highlight Customer Requests for No Compromise.

103 Industry News (March 2018)

The complete Industry News section from the March 2018 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

104 Servo Motor Performance at Stepper Motor Prices (April 2015)

Enhancing production with — and for — less is the standing order in today’s manufacturing world. Speeding up production while at the same time looking for ways, to cut, for example, energy costs, is a tricky equation with no single answer; where and how management goes about achieving that can take several paths.

105 Stepper Motor Actuators (June 2015)

How would you compare the efficiency and capabilities of hybrid stepper motor actuators vs. can stack stepper motor actuators?

106 Whats In a Meme (April 2015)

Rosetta Mission mixes with Maxon, Kim K for one unforgettable photo

107 Girls Love Science (April 2015)

Hi. My name is Renee. I’m 12. You might remember me from about a year ago, when my dad wrote about me and the home-made motor project we did together (“Make the Connection,” February 2014).

108 Gear Fault Diagnosis by Motor Current Analysis: Application to Industrial Cases (February 2015)

The use of motor current signature analysis (MCSA) for motor fault detection — such as a broken rotor bar — is now well established. However, detection of mechanical faults related to the driven system remains a more challenging task. Recently there has been a growing interest for detection of gear faults by MCSA. Advantages and drawbacks of these MCSA-type techniques are presented and discussed on a few industrial cases.

109 When it Comes to Mining, Bigger is Best (June 2015)

One of the key challenges in the mining industry today is maintaining throughput in the face of ore grade quality that has declined by 40 percent in the last decade.

110 The Green Spin: Baldor Redefines Cooling Tower Performance (February 2011)

The Baldor Reliance RPM AC Cooling Tower Direct Drive Motor is designed exclusively for the cooling tower industry. This motor combines the technologies of the power-dense, laminated frame RPM AC motor with high performance, permanent magnet salient pole rotor designs.

111 Product News (December 2015)

News about latest products

112 Motor Management - Best Practices (December 2015)

Energy costs and downtime can be greatly reduced by instituting a motor management plan. Part II of this three-part series specifically addresses the establishment of a motor failure policy and the development of purchasing specifications. Part I addressed the general aspects of a motor management plan, including the first steps of creating a motor inventory and guidelines for motor repair and replacement. Part III will examine motor repair specifications as well as preventive and predictive maintenance.

113 Industry News (October 2015)

News From the gear Industry

114 Motor Management - Best Practices (October 2015)

Reducing losses and increasing profits by instituting a motor management plan is what this series of articles is all about. Here in Part I, we discuss how to create a motor inventory and establish repair-or-replace motor guidelines. Subsequent topics in this three-part series will address (Part II) motor failure policies and purchasing specifications, and (Part III) repair specifications and preventive and predictive maintenance, respectively.

115 The Doomsday Clock is Ticking for Gearmotor Manufacturers (October 2015)

The secondhand on the Doomsday dial ominously spins around the face, slowly but ever so surely inching the motor industry towards its inevitable terminus:

116 Energy Efficiency, Configurable Solutions Highlight Pack Expo (December 2014)

A wide variety of companies displayed mechanical power transmission and motion control technologies at Pack Expo, held in November in Chicago. The event, which is the largest packaging and processing trade show in North America, attracted more than 48,000 attendees, according to show owner and producer PMMI. The four-day event included 2,352 exhibiting companies, an increase of more than 19 percent from the previous show in 2012.

117 Made in the USA, Sourced in China (October 2014)

If you read only one article this issue, it should be Norm Parker’s article on the Chinese bearing manufacturing industry. Parker is an engineer with General Motors, a true industry insider who has become a regular contributor to Power Transmission Engineering.

118 PT Extras (December 2013)

Video from Maxon Motors, Hannover Messe on our LinkedIn page and the NFPA annual conference on our Facebook page.

119 Product News (December 2013)

The complete Product News section from the December 2013 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

120 Brush DC Motor Runs Along (August 2013)

Everything started in 1800 when Volta developed the first DC battery. Faraday used the DC battery to develop the first electric motor. It used brushes to transfer the battery voltage and current to the rotating disk rotor. This was in mid-1831. Thus was born the brush DC motor.

121 Cruising with Curiosity (December 2012)

Power Transmission Components from Forest City Gear, Kaydon Bearings and Maxon Motors help power NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover.

122 Nervy Enterprise and Edgy Engineering: A Cant-Miss Mix (June 2012)

Fairchild International, a U.S.-based manufacturer of underground mining equipment, has produced battery-powered DC scoops since the early 1980s. With 17 different models available, Fairchild offers a size to fit any coal mining operation, making it the leader in the industry.

123 The Workhorse of Industry: The Induction Motor (December 2013)

A brief overview of the induction motor, including the basics of construction, performance and variable speed drives.

124 Make the Connection (February 2014)

Recently I had a disturbing conversation with a colleague here at the office. During the conversation, it became clear to me that my co-worker -- a really intelligent guy whom I respect a lot -- had no idea how even the most simple electric motor works.

125 Baldor Motor Basics - Part 9 (December 2017)

Amps, Watts, Power Factor and Efficiency; Approximate Load Data from Amperage Readings; Power Factor Correction on Single-Induction Motors.

126 Microprocessor-Controlled Prosthetic Leg (June 2011)

A new solution has been developed around the use of microprocessor-controlled prostheses. Just like natural limbs, these can react automatically, adapting to the current situation.

127 Motor Appreciation (April 2014)

When I woke up this morning, my house was a comfortable 68°F, despite the fact that overnight temperatures in the Chicago area were close to freezing. I don’t often think about the blower motor that helps circulate the warm air from my furnace throughout my house, but today I was grateful for it...

128 Soft Starters vs. Variable Speed - Or Both (June 2011)

Given that many different hydraulic systems recommend the use of either frequency converters or cyclic control (soft starter technologies), the question must be asked - Which one of these solutions is the most cost-effective in reducing energy consumption and providing the most satisfactory payback time?

129 Reducing Food Processing Plant Energy Costs (February 2016)

U.S. manufacturers, such as food processors, face an unprecedented competitive environment and must look for ways to be profitable without negatively affecting the quality of finished products.

130 Industry News (August 2014)

The complete Industry News section from the August 2014 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

131 Six Keys to Sustainable Manufacturing (February 2009)

The federal government estimates that manufacturing uses about one third of the energy consumed in the U.S., so manufacturing companies can play an important role in building a sustainable future.

132 Six Key Elements of Gearmotor Optimization (August 2017)

How to Ensure Reliable Performance, Increased Efficiency and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

133 Baldor Basics: Applications (June 2017)

Fans, blowers and other funny loads are addressend, along with RMS Horsepower loading.

134 Miniature Motion Solutions (June 2017)

Motor technology thrives in aerospace/defense applications.

135 Product News (June 2017)

The complete Product News section from the June 2017 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

136 Baldor Motor Basics: Factors that Determine Industrial Electric Bills (August 2017)

A good deal of confusion exists regarding the factors that determine an industrial electric bill. The following information is presented to help sort out the various items on which billing is based, and to offer suggestions on measures to help control and reduce electric utility bills.

137 Product News (September 2017)

The complete Product News section from the September 2017 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

138 Data Loggers Gauge Wastewater Plants Motor Efficiency (February 2010)

In keeping with a national push to bring greater energy efficiency to wastewater treatment plants, a Pennsylvania facility used data loggers to analyze motor utilization, a first step toward cutting energy costs and meeting environmental rules.

139 Familiar Goals, New Solutions (October 2017)

Gearmotor manufacturers find new ways to push the envelope. (With Sidebar on new alternative to planetary gearboxes)

140 SMMA Spring Management Conference Navigates Recovery (April 2010)

The SMMA – Motor and Motion Association is ditching the slickers and galoshes for this year’s Spring Management Conference, themed “After the Storm: Navigating in the New World.”

