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1 Lead Screws vs. Ball Screws: Which Will Work Best for Your Application? (September 2021)

Reviewing the characteristics of lead screws vs. ball screws can help you select the right screw-driven system for your linear motion application.

2 Ball Screws Revisited - Ask the Expert (February 2013)

A reader asks for clarification on last issue's Ask the Expert column about ball screw sizing.

3 The Show Must Go On (April 2012)

Nook Customized Components Fit Talk Show Set…By a Thread

4 Introducing the Ball Screw (December 2018)

The Swiss Army Knife of PT Components.

5 Realizing the High Precision Load Handling Benefits of Rodless Electromechanical Actuators (February 2019)

Electromechanical rodless linear actuators can offer better load handling in smaller spaces than rod-style actuators, but realizing those benefits requires careful attention at the specification level. Whether you are replacing a failed actuator, looking for better performance or building a new application from the ground up, success depends on how precisely you specify application requirements.

6 CNC System Upgrades (December 2017)

Automated production of large objects such as auto body prototypes, boat hulls and surfboards traditionally requires computerized numerical control (CNC) systems costing nearly a million dollars. Thomson Cuts Costs and Production Time for Autoscale Inc.

7 Selecting and Sizing Ball Screw Drives (October 2012)

The ball screw drive is an assembly that converts rotary motion to linear motion and vice versa. The ball screw drive consists of a ball screw and a ball nut with recirculating ball bearings...

8 Should You Pay a Premium for a Mounted Ball Bearing (December 2013)

Mounted ball bearings are everywhere in industrial applications. They serve critical roles in keeping a manufacturing operation running smoothly and in ensuring that equipment functions properly and reliably. So why might it be advisable to spend significantly more for a dimensionally comparable bearing from one supplier versus another?

9 Study of Multiple-Point Oil-Jet Lubrication of High-Speed Ball Bearings (June 2014)

The air-oil, two-phase flow inside the multiple-point, oil-jet lubrication ball bearing was studied based on CFD (computational fluid dynamics) theory and technique, and compared with single-point, oil-jet lubrication. The results indicate that the air-oil distribution inside the bearing with multiple-point, oil-jet lubrication is more uniform than single-point injection.

10 Four-Point Bearings Do Triple Duty While Saving Space (March 2015)

A four-point contact ball bearing makes it easy to simplify machine designs that combine radial, thrust and moment loads, because it can handle all three simultaneously. They are primarily used for slow-to-moderate-speed applications, or where oscillatory movement is predominant.

11 How To Use a Hand-Held Micrometer to Measure Miniature and Instrument Ball Bearings (December 2013)

For the most accurate measurements, miniature and instrument ball bearing dimensions should be measured with a calibrated air gauge. A good second option is a calibrated optical comparator. On occasion, it may be necessary to use a calibrated, hand-held micrometer to double-check a measurement or for simple verification while working in the field.

12 IMTS 2016 Booth Preview (August 2016)

A nose-in-the-tent peek at the booths featuring mechanical motion components.

13 Selecting the Right Precision Ball Material for Aggressive Environments (February 2010)

This article will examine the major materials used to enhance balls to resist aggressive environments and help in selecting the right one.

14 Product News (August 2008)

The complete product news section from the August 2008 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

15 Oscillation Welding Protects Pipelines (April 2010)

Ball screw assemblies are key to this patent-pending oilfield corrosion prevention solution.

16 Product News (April 2011)

The complete Product News section from the April 2011 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

17 Radial Play (Internal Clearance in Ball Bearings) (August 2011)

At first glance, ball bearings are relatively simple mechanisms. However, an analysis of their internal geometries reveals that they are quite complex. For example, the ball to raceway conformity, the radial play, and the number of balls all impact the ability of a ball bearing to support loads under a variety of conditions.

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1 SKF's Miniature Ball Screws Equipped for Portable and Hand Driven Tools (August 22, 2007)
SKF® miniature ball screws feature internal recirculation inserts promoting smooth running performance and backdriving character...

2 SKF Promotes Higher Speeds and Low Noise With Ball Screws (January 14, 2008)
SKF’s compact, long-lead ball screws with a rotating nut design allow the drive motor to move with the nut to reduce inertia, requi...

3 Steinmeyer Customizes Ball Screws (August 8, 2007)
Steinmeyer's ground and rolled thread ball screws in custom styles are designed to match existing designs. Shaft diameters range from...

4 Steinmeyer Introduces New Ball Screws (June 15, 2007)
Steinmeyer offers ground and rolled thread ball screws with shaft diameters from 3-125 mm with various pitch levels. The customized ball ...

5 New Ball Screws from PIC Design (January 6, 2005)
A new family of ball screws from PIC Design can handle higher load capacites at faster speeds with improved capacities. According to t...

6 Lee Linear Offers Custom-Machined Ball Screws (October 12, 2010)
Lee, a manufacturer of linear motion components, now provides fast turnaround of high-quality, end-machined, precision-rolled ball screws...

7 Ball Screws for High Vacuum Applications (April 13, 2011)
Steinmeyer, Inc., recently announced a new option for its extensive line of precision products ball screws designed for operation under h...

8 Steinmeyer Offers a Selection of Miniature Ball Screws (December 14, 2017)
Steinmeyer recently announced a new program to stock a selection of miniature ball screws. The samples are available now for immediate sh...

9 SKF Extends Capabilities to Repair and Rebuild Ball Screws (November 20, 2013)
SKF introduces extensive capabilities to repair and/or rebuild ball screws for machine tools with a dedicated service channel and full te...

10 Steinmeyer Xi-Plus Ball Screws Meet High Demands of Machine Tool Applications (November 21, 2016)
Steinmeyer recently introduced an enhancement to its precision ball screw line. Called Xi-Plus, this line features a  smoother racew...

11 Thomson Introduces Ball Screws for Maximum Load Capacity (February 11, 2019)
Thomson Industries, Inc. has introduced a ball screw with more than twice the load capacity of a standard ball screw. The redesigned ball...

12 Steinmeyer UltraThrust Ball Screws Receive Upgrade (December 22, 2015)
Steinmeyer, Inc. has updated UltraThrust ball screw series, with diameters from 32 mm to an enormous 160 mm diameter, pitch ranging ...

13 Steinmeyer Inc. Announces Line of Double-Nut Ball Screws (December 14, 2007)
The Series 1510 by Steinmeyer Inc. is equipped with a spring preloaded double nut that compensates for torque variations due to inaccurac...

14 Thomson Ball Screws Drive Optimization for 5G Fiber Optic Filament Production (September 1, 2021)
Fundamental ball screw technology hasn’t changed much since 1929 when Rudolph G. Boehm patented what he called an “anti-frict...