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1 Hannover Messe USA Goes Digital (August 2020)

There would have been an incredible lineup of products and technologies in Chicago in the Hannover Messe USA pavilion at IMTS 2020 -- everything from cobots and smart factory automation solutions to digital twins and mechanical power transmission components. Unfortunately, the planet had other ideas this year and we continue to conduct business on laptops, smartphones and Zoom meetings for the foreseeable future.

2 Green Days - Hannover Messe 2012 (June 2012)

Hannover Messe 2012 generated enough buzz that the 5,000 exhibitors “will have their work cut out for them,” according to Dr. Wolfram von Fritsch, chairman of the managing board of Deutsche Messe. “Green technologies are a viable business model with the power to drive growth around the world.

3 Hannover Messe 2019 (February 2019)

Manufacturing Integration and Industrial Intelligence Take Center Stage in Germany

4 Hannover Messe 2011 Preview (February 2011)

13 trade fairs examine smart efficiency.

5 Setting Sights on Hannover Messe 2017 (March 2017)

Digital and industrial sectors collide in Germany for popular trade fair

6 Energy and Automation Create Buzz at Hannover Messe 2011 (June 2011)

More than 6,500 businesses from 65 countries came to Hannover to display their solutions with energy and automation the main topics of discussion.

7 A One-Stop Manufacturing Shop (August 2018)

Hannover Messe USA Continues to Expand IMTS Portfolio

8 Brake and Accelerate (June 2013)

SKF president/CEO Tom Johnstone discusses the global power transmission market at Hannover Messe.

9 The Automated Industrial Community (March 2018)

Hannover Messe 2018 will focus on mobility, integration and collaboration.

10 The Future Rests on the River Leine (March 2015)

“[Motion, Drive & Automation] at Hannover Messe is the place where the future is determined.”

11 All Eyes on U.S. (March 2016)

Hannover Messe always promises to be one of the landmark trade shows of the year. Their massive attendance numbers are no secret. In 2015, they saw 6,500 exhibitors and 220,000 trade visitors, and they boast that 68 percent of their visitors are decision makers. In recent years, the show has built a tradition showcasing the latest Industry 4.0 advances and technology, and this year continues that tradition. The theme, Integrated Industry -

12 PT Extras (December 2013)

Video from Maxon Motors, Hannover Messe on our LinkedIn page and the NFPA annual conference on our Facebook page.

13 Calendar (February 2022)

Upcoming events in March and April

14 IAMD USA 2018 Showstoppers (August 2018)

Some of the booths at Hannover Fairs USA / IMTS 2018 that you won't want to miss.

15 The Show Must Go On...Somehow (August 2020)

Normally at this time of year we talk a lot about trade shows. We go to manufacturing and engineering events because that's where technology-oriented companies often unveil their innovations. Like many of you, we want to see that technology in person, talk to the experts who created it and better understand how it fits into the overall manufacturing and engineering landscape. One of our most important missions is learning about that information and sharing it with all of you.

16 Chasing Ubiquity (June 2013)

Power Transmission Engineering is the magazine of mechanical components. When you think of gear drives, bearings, motors, couplings, clutches, brakes and similar products, we want you to think of us. But achieving such front-of-mind presence is one of the most difficult goals in publishing...

17 Hannover Messe USA - What we Learned (October 2018)

IMTS 2018 had its fair share of machine tools, 3D printers and advanced robotics. Meanwhile, the East Hall — home to Hannover Messe USA — took a more systematic approach, highlighting the smart components and techniques that will be integral in developing the digital factory of the future.

18 Motion, Drive and Automation at Hannover Messe 2013 (February 2013)

Power transmission and motion control companies will be on-hand during Hannover Messe 2013 to display the latest technology offerings in key product categories including roller bearings, gears, pumps, motors, transmissions, drive system components, clutches and braking systems.

19 IANA and the Increasing Relevance of IMTS (August 2012)

Many of you probably think of IMTS as just a machine tool show. Of course, it’s hard not to. With the majority of the show focused on metalworking equipment, tooling and supplies, there’s no doubt that IMTS is a machine tool show. But this year, the show has partnered with Hannover Messe to include IANA—Industrial Automation North America.