141 The Reliability of Sewer Robots (September 2017)

Faulhaber Provides Motor Technology for Pipe Renovation Projects

142 Drive-Based Integrated Safety (February 2011)

While safety functions have been integrated into drives packages for some years now, the current trends are very exciting, from many angles. Today, a full complement of safety functions can be implemented at the front-end of a system design on all types of production machines, including printing, packaging, converting, materials handling and other equipment used throughout American industry.

143 Baldor Basics: Understanding Torque (April 2017)

In the process of applying industrial drive products, we occasionally are misled into believing that we are applying horsepower. The real driving force is not horsepower - it is torque. This paper is developed to impart a deeper understanding of torque, its relationship to horsepower, and the types of loads we most frequently encounter.

144 Product News (September 2016)

News about recent products in the Industry

145 Mining for Solutions (September 2016)

Increasing pressure on many fronts is compelling mine operators to thoroughly examine every phase of their operations. Fluctuating demand that whipsaws mineral prices, government-imposed environmental regulations and rising operating costs related to maintenance downtime all pose serious challenges for the mining sector. Add pressure from customers and stakeholders for more sustainable operations as well as union demands for higher wages, and you have a scenario that requires mine operators to exercise every possible option to achieve more efficient operations.

146 Product News (August 2016)

News about industry products.

147 Closer to the Sun (June 2016)

Without the sun, there would be no Earth and no life. However, our knowledge about our home star is still very limited. This is about to change. In 2018, the European Space Agency (ESA) will send its Solar Orbiter into space, equipped with a thick heat shield.

148 Development of an Actuator for Ambient to Cryo Application (December 2010)

During the qualification campaign of the NIRSpec (near-infrared spectrometer) instrument mechanism, the actuator could not achieve the expected lifetime that had been extended during the development phase. The initial design could not be adapted to the requested number of revolutions during that phase. Consequently the actuator needed to be modified so that the function of the mechanism would not be endangered or, by extension, the overall function of the NIRSpec instrument. The modification included a change of the overall actuator design—internal dimensions, tolerances, materials, lubrication and assembly process—while keeping the interface to the mechanism, mass and function.

149 Industry News (March 2017)

The complete Industry News section from the March 2017 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

150 How Does An Electric Motor Work (October 2016)

If you’re an electrical engineer you know how an electric motor works; if you aren’t, it can be extremely confusing. Therefore, here’s the simplified explanation (or the “how an electric motor works for dummies” version) of how a four-pole, three-phase AC induction motor works in a car.

151 Book Review: Design of Permanent-Magnet Brushless Machines (October 2010)

The latest offering by machine design experts J.R. Hendershot and T.J.E. Miller is an 822-page brushless permanent-magnet (PM) machine design book that serves as a worthy follow-up to their 1994 work.

152 Medical Modifications (December 2010)

Maxon upgrades tissue removal system for Interlace.

153 Saving Time with Auto-Tuning Drives (March 2017)

If there are two things that are in tight supply in the industry, it's time and talent. Manufacturers are always pressured to do more faster, and the industry is producing fewer experts to help them do it, so the industry's had to get crafty and find what time-cutting procedures they can.

154 Now That Is Smart Manufacturing! (February 2017)

A machine called Sub1 Reloaded solved a Rubik's Cube in 637 thousandths of a second in Munich.

155 Why Direct Drive (March 2017)

In today's highly competitive world, the better someone understands the advantages and benefits of direct drive technology, then the more they will have an advantage in machine building, giving them an edge over their competition.

156 Motors and More (June 2016)

Electric motors are often considered a mature industry— one whose basic technology wasinvented more than a century ago and whose fundamental concepts haven’t changed much since. But new applications continue to demand change. Engineers want greater efficiency, more precise control and improved reliability.

157 Copper in Motor Repair Facilities (March 2017)

Three electric motor repair facilities share best practices for utilizing copper in motor repair, and recommending new motors to replace older, less-efficient motors

158 Bearings and Motors and Gears (September 2020)

Oh my. It's been another busy month here at Power Transmission Engineering, and we have another full issue for you. This time around we have a focus on bearings, with plenty of great examples of applications and technology from the world's leading manufacturers. Of course, bearings are essential to power transmission and a core subject we cover every issue. But when it's the focus, we like to attack the subject from multiple different angles.

159 Considering Energy-Efficient Motors: Don't Forget the Gearbox (February 2013)

The mechanical components of your drive system play a major role in overall system efficiency. Don't cut corners.

160 The Big Picture (February 2017)

When you work day-in and day-out with components like gears, bearings or electric motors, for example, it's easy to forget that those components are always part of a much bigger system.

161 2016 PTE Buyers Guide (December 2016)

A comprehensive directory of suppliers of gears, bearings, motors, couplings and other mechanical power transmission and motion control components.

162 It Doesn't End Here (December 2016)

This issue, we're pleased to present our annual Buyers Guide. It's our comprehensive directory of suppliers of mechanical components, including gears, bearings, motors, couplings, clutches, brakes, gear drives and more. This directory represents our best effort to give you updated information about the companies who can provide you with the components you need to design, build and maintain better machinery.

163 He Shoots, He Scores! (April 2016)

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as scoring a goal. Here at Power Transmission Engineering, our goal is to provide you with as much relevant educational and technical material as possible, and every issue we strive to cover the subjects of power transmission and motion control from as many different angles as possible, so that no matter your job title, and no matter your industry, if gears, bearings, motors and related components are important to you, we’ve got you covered.

164 Guidelines for Bearing Seals (October 2016)

Equipment downtime and reduced component life are a few of the consequences — and potential costs — of using the wrong seals on many types of industrial equipment including pump bearing frames, electric motors, fans, pillow blocks, gearboxes and more. However, if correctly specified and installed, seals provide effective barriers that both retain lubricants as well as protect against water, corrosion, debris and other contaminants.

165 Metal-to-Plastic Conversion Parts Help Drive Heavy Industry (February 2018)

While metal-to-plastic parts conversion actually began way back in the Fabulous Fifties, think toys, household products, etc., it is only in more recent years that plastic conversion has gained a firm foothold in the more strength- and lifetime-demanding applications such as aerospace, under-the-hood automotive, motors, valves, bearings and, as they say, much more.

166 Baldor Motor Basics: Part 12 (April 2018)

The final installment in our Baldor Motor Basics series covers 50 Hz requirements, as well as motors wet or damp environments.

167 Core Subjects (October 2019)

magazine. Instead of focusing on a specific industry, we focus on specific subject: namely, the mechanical power transmission components that drive many different types of machinery. So we find ourselves continuously writing about the same things: gears, bearings, motors, gear drives and so on. But this is a good thing.

168 Leading through Crisis (April 2020)

Manufacturers are awesome. Over the past month, we've talked to a lot of manufacturers of gears, bearings, motors, gearboxes, couplings and other mechanical power transmission components. Despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the current economic crisis, they've been universally positive and remarkably confident about their current operations and ability to continue through the crisis and after.

169 Your Search Starts Here (December 2018)

This issue, we're pleased to present our annual Buyers Guide. It's our comprehensive directory of suppliers of mechanical components, including gears, bearings, motors, couplings, clutches, brakes, gear drives and more.

170 Gearbox Innovation Evolves in Step with Expanding Servo Market (September 2018)

Approximately one quarter of all servo motors around the world require some type of gear reduction in their applications. From large satellite dishes to precision medical devices, gearboxes boost torque and reduce speed for servos in order for them to be sized more efficiently. While gearbox fundamentals haven't changed much over the past 20 years, their effectiveness has improved significantly, driven mostly by the need to accommodate advancements in servo technology.

171 It's a Jungle Out There (April 2018)

Harsh environments and saltwater properties tend to make it difficult for motors, gearboxes and engines to perform consistently at a high level.

172 Sum of the Parts (March 2016)

Energy’s endless energy efficiency game of whack-a-mole, motors have historically always been one of the go-to moles. They’ve been in the spotlight since 1992. Over the past few decades, repeated efficiency laws have seen motor efficiency get whacked into tighter and tighter shape.

173 Clutches: Declassified (March 2016)

In the world of PT components, the clutch gets absolutely no recognition whatsoever. There are entire magazines dedicated to gears, bearings and motors, but clutches get very little press outside of the automotive industry.

174 Run Like the Wind - Windpower Conference Heads to Chicago (April 2009)

Wind is the talk of the town. It has become especially relevant to the power transmission community where bearings, gears, couplings, motors and gearboxes are providing the equipment for this thriving alternative energy industry. It comes as no surprise that the Windpower 2009 Conference and Exhibition, arriving in Chicago from May 4–7, will be the largest gathering of wind energy professionals and technologies to date.

175 Total System Efficiency (February 2010)

Much of the industrial energy being consumed by systems is wasted through inefficiency. For this article, a system will be defined as the following components working together: electrical input power, variable frequency drives, induction motors, gearboxes and transmission elements (chains, belts, etc.).

176 Rewind Seminar Jump Starts Motor, Generator Know-How (June 2008)

Calling on engineers and maintenance power plant personnel, industrial users of low- and medium-voltage motors and generators and motor repair shop staff...

177 Oriental Motor Fair Covers Much More than the Basics (June 2008)

The question is whether or not a customer can save time and money using a step motor. It is followed by another on the differences between brush and brushless motors...

178 Chasing Ubiquity (June 2013)

Power Transmission Engineering is the magazine of mechanical components. When you think of gear drives, bearings, motors, couplings, clutches, brakes and similar products, we want you to think of us. But achieving such front-of-mind presence is one of the most difficult goals in publishing...

179 Safety Elements for Mechanical Torque Limiters (June 2010)

The world of high horsepower drives often calls for mechanical design to be approached from different perspectives. As motors, gearboxes and machines increase in size, power density can become disproportionate from one driveline component to the next, emphasizing the need for more rugged, robust and compact equipment.

180 Development of the Upgraded DC Brush Gearmotor for Spacebus Platforms (April 2011)

The obsolescence of materials and processes in the manufacture of traditional DC brush gearmotors has necessitated the development of an upgraded DC brush gearmotor.

181 Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Frictional Losses of Radial Shaft Seals for Industrial Gearbox (June 2015)

The improvement of the energy efficiency of industrial gear motors and gearboxes is a common problem for many gear unit manufacturers and end-users. As is typical of other mechanical components, the radial lip seals used in such units generate friction and heat, thus contributing to energy losses of mechanical systems. There exist today simulation tools that are already helping improve the efficiency of mechanical systems — but accurate models for seal frictional losses need to be developed. In this paper SKF presents an engineering model for radial lip seal friction based on a physical approach.

182 Engineering Smart (February 2016)

Our theme for 2016 is “Engineering Smart.” Our goal as a publication is to help you engineer better systems, taking advantage of the latest in technology to create mechanical systems that last longer, save energy, cost less and increase performance. The way we do that is by bringing you the best information possible on the design and engineering of gears, gear drives, bearings, motors, couplings and related power transmission components and systems.

183 Best Practices for Bearing Protection (June 2014)

For either brand-new motors or those already in service, "best practices" means that informed technicians can make use of the latest diagnostic techniques (vibration analysis, thermography, shaft-voltage testing, etc.) to prevent electrical bearing damage -- either at the very beginning or very quickly thereafter. If done correctly, the work need only be done once.

184 Seeking Suppliers (October 2013)

Last month's Gear Expo in Indianapolis provided a great opportunity to meet potential suppliers of mechanical power transmission components -- mostly gears and gear drives, of course, but also a smattering of suppliers of bearings and motors as well.

185 Motion, Drive and Automation at Hannover Messe 2013 (February 2013)

Power transmission and motion control companies will be on-hand during Hannover Messe 2013 to display the latest technology offerings in key product categories including roller bearings, gears, pumps, motors, transmissions, drive system components, clutches and braking systems.

186 Motion Drive and Automation at Hannover 2013 (April 2013)

Power Transmission and control companies will be on hand during Hannover Messe 2013 to display the latest technology offerings in key product categories including roller bearings, gear wheels, pumps, motors, transmissions, drive system components, clutches and braking systems.

News Items About motors

1 Pittman Motors Offers New Compact Encoders (March 5, 2015)
Pittman Motors, a manufacturer of customized DC brush motors, brushless motors and gear motors, has introduced the Pittman E30C and E30D ...

2 JVL MIS23 QuickStep Integrated Stepper Motors Provide Host of Options and Integratable Features (December 10, 2015)
JVL’s MIS23 QuickStep motors are a series of integrated stepper motors designed to be versatile, compact and economical. Motors in ...

3 Maxon Offers Configurable ECX Motors (December 8, 2015)
Maxon's high-speed motors are configurable online. The new ECX brushless motors are quiet and feature very high efficiency. These bru...

4 ABB Ability Smart Sensor Provides Health Checks for Motors (March 24, 2017)
ABB Ability Smart Sensor for motors uses compact sensors to pick up multiple data from low voltage motors and provides information a...

5 Bodine Electric Offers Hollow Shaft Gearmotors (March 1, 2022)
Bodine Electric Company recently introduced four new type 42R-HG/H hollow shaft gearmotors. These new geared motors combine Bodine’...

6 NORD Launches IE5+ Synchronous Motors (December 2, 2020)
NORD has announced the release of their most efficient motors to date. The new IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motors are extremely ene...

7 Moticont Adds Two Linear Motors to SDLM Series (February 14, 2017)
Moticont has added two linear motors to its SDLM series of high speed direct drive linear motors which are also known as electric cylinde...

8 Brother Gearmotors IE3 Gearmotors to be Introduced at Pack Expo (September 23, 2015)
Brother Gearmotors will introduce a line of IE3 premium efficiency gearmotors at Pack Expo Las Vegas, Sept. 28-30. The new IE3 premium e...

9 Brother Gearmotors Partners with Dart Controls (December 5, 2017)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation offering a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional gearmotors an...

10 Portescap Offers Brushless Slotted Motors for Surgical Applications (September 17, 2019)
Portescap is pleased to announce the release of a new line of standard prototype motors for surgical applications. These 15 motors repres...

11 Brother Gearmotors Expands Selection of High Torque Mid-Series Gearmotors (March 12, 2015)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers sub-fractional AC gearmotors and reducers for the food an...

12 Rexroth Offers Ironless Linear Motors Line (July 13, 2011)
The new ironless linear motors by Rexroth position small masses with precision and maximum synchronization. Not only are the motors in th...

13 ABB Delivers NXR Above NEMA AC Motors for Industrial Solutions (April 6, 2020)
ABB's Above NEMA (ANEMA) NXR 7100 motors offer more HP per pound than conventional TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motors but with...

14 Brother Will Introduce ie3 Premium Efficiency Gearmotors at Pack Expo (August 7, 2015)
Brother Gearmotors recently announced it will introduce a line of ie3 premium efficiency gearmotors at Pack Expo Las Vegas, Sept. 28-30.T...

15 Kollmorgen Stepper Motors Improve Machine Performance (January 5, 2012)
Kollmorgen's POWERMAX II series stepper motors, like most other Kollmorgen stepper motors, are now UL recognized. This enables O...

16 Bodine’s New Motors Equipped with Interior Encoders (June 7, 2007)
The Incodermotor from Bodine Electric is a selection of permanent magnet DC and brushless DC motors and gearmotors that are equipped with...

17 Orbex Introduces High-Performance Gimbal Motors (February 22, 2022)
Orbex Group has introduced a line of ultra-compact high-performance gimbal motors. Featuring a pancakestyle form factor, the motors are w...

18 Bodine Electric Provides Explosion-Proof AC and BLDC Gearmotors and Motors (June 10, 2021)
Bodine Electric Company recently introduced forty new Ex-Proof AC and BLDC gearmotors and (4) new motors, that are UL listed for use in e...

19 Parker Introduces Replacements for Rockwell Motors (January 21, 2006)
Parker's new MPN motors are designed to replace the discontinued N Series motors from Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley. Accordi...

20 Lin Engineering Introduces New Motors (April 13, 2005)
Lin Engineering Inc. has introduced a new line of IP65-rated motors. These motors are available in size 17 and 23 and offer protection a...

21 Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument Introduces New Series of Brushless Motors and Motion Control Solutions (April 15, 2021)
Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI) is launching a series of brushless DC servomotors, AGV motors, controllers, and integra...

22 Gearmotors Built for High Torque Applications (June 6, 2007)
The AKM gearmotors set from Heason Technologies combines the torque density from the company's line of servomotors with its planetary...

23 Brother Gearmotors to Showcase Customer Benefits at WestPack (January 28, 2015)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers sub-fractional AC gearmotors and reducers for the food an...

24 Source Engineering Introduces Planetary Gearmotors for OEM Applications (May 24, 2007)
Source Engineering introduced planetary brush and brushless gearmotors for OEM applications. Gearmotors are best suited to applications r...

25 B&R Automation 8LS Servomotors Offer Maximum Torque Density (February 13, 2018)
B&R has taken the next step in development of its 8LS servomotors. Three newly designed size 5 motors in lengths A, B and C fill out ...

26 Siemens Reduces Lead Times for Servomotors (July 15, 2013)
Siemens Industry, Inc. announces reduced lead times for its Generation II Simotics 1FK7 servomotors. Highly-configurable to suit a wide v...

27 Applimotion Offers Linear Arc Motors (February 8, 2013)
Applimotion routinely scales its LARC motors (Linear Arc) for large diameter applications greater than 1 meter diameter.The modular natur...

28 Pittman Offers Servomotors for Harsh Environments (March 18, 2013)
Pittman Motors, a unit of Ametek Precision Motion Control, offers IP65 industrial grade servomotors that are suitable for use in harsh in...

29 Maxon Motors Introduces Right Angle Gearheads (January 26, 2015)
Maxon Precision Motors recently introduced right angle gearheads designed to be configured with Maxon’s 22 mm and 32 mm DC motors.&...

30 Siemens Introduces Three-week Lead Time on Generation II 1FK7 Servomotors (March 2, 2015)
Siemens Industry, Inc. recently announced a further reduction in lead times for Generation II of its Simotics 1FK7 servomotors. High...

31 Bosch Rexroth Introduces a New Series of Hagglunds Hydraulic Motors (March 26, 2015)
Bosch Rexroth has repackaged its compact series of Hägglunds industrial hydraulic motors. The new Hägglunds CA 10 to 40 mo...

32 Heidenhain Introduces New Series of Servo Motors (March 3, 2015)
Heidenhain Corporation recently introduced the QSY 260B and QSY 260C EcoDyn series of servo motors with stall torque of 85.0 Nm and 120.0...

33 H2W Now Manufacturing Brushless Linear Motors (January 22, 2015)
With the recent acquisition of the Baldor linear motion product line, H2W Technologies has begun manufacturing brushless linear motors in...

34 NSK Bearings in Electric Motors (January 9, 2015)
As the development of more efficient electric motors continues to keep pace with upcoming regulations, it is important to ensure that all...

35 Muncie Power Products MB and MJ Line Motors Feature Low Speed, High Torque and 23 Different Sizes (November 3, 2015)
Muncie Power Products, Inc. recently announced the release of its new line of low speed high torque motors. Featuring the MB and MJ Seri...

36 Brother Gearmotors Launches New Website (April 8, 2016)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional AC gearmot...

37 Portescap Miniature Motors Feature Energy Efficient Coreless Design (April 6, 2016)
Portescap introduces the new DCT range of Athlonix Brush DC motors. The 24DCT miniature motor features Portescap’s proven energy ef...

38 Lenze Offers Cost Effective MCM Synchronous Servo Motors (March 16, 2016)
Lenze Americas has launched a series of MCM synchronous servo motors that delivers intermediate-level dynamic performance.  Scalable...

39 Brother Gearmotors Upgrades Conduit Boxes for Easy Installation (June 28, 2016)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional AC gearmot...

40 Bison Offers Integral HP Reducers and Gearmotors (July 20, 2016)
Bison now carries a full line of integral horsepower reducers and gearmotors that range in power from 1 - 5 hp. This new line of products...

41 Moticont Servo Motors Fit Variety of Linear Motion Applications (September 22, 2016)
The off-the-shelf, LBIM-021 series of linear three-phase brushless servo motors from Moticont are sized to fit a broad range of linear mo...

42 Brother Gearmotors Offers 3D CAD Drawings for 1-3 HP Motors (August 22, 2016)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional AC gearmot...

43 Brother Gearmotors to Launch Conveyor Series Product Line (February 12, 2016)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional AC gearmot...

44 Portescap Surgical Motors Withstand Sterilization (January 28, 2016)
Portescap has launched application specific motors for surgical powered hand tools - arthroscopic shavers, ENT microdebriders and large b...

45 Pittman DC Motors Combine High Torque and Miniature Size (July 1, 2015)
Pittman Motors recently introduced the DC032A Series of brush DC motors, the latest addition to its lineup of DC brush and brushless moto...

46 Maxon EC-i 40 Brushless Motors 70% More Efficient Than Precursor Model (June 15, 2015)
Maxon recently expanded its line of EC-i 40 brushless motors with three iron-core internal rotor drives. The drives have a diameter of 40...

47 Applied Mechatronics to Service Brother Gearmotors' California Customers (July 31, 2015)
Brother Gearmotors recently entered into an agreement with Applied Mechatronics. Applied Mechatronics will commence servicing much o...

48 Brother Gearmotors Hires Two New Regional Sales Managers (September 30, 2015)
Brother Gearmotors recently added two more regional sales managers: William (Bill) Miicke and Larry Thomas.  The sales managers are...

49 QuickSilver Controls SilverMax Hybrid Servo Motors Introduce Direct Drive Solution (December 30, 2015)
QuickSilver Controls, Inc. has released the SilverMax Line hybrid servo motors. Hybrid servos provide superior continuous torque at low s...

50 QA1 Hires Sales Manager of Motorsports (February 5, 2013)
QA1 recently hired Dan Voight as the sales manager of motorsports. Within this role, Voight will work closely with QA1 dealers on product...

51 Bonfiglioli's BX/MX Motors First Step In its Expanding IE3 Product Series (April 28, 2015)
Bonfiglioli recently released the new energy-efficient BX/MX motors, reinforcing Bonfiglioli´s commitment to environmental preserva...

52 Siemens Combines Electric Motors into Single Product Family (March 6, 2012)
The Siemens Drive Technologies Division has combined all of its electric motors into one product family with the name Simotics, a move de...

53 Lenze Expands Range of Geared Servo Motors (November 15, 2007)
The MC range of Lenze motors has recently expanded to cover more than 7,500 selections with in-line or right-angle gearboxes. According t...

54 Portescap's Brushless Ironless DC Motors Feature Carbon Brush Communication Method (August 9, 2007)
Portescap's 25 mm brushless ironless DC motors feature a carbon brush communication method for increased efficiency in high volume ma...

55 Allegro’s New Low Voltage, Full Bridge Brushless DC Motor Driver Integrates Hall Element Commutation Circuitry to Drive Vibration Motors (August 7, 2007)
Allegro Microsystems introduced a new full bridge motor drive designed to drive low voltage bi-polar brushless D motors. Commutation of t...

56 Philips Develops Innovations in Standard Linear Motors (November 20, 2007)
Philips Applied Technologies recently developed a technique allowing standard linear motors to simultaneously provide movement along two ...

57 Lenze Releases Panasonic Geared Motors (November 21, 2007)
The entire range of Panasonic AC geared motors can be built from stock components at Lenze Ltd. With six power increments and a variety o...

58 VWDIR Gearmotors Operate Under Heavy Duty Torque and Power (December 18, 2008)
Bison Gear's Von Weise Drop-In Replacement gearmotors offer up to 800 in-lbs of continuous torque output, making them suitable for e...

59 Redesigned Air Motors Minimize Need for Compressors (November 21, 2008)
A redesigned series of air motors from Huco Dynatork has reduced the need for air compressors in paint stirring applications. Plants in t...

60 Bodine Motors Combine Control, Motor and Gearhead (February 18, 2008)
Bodine Electric Company expands the INTEGRAmotor product line to integrate electronic and mechanical motors into the same unit. Combining...

61 Bodine's New Gearmotors Deliver Twice the Torque of Popular Motor/Gearhead Combinations (July 26, 2007)
Bodine Electric's CG gearmotor, an extra-rugged line of variable speed AC inverter-duty and permanent magnet DC gearmotors, was devel...

62 Bison Gear Publish New Motors Brochure (March 21, 2007)
Designed for industrial and commercial duty OEM applications, Bison Gear & Engineering’s new line of AC motors is detailed in a six-...

63 New Gearmotors from Bison Gear (March 18, 2005)
The new parallel shaft AC gearmotors from Bison Gear & Engineering are available in five gear ratios ranging from 5.8:1 to 42.8:1. Th...

64 New Linear Motors from Aerotech (March 2, 2005)
The BLMFS5 Series flat linear motors from Aerotech provide 25% more power in an equivalent envelope than traditional models.This is achie...

65 Bodine Donates 40 Motors to University of California (January 5, 2005)
Bodine Electric Co. donated 40 DC gear motors to a robotics class at University of California at Santa Cruz. According to the company&...

66 Bodine Introduces New Family of Gearmotors (April 19, 2005)
The family of gearmotors includes a Quinsulation five-stage insulation system designed to meet NEMA MG 1-1993, Section IV, Part 31. The i...

67 Bison Gears Adds Custom AC Motors (March 15, 2006)
Bison Gear and Engineering plans to begin manufacturing their own line of AC motors in their St. Charles, IL, facility beginning in April...

68 New Parallel Shaft Gearmotors from Sharq Motion Offer Backward Compatibility (March 5, 2007)
The new Sharq 207 series parallel shaft gearmotors, designed as direct drop-in replacements for many high volume OEM applications are the...

69 Bison Gear Introduces Line of AC Motors (April 12, 2006)
Bison Gear & Engineering introduced a new line of custom AC motors manufactured in their St. Charles, IL, facility. Motors will be ava...

70 BLDC Motors Offer Advantages Over Brushed DC Motors (February 10, 2009)
Taiwan Precision Gear Corp.'s BLDC motors improve on brushed DC motor technology by offering more efficiency, reliability, reduced ...

71 Maxon Motors Aims for Medical Applications (August 19, 2009)
Maxon, a manufacturer of small, high-quality DC brush and brushless motors, announced key product developments for medical technology ap...

72 Brother Gearmotors Partners with American Control Electronics (October 4, 2016)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional AC gearmot...

73 Nord Gearmotors Offer Reliability for Rolling Mills (January 16, 2012)
In recent years, Nord Drivesystems has been very active in the steel industry in China and India. Nord has supplied 2,500 geared motors t...

74 Siemens Offers Three Week Delivery Time on 1FK7 Servomotors (September 29, 2011)
Siemens Industry, Inc. recently announced today a value-added service for its popular line of 1FK7 servomotors. Using a configurable...

75 Siemens Shortens Delivery Time on Servomotors (March 15, 2012)
Siemens Industry, Inc. is renewing its customer pledge to manufacture and deliver its popular line of Simotics 1FK7 servomotors in shorte...

76 Baldor Offers Complete Line of AC Motors (May 15, 2012)
Baldor Electric Company now offers customers in North America access to the most complete line of large AC motors in the world from a sin...

77 Applimotion Offers Custom High Torque Gearmotors (November 5, 2012)
Applimotion introduces custom gearmotors for your high torque low speed and low profile applications. The assemblies combine precision ge...

78 Dunkermotor Releases Linear Motors and Actuators Catalog (October 2, 2012)
Dunkermotor, now part of Ametek Precision Motion Control, has released its first ServoTube linear motors and actuators catalog with techn...

79 Pittman Offers Full Range of DC Micromotors (August 30, 2012)
Pittman Motors, a division of AMETEK/Precision Motion Control, offers high-performance slotless brushless DC motors for medical applicati...

80 Coreless Motors Ease Safety Concerns in Portable Applications (September 15, 2011)
Portescap recently announced that the company's family of coreless DC motors satisfies demanding intrinsic safety application require...

81 Baldor Offers ABB Motors and Generators (July 20, 2011)
Baldor Electric Company, a Fort Smith, Arkansas‐based manufacturer of energy-saving industrial electric motors, drives, mechanical ...

82 Brushless DC Servo Motors Expand Capabilities (November 8, 2010)
The BX4 family of brushless DC servo motors from Faulhaber recently welcomed a new member. With a 22 mm module, the 2232/2250 BX4 CSD/CCD...

83 Sprint Electric Introduces Slip Ring Motors (October 8, 2010)
Sprint Electric now offers drives for slip ring motors. The new motor controllers will be introduced in November 2010 at SPS/IPC/Drives...

84 Maxon Brushless Motors Offer Low Vibration at High Speeds (August 27, 2010)
Maxon's improved EC 22 motors are equipped with preloaded ball bearings and the latest generation of Neodymium permanent magnets. The...

85 Boston Gear Launches Stainless Steel Motors (February 9, 2011)
Boston Gear, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, recently launched a new line of stainless steel motors which are value engineered for ...

86 Servomotors Available with EtherCAT Interface (February 23, 2011)
Dunkermotoren servomotors in the BG family cover an output power range of 40 to 500 watts. These compact drives have been available for m...

87 Sauer-Danfoss H1 Motors Lower Fuel Consumption and Life Cycle Costs (May 17, 2011)
Sauer-Danfoss has released its new H1 160cm3 bent axis motor, the next size in a series of motors designed to complement the growing rang...

88 WEG Supplies Motors for Irrigation Project (April 18, 2011)
WEG is supplying 160 large MW synchronous vertical motors, plus excitation panels and brake systems, for use on pumps in the HNSS Project...

89 AutomationDirect Releases SureStop Dual Shaft Motors (November 12, 2012)
AutomationDirect has expanded the line of SureStep motion control products. Stepping motors in standard NEMA sizes (17, 23, & 34) now...

90 Celera Motion Javelin Linear Motors Offers Easy Integration, High Acceleration (January 4, 2016)
Designed for easy integration into OEM assemblies, the Applimotion Javelin Series linear motors are offered in a wide range of low-profil...

91 JVL Utilizes Sercos for Servo and Stepper Motors (March 5, 2018)
JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, a producer in the field of integrated servo and stepper motors, is announcing yet another industrial Etherne...

92 AutomationDirect Introduces General Purpose, Rolled-Steel AC Motors (February 19, 2018)
New MTR2 series IronHorse general purpose, rolled-steel motors from AutomationDirect are available in 1-phase and 3-phase versions and of...

93 ECM Prototypes Motors for Medical Devices (June 23, 2020)
ECM has integrated its printed circuit board (PCB) stator technology within several medical devices. Recently, ECM prototyped motors for ...

94 Yaskawa Expands Sigma-7 Servo Systems with Servomotors and Amplifiers (March 13, 2018)
The Drives & Motion Division of Yaskawa America, Inc. recently announced the addition of a complete line of 400 Volt servomotors and ...

95 Applied Motion Offers TruCount Encoders with Integrated Motors (June 10, 2020)
Applied Motion Products provides a series of integrated motors featuring multi-turn, absolute encoders that do not require batteries or e...

96 Brother Gearmotors Announces New National Sales Director (February 8, 2018)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional AC gearmot...

97 Bonfiglioli BSR Synchronous Reluctance Motors Offer Higher Power and Efficiency (December 19, 2017)
The new range of Bonfiglioli’s BSR synchronous reluctance motors reaches efficiency class IE4 at the same stator length as the four...

98 Transtecno Offers Complete Range of Forced-Ventilation Electric Motors (December 22, 2020)
Transtecno new forced-ventilation electric motors are currently in production and the size range is increasing.Manufacturing these electr...

99 Brother Gearmotors Introduces Line of Right Angle Hypoid Gearing Brushless DC Gearmotors (July 26, 2017)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional AC gearmot...

100 H2W Technologies Offers Single Axis Linear Stepper Motors (June 29, 2020)
H2W Technologies’ single axis linear stepper motors are ideal for high-speed open loop positioning applications.  They can per...

101 Bosch Rexroth Introduces Online Service Portal for Hydraulic Motors (June 26, 2020)
Bosch Rexroth has introduced a new online service portal for its Hägglunds hydraulic motors, giving users a single source of informa...

102 Siemens Offers Next Generation of Simotics XP Motors (April 26, 2018)
With its new generation of Simotics XP motors, Siemens is providing a technologically integrated platform concept encompassing all explos...

103 Brother IPMax Gearmotors Offer Compact, Lightweight Option (May 22, 2018)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional AC gearm...

104 B&R Standard Motors Now Suitable for all Safety Applications (October 3, 2019)
B&R is now equipping all standard motors with a safe encoder mount. They can therefore now be used for safety applications without re...

105 Etel Offers IL+ Motors for Electronics and Semiconductor Manufacturing (November 19, 2019)
Etel, a direct drive motor manufacturer of the Heidenhain Group, now offers updated ironless linear motors optimized for electronics and ...

106 Regal Beloit Releases Line of Variable-Speed Replacement Motors (August 8, 2019)
Regal Beloit Corporation, a manufacturer of electric motors, electrical motion controls, power generation and power transmission componen...

107 Applied Motion NEMA 24 Frame Integrated Motors Offer Dual-Port Communications (June 18, 2019)
Applied Motion Products introduces two new NEMA 24 frame integrated motors with dual-port communications for connecting to the industrial...

108 Applied Motion Products Introduces Compact, High Torque Step Motors (May 17, 2019)
Applied Motion Products offers compact step motors in NEMA sizes 8, 11 and 14 for applications with limited space including medical devic...

109 Promat 2019 Preview: Brother Gearmotors (February 18, 2019)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional AC gearmot...

110 Applied Motion Extends Line of Step Motors (December 18, 2019)
Applied Motion Products offers an extended line of stepper motors with IP65 ratings that are dustproof and resistant to water pressure im...

111 Portescap Ultra EC Motors Offer High Torque in Compact Package (June 26, 2018)
Portescap will be offering 2 more new length sizes under its ECT range of Ultra EC Brushless Slotless motors: the 35 mm 22ECT35 and the...

112 KEB America Releases Washdown Servomotors for Industrial Applications (September 28, 2018)
KEB America announces the release of the new STEEL IT epoxy coating for servomotors. The new product offering is now available for the No...

113 NUM Launches Hollow Shaft Direct Drive Torque Motors (October 23, 2018)
CNC specialist NUM has significantly expanded its portfolio of motors for machine tool applications by launching a range of high perfor...

114 Brother Gearmotors to Exhibit Technologies at MODEX 2020 (February 20, 2020)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional AC gearmot...

115 ABB Launches N-Series General Purpose Motors (June 30, 2017)
ABB has launched its N-series general purpose motors to provide a high level of energy efficiency, reliability and safety in applications...

116 Baldor Announces Food Safe Motors Line (January 5, 2018)
Baldor recently announced the complete line of food-safe stainless steel motors designed around sanitary equipment principles and compati...

117 Portescap Launches Online Tools for Miniature Motors (July 16, 2021)
Portescap has unveiled two new online tools to streamline the process of evaluating and buying miniature motors. MotionCompass delivers p...

118 ABM Offers Compact, Cost-Effective Motors and Drives (January 26, 2017)
ABM Drives' motors and drives are tailor-made specifically for the application whether it requires compact design, low-noise operatio...

119 NKE Rolling Bearings Keep Motors and Generators Running (June 22, 2017)
Bearing manufacturer NKE Austria GmbH offers a wide range of rolling bearings for electrical machines. Particularly designed for motors a...

120 NEMA Standard Adds Efficiency Test for Air-Over Motors (March 14, 2017)
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) released a new efficiency test method for air-over (AO) motors as part of its MG...

121 Sulzer and ABB Announce U.K. Service Agreement for Large Motors and Generators (March 31, 2017)
As ABB’s first loyalty partner to provide workshop and repair services to its range of large motors and generators, Sulzer will pro...

122 Huco Air Motors Bring Efficiency to Hazardous Application Areas (December 21, 2016)
Huco Dynatork 3 air motors bring efficiency, performance and versatility to hazardous application areas. When you require a low cost, eff...

123 Orbex Introduces New Line of Brushless DC Flat Motors (August 5, 2021)
The Orbex Group, a leading manufacturer of high-performance electric motors and slip rings, is pleased to announce a new line of flat bru...

124 NORD Redesigns 100 Frame Asynchronous Motors (February 7, 2022)
NORD’s newly redesigned 100 frame motors are the first step in updating their asynchronous motor portfolio with an optimized electr...

125 Pittman Releases 32 Brushless Motors into E-Commerce (November 7, 2016)
Pittman a business unit of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, has released the EC044A and EC042B Series brushless motors into its 24-Hour P...

126 ABB Introduces Third Generation RPM AC Induction Motors (November 3, 2021)
When space is at a premium, ABB’s Baldor-Reliance RPM AC motors deliver the highest levels of performance. RPM AC is designed with ...

127 Siemens Introduces SIMOTICS S-1FS2 Line of Servomotors (September 27, 2021)
Siemens is introducing the new SIMOTICS S-1FS2 line of servomotors, designed for the clean condition requirements of the food, beverage, ...

128 Torque Systems Offers Family of Brush DC Motors (December 16, 2016)
Torque Systems, a division of SL-MTI, has developed a high performance family of three new size 15 permanent magnet DC motors. They ...

129 Brother Gearmotors Introduces Expedited Delivery Service from Tennessee Manufacturing Facility (April 18, 2017)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional AC gearmot...

130 Brother Gearmotors Hires Director of Sales (February 13, 2017)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional AC gearmot...

131 OES Offers Three-Axis Gimbal Mount with Three-Phase Brushless Servomotors (March 4, 2021)
The New AU300-AER-02 Three-axis Gimbal Mount from OES (Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.) with Three-Phase Brushless Servomotors and Quad...

132 Portescap Brushless DC Motors Achieve ISO 13485 Certification for Respirators (February 3, 2021)
Portescap recently announced that its slotless brushless DC motors for respirators have received ISO 13485:2016 certification. Thanks to ...

133 LARC Motors Offer Alternative (October 29, 2010)
Applimotion Inc., has expanded its frameless motor kits to cover the need for applications of large size. Moving items at large diam...

134 Beep and Local Motors Announce Strategic Partnership (July 24, 2020)
Beep, a Florida-based autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider and Local Motors by LM Industries, the world’s first and onl...

135 Saia Motors Provide Design Flexibility (February 1, 2011)
Johnson Electric recently introduced the Saia ULE Series Linear Stepper Motors. Available in unipolar or bipolar configurations, these mo...

136 Nord Geared Motors Crucial for Automatic Sorting System (November 24, 2010)
Specializing in the delivery of express parcels, Chronopost employs more than 3,500 people across the world. The Chilly Mazarin hub, to t...

137 SDP/SI Introduces Brushless Motors for Robotic Applications (October 12, 2021)
Rapid growth in the industrial automation market is producing an urgent need for premium quality parts and services. Stock Drive Products...

138 Emerson Motors Upgrade Customer Service Center and Catalog Listing of NEMA-Approved Motors (December 12, 2005)
Emerson Motor Technologies added motor conversion capabilities to its southern California customer service center. "Our Chino customer...

139 ABB Names New President of US Motors and Generators Division (September 14, 2020)
ABB's Motors and Generators division has named Jesse Henson president of their US business. Henson, who has been with the compan...

140 Oriental Offers BLV Series Motors (July 12, 2011)
Oriental Motor USA recently announced the introduction of the BLV Series, a DC input, high power brushless motor and driver system wit...

141 Schaeffler Starts Mass Production of Electric Motors (February 1, 2021)
Schaeffler is now reaping the rewards of its decision to create a specific business division for electric mobility three years ago, at th...

142 Polygon Offers Double Insulation Dielectric Composite Tubing for Electric Motors (December 3, 2020)
Polygon Company highlights its Double Insulation Dielectric Composite Tubing for electric motor applications. Polygon Tube double insulat...

143 Moticont Releases Miniature Voice Coil Servo Motors (January 24, 2022)
The GVCM-016-013-01 and GVCM-016-013-01M (Metric Version) Linear Voice Coil Servo Motors have been released by Moticont. These small 0.62...

144 Wittenstein Extends Housed Motors Range (April 29, 2011)
Building on a base of direct drive and extreme motor options, Wittenstein has expanded its housed motor range to include the traditional ...

145 Encoders Suitable for Small-Dimensioned Servo Motors (March 2, 2011)
For high quality speed control, Heidenhain Corporation recently introduced new low profile incremental rotary encoders with block commuta...

146 Applied Motion Offers Closed Loop Integrated Motors (September 16, 2019)
Applied Motion Products offers StepSERVO Closed Loop Integrated Motors for closed loop servo control of position, velocity and torque res...

147 Maxon Motors Heading Back to Mars (July 15, 2020)
In July, NASA will be sending its fifth rover to Mars. Its main mission is to collect soil samples that will be analyzed on Earth at a la...

148 Parker Teams with CalMotors on Hybrid-Electric Truck Design (August 31, 2010)
Parker's Electromechanical Automaton Division, a leading supplier of motion control technology, is proud to announce that its MPP ser...

149 WEG Supplies Special Motors for Water Production Project (May 28, 2020)
According to the United Nations (UN) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Chile is one of the Latin American countries that...

150 Bodine Electric Offers Variety of Gearmotors for Packaging Applications (February 25, 2020)
Bodine Electric Company has decades of experience with supplying rugged, high-performance gearmotor solutions to many OEMs in the packagi...

151 Oxford YASA Motors Finds Invaluable Tool in TorqSense Sensor (June 4, 2020)
Oxford YASA Motors is finding that a TorqSense non-contact speed and torque sensor from Sensor Technology is an invaluable aid in the ref...

152 WEG's LV and MV Electric Motors Assist Eucalyptus Project (December 27, 2007)
WEG Electric Motors Ltd. is providing the drive for all its mill facilities in an ecological project (VERCEL) to produce eucalyptus pulp ...

153 Regal Beloit Creates New Brand Name for Premium ECM Blower Motors (February 27, 2007)
GE ECM by Regal-Beloit announced the creation of ThinkTank, a new product brand name for its line of premium residential HVAC blower moto...

154 IS23x-MA Intelligent Step Motors Suited for Multi-Axis Applications (November 3, 2008)
Technosoft announces the IS23x-MA Intelligent Step Motors, based on the MotionChip DSP Control Technology and specially adapted to distri...

155 100mm AC Electric Motors Offer Power of Larger Motors in Less Volume (April 1, 2010)
In response to customer demand for more power in smaller spaces, Bison Gear and Engineering introduces the 100mm AC motor line offeri...

156 Maxon Supplies Motors and Controllers for Emirates Team New Zealand (March 19, 2021)
Maxon Group extend their heartfelt congratulations to Emirates Team New Zealand. In the historical 36th America’s Cup that endured ...

157 Applied Motion Products Solves Heat Problems with Integrated Closed-Loop Step Motors (February 21, 2020)
Applied Motion Products solved heat problems associated with a peristaltic pump system that supplies materials to a bioreactor by repla...

158 SDP/SI Simplifies Motion System Design with Integrated Motors (July 16, 2021)
Robotics and industrial automation industries are facing design and production challenges with the urgent need for premium quality parts ...

159 NEMA and ACEEE Reach Consensus on Energy Standard for Motors (March 27, 2007)
National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) announced a consens...

160 Encoder Ready DC Motors Feature Planetary Gearboxes (July 15, 2010)
Nidal Copal's HG16 series is a RoHS compatible DC motor with planetary gearbox. The 0.63 inch OD (16 mm) DC motor has two axial lengt...

161 ACE Offers Regenerative Low-Voltage Drives for DC Motors (May 24, 2019)
American Control Electronics (ACE) introduces the DCR300-60 and DCR600-60 Series, microprocessor based, low voltage PWM drives for brushe...

162 NEMA Revises Motors and Generators Standard (October 8, 2010)
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published NEMA MG 1-2009, Revision 1-2010 Motors and Generators. The stan...

163 Maxon Offers Spindle Drive for DC Motors (May 21, 2012)
Maxon's newest product for converting rotary motion into powerful linear motion. The GP16 precision spindle combined with a DC motor ...

164 ABM Introduces Custom Traction and Steering Motors and Drives for Electric Vehicles (July 14, 2017)
ABM traction drive system solutions for electric vehicles are available as bevel gearboxes, helical gearboxes and hub wheel drives.Typica...

165 ThinGap LS Brushless PM Motors Achieve Continuous Torque over 2Nm (June 19, 2017)
ThinGap has developed the first member of a new motor family of high performance and extremely high peak torque density brushless PM moto...

166 Pittman Motors BGE Series Servo Motor Controllers Offer Four-Quadrant Digital Speed Control for DC Motors (October 1, 2015)
Pittman Motors recently introduced the BGE Series of Servo Motor Controllers, a family of compact four-quadrant positioning motion contro...

167 Bison Gear PowerSTAR 712 Series Gearmotors Deliver Same Features in a New, Smaller Package (October 14, 2015)
Bison Gear and Engineering recently announced a new addition to the PowerSTAR right-angle hypoid gearmotor product line: the 712 series. ...

168 Pittman Motors EC042B Brushless DC Motor Designed as an Economical, High-Performance General Purpose Servo Motor (July 27, 2015)
Pittman Motors recently introduced the EC042B brushless DC motor series, its latest DC brushless motor. The high torque density model is...

169 Regal Debuts New Website for Marathon Motors (August 17, 2017)
Regal Beloit Corporation has launched a new Marathon Motors website for the North American region. The new website contains signific...

170 Applied Motion Offers Capacitive Encoders for Stepper Motors (December 5, 2017)
Applied Motion Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of a new encoder feedback option for NEMA 17, 23, and 24 frame step...

171 Regal Announces DOE Grant for Marathon Motors Division (November 6, 2017)
Regal Beloit Corporation has announced that its Marathon Motors division has been awarded a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grant for res...

172 Pittman Motors Expands PLG Planetary Gearbox Offering (March 30, 2015)
Pittman Motors recently expanded its gearbox offerings with the introduction of PLG24, PLG42K, PLG42S, PLG52, and PLG63 planetary gearbox...

173 Baldor Introduces Food Safe Motors (October 6, 2017)
Baldor recently announced the next generation food safe, stainless steel motor platform for extreme environments within the food and beve...

174 Maxon Motors GP 6 S Spindle Drive Only Six Millimeters in Diameter (October 30, 2015)
Maxon Motors recently introduced the GP 6 S, a micro spindle gear with a diameter of six millimeters that is now also available in a meta...

175 Celera Motion Agility Series Slotless Motors Achieves Less than 2 Percent Torque Ripple, Zero Cogging (June 16, 2017)
Ideally suited for scanning, pointing, measuring and cutting applications that require extremely smooth velocity control and highly accur...

176 Moog Releases Fan-Cooled, Brushless Servo Motors (November 28, 2016)
Moog Industrial Group has released a new family of Fan-Cooled Brushless Servo Motors, further extending its broad selection of high perfo...

177 Power Electric Introduces Customized Hypoid Right Angle Gear Motors (November 16, 2016)
Power Electric has developed a new right angle gear motor with hypoid gears in an all-in-one compact size. The hypoid gears bring distinc...

178 AppliMotion Offers Low-Profile DDR Motors (July 22, 2016)
The Infinity Series enables OEMs to move light payloads in smooth and accurate arc-shaped and full 360-degree rotary motion profiles. Ult...

179 Intellidrives Offers Motion Systems with Intelligent Motors (August 19, 2016)
Intelligent actuators from Intellidrives are highly programmable, integrated actuators with a motor, encoder, amplifier, controller, USB ...

180 Lapp Offers Flexible Cables for Drives, Motors and Assemblies (June 3, 2016)
The Lapp Group is now offering its new ÖLFLEX VFD 2XL symmetrical motor and drive cable for high horsepower applications—...

181 Groschopp Offers Single-Phase Controls for Brushless DC Motors (December 2, 2016)
Groschopp, Inc. has released single phase 120 VAC controls that are strategically designed to efficiently commutate power into standard 3...

182 Pittman Motors PBL4850E Programmable Three-Phase Brushless Motor Drive Added to IDEA Drive Line (November 20, 2015)
Pittman Motors has announced the latest addition to its IDEA drive line of motor controllers: the PBL4850E programmable three-phase brush...

183 R+W Introduces CHB Belt Drive for Parallel Assemblies of Motors and Actuators (May 31, 2017)
With an increased demand for compact mounting solutions in the automation industry, R+W has released the CHB housing for parallel assembl...

184 Celera Motion Agility Series Motors Deliver Smooth Velocity Control (January 29, 2016)
Suited for scanning, pointing, measuring and cutting applications that require extremely smooth velocity control and highly accurate posi...

185 Gan Systems Offers Inverters, Motors and Power Modules at APEC 2016 (March 18, 2016)
The stream of small, light and highly efficient commercial power systems entering the market continues. Computer travel adaptors, AC/DC p...

186 Infolytica Corporation Releases MotorSolve v5 (February 19, 2015)
Engineers and designers of electric machines have a revamped and more intuitive modeling environment to use when performing motor simulat...

187 NEMA Publishes New Guide for Permanent Magnet Motors (March 9, 2018)
Today, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published a new standard NEMA SM 1-2017 Guide to General-Purpose Synchr...

188 Maxon Motors Opens New U.S. Manufacturing Facility (March 21, 2019)
Maxon Precision Motors, a division of Maxon Motor of Sachsein, Switzerland, has announced the opening of a new manufacturing facility in ...

189 IHS Markit Examines Low-Voltage Motors (December 28, 2018)
The low-voltage motor market contracted in 2016. Process industries were hit the hardest, largely due to depressed oil prices and oversup...

190 Bauer Supplies Gear Motors for Bridge Construction (May 16, 2012)
Russky Island is located just off of Vladivostok, Russia, with the Eastern Bosphorous strait separating the island from the Muravyov-Amur...

191 BEI Kimco's Brushless Motors Meet Centrifuge Requirements (October 12, 2016)
BEI Kimco has met the high performance motor requirements for laboratory centrifuge machines. Centrifuges are used in biology, chemistry ...

192 Global Motion Control and Motors Market Sees Record Growth in 2018 (March 27, 2019)
The global motion control and motor market experienced record growth in 2018, with $3.827 billion in shipments, up 8 percent over 2017....

193 NEMA Updates Motors and Generators Standard (March 29, 2019)
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published 2018 updates to ANSI/NEMA MG 1 Motors and Generators. NEMA’s fla...

194 Nord Supplies Gearmotors for Solar Thermal Project (October 11, 2011)
Solar thermal installations built around a central tower have long been limited to mere tech demonstrations and R&D facilities, until...

195 Lenze AC Motors Reduce Energy Consumption (October 19, 2011)
Lenze Americas, a global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technology, has introduced to th...

196 Induction Motors Increase Productivity (November 16, 2011)
Linear Induction Motors (LIM) from H2W Technologies can move large, heavy loads quickly and reliably increasing productivity, or with hig...

197 Soft Starters Suitable for AC Induction Motors (November 18, 2011)
The Stellar SR33 series basic soft starters are designed for general purpose applications where traditional across-the-line starting or w...

198 Bodine Provides Variable Speed Control for Motors (June 22, 2012)
The new type ABL-3906C low voltage brushless DC stock controls from Bodine Electric Company provide variable speed control for low voltag...

199 Maxon Motors Launch into Outer Space (July 17, 2012)
The flawless launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on May 22, 2012 is another successful step for Maxon Motor AG in the use of high p...

200 Otto Motors Releases Otto Industrial API (March 14, 2018)
Otto Motors is proud to officially release the Otto Industrial API, solving one of the major hurdles in manufacturing today: achieving ...

201 Siemens Reduces Lead Times on Servomotors (November 25, 2013)
In response to increased market needs and always seeking to exceed customer expectations, Siemens Industry, Inc. announces a further redu...

202 Applimotion Releases IPM Brushless Motors (February 7, 2014)
(Editor's Note: Applimotion was acquired by Celera Motion in 2015)ULT, UTH, UTS, and UTO frameless motor kits cover a wide range of a...

203 Snyder Joins Ohio Electric Motors (July 18, 2014)
Ohio Electric Motors, Inc. recently announced that Randall R. Snyder will be their new, sales and marketing manager. “I am extremel...

204 Pittman Offers DC Brush and Brushless Motors (June 24, 2013)
Pittman Motors, a business unit of Ametek Precision Motion Control, has introduced its latest offering in a broad range of DC brush and b...

205 Drake Motorsports Development Introduces High Performance Polymer Parts (March 27, 2018)
Drake Motorsports Development, LLC was recently formed to accelerate the availability of track proven race parts and to continually dev...

206 Nord Drivesystems Utilize Gear Motors for Aggregates Unit (August 22, 2012)
The IECS Company, specializing in the manufacture, assembly, and maintenance of quarry and sand pits equipments has chosen Nord gear moto...

207 Thomson Offers RediMount Upgrade Option for Motors or Gears (October 25, 2018)
Thomson Industries, Inc. has launched an upgraded RediMount option, a pre-engineered, modular adapter kit for seamlessly installing motor...

208 Pittman Introduces CAD Models for DC Brush Motors (October 18, 2012)
Pittman Motors, a division of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, has introduced configurable DC motor 3-D model downloads.The 3-D model sys...

209 Stober Utilizes Heidenhain Encoders for Servo Motors (December 17, 2012)
Manufacturers of robots and CNC machine tools require precise and compact drives with high power efficiency. To meet these and future dem...

210 Miki Pulley Electromagnetic Brakes Provide More Stopping Power for Servo Motors (April 2, 2019)
Miki Pulley spring-applied electromagnetic brakes safely hold a static position, without the need for external power. The BXR-LE Miki Pul...