20 The Path to Smarter Bearings (June 2015)

At Hannover Messe, Power Transmission Engineering had the opportunity to sit down with Stefan Hantke, president of the Industrial North America division of Schaeffler USA, to discuss the current stateof- the-art in bearings manufacturing, the trends in industrial bearings and the current state of U.S. manufacturing. (In the meantime Stefan Hantke has taken over responsibility for the global sales activities of Schaeffler Industrial)

21 Motion Drive and Automation at Hannover 2013 (April 2013)

Power Transmission and control companies will be on hand during Hannover Messe 2013 to display the latest technology offerings in key product categories including roller bearings, gear wheels, pumps, motors, transmissions, drive system components, clutches and braking systems.

22 2016 Motion, Drive & Automation Show Everybody Loves US (August 2016)

The U.S. is a very attractive market for international firms with manufacturing solutions, and we see that trend continuing. This year (Hannover Fairs USA has) secured a tremendous amount of interest from international exhibitors and attendees, which demonstrate growing interest in the U.S. manufacturing sector.

23 Engineering Extravaganza (March 2015)

This issue we present our Hannover Fair preview. As most of you know, Hannover is one of the biggest trade shows on Earth, and by far the largest that includes a significant focus on mechanical power transmission components.

24 Where to Begin (August 2018)

A big trade show can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many important suppliers to talk to, it's often hard to know even where to start, let alone how to plan a strategy to maximize your time spent.

News Items About Hannover Messe

1 Schaeffler Offers Complete Pumping Solution at Hannover Messe (February 21, 2018)
At the Hannover Messe 2018, Schaeffler will be presenting intelligent solution packages for machine monitoring and lubrication, illustrat...

2 Hannover Messe Preview: Altra Industrial Motion (March 20, 2017)
Altra Industrial Motion will be displaying many of its brands at Hannover Messe 2017, showcasing a capability to offer premium engineerin...

3 Hannover Messe Requests Papers for 2022 (February 16, 2022)
Exhibitors at Hannover Messe 2022, which runs May 30 – June 2, present solutions to the global challenges of climate change. How do...

4 MindSphere World Makes Successful Trade Fair Debut at Hannover Messe (May 4, 2018)
The maiden outing of the "MindSphere World e.V." user organization on the Siemens booth at this year's Hannover Messe was a...

5 Hannover Messe USA Provides Latest in Factory of the Future Technologies (October 1, 2018)
Hannover Messe USA 2018 covered more than 114,200 square feet of exhibit space and featured 510 exhibitors who showcased their innovation...

6 CeMAT to be Co-Staged with Hannover Messe (May 25, 2016)
CeMAT, the trade fair for intralogistics and supply chain management, is to be co-located with Hannover Messe every two years, starting i...

7 Hannover Messe 2016 Preview: KISSsoft (April 22, 2016)
On April 25, Hannover Messe opens its doors. At the same time, the new version of KISSsoft 03/2016 will be released with a number of...

8 Hannover Messe Preview: Regal (March 25, 2013)
Hannover Messe is a powerful driver of investment in new technology and automation across a great many industrial sectors. It also provid...

9 Hannover Messe Preview: Nexen Group (February 26, 2013)
Nexen Group, Inc. announces it will be showcasing diverse motion control products at Hannover Messe 2013, April 8-12 in Hannover, Germany...

10 India Featured as Partner Country at Hannover Messe 2015 (September 15, 2014)
India has just been designated the official Partner Country at Hannover Messe 2015, putting this vast nation of more than 1.2 billion inh...

11 Mesys AG Will Present New Shaft and Bearing Analysis Software at Hannover Messe (April 13, 2015)
Mesys AG will present its new version of shaft and bearing analysis software in Hall 25, Stand A21 at Hannover Messe.The bearing analysis...

12 KISSsoft Unveils Latest Software at Hannover Messe (April 17, 2015)
KISSsoft recently introduced its new version of KISSsoft 03/2015 at Hannover Messe on April 13. The new version was released with a ...

13 Hannover Messe Preview: NKE Austria GmbH (January 31, 2019)
At this year’s Hannover Messe in Germany, bearing manufacturer NKE Austria GmbH presents bearings with black oxide finish. The prot...

14 Smart Manufacturing Initiative Announced at Hannover Messe 2018 (April 25, 2018)
At Hannover Messe 2018, more than 20 international organizations and leading industry vendors jointly announced the "Time-Sensitive ...

15 Hannover Messe Preview: CoorsTek (March 26, 2019)
CoorsTek will present the latest developments in technical ceramics during Hannover Messe 2019. “We are pleased to support the...

16 Hannover Messe Preview: KISSsoft (March 13, 2019)
At Hannover Messe from April 1-5 2019 attendees can take a first look at the latest developments in KISSsoft and KISSsys.The beta version...

17 Hannover Messe Digital Edition Examines Industrial Transformation (March 11, 2021)
From AI and robotics to automation technology, logistics IT and industrial software to batteries and fuel cells, Hannover Messe Digital E...

18 Hannover Messe Preview: Bega Special Tools (March 4, 2019)
At this year’s Hannover Messe, Bega Special Tools (Hall 25, Stand F23) will introduce a new generation of low frequency induction h...

19 Hannover Messe Preview: B&R Industrial Automation (March 7, 2019)
At the Hannover Messe trade fair, B&R will show how a conventional plant can become a smart factory in Hall 9, Booth D26. B&R ena...

20 Hannover Messe 2020 to Examine Digital Ecosystems (November 27, 2019)
At Hannover Messe 2020, processes and technologies that up until quite recently were regarded as separate and distinct will be showcased ...

21 Hannover Messe 2021 Scheduled to Open April 12-16 (September 30, 2020)
"Industry needs trade fairs! The past few months have shown that. Industrial companies are eager for a place to present innovations,...

22 WomenPower Career Conference Takes Place at Hannover Messe 2021 (November 25, 2020)
A broad audience views lectures and discussions streamed from three stages onto a digital event platform. On-site attendees participate i...

23 Liebherr Offers Components at Hannover Messe (April 7, 2011)
Liebherr recently introduced new, internally developed components from its range of high-performance drive equipment and high-quality ele...

24 Cyient Launches Series of Industry 4.0 Solutions at Hannover Messe 2021 (April 16, 2021)
Cyient, a global engineering and digital technology solutions company, announced the launch of its INTELLICYIENT suite of Industry 4.0 so...

25 Ringfeeder to Display Products at Hannover Messe (March 15, 2013)
Ringfeeder Power Transmission GmbH displays new developments from the field of driving and shock-absorbing technology at this year’...

26 Bonfiglioli Introduces BMD Motor Line at Hannover Messe (April 16, 2013)
The introduction of Bonfiglioli’s new family of motors, the BMD Permanent Magnet AC synchronous motor range integrates itself with ...

27 Hannover Messe 2016 Preview: JVL (April 19, 2016)
JVL will offer many industrial Ethernet solutions in combination with integrated servo and stepper motors during Hannover including a com...

28 Obama and Merkel Visit Lapp Group at Hannover Messe 2016 (May 10, 2016)
The Lapp Group recently received a visit from President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the company's 2016 Hannov...

29 Hannover Messe Preview: Essential Power Transmission Pvt. Ltd. (March 6, 2019)
Esenpro, a brand of Essential Power Transmission Pvt. Ltd., is a manufacturer of industrial gearboxes and open gears. Esenpro has mul...

30 EPTDA and PTDA Will Host Pavilion at Hannover Messe 2019 (March 4, 2019)
With more than 70 years of experience, the world’s largest industrial fair is, once again, host to all key technologies and core ar...

31 Hannover Messe USA Showcases IIoT Solutions (August 27, 2018)
Hannover Fairs USA recently announced that Dell Technologies and Microsoft have signed on to join other key Industrial Internet of Things...

32 Hannover Messe: Nord Drivesystems (April 25, 2018)
Nord Drivesystems will be exhibiting its innovative drive solutions for digital factories of the future at the Hannover Fair 2018. These ...

33 IMTS 2018 Increases Space for Hannover Messe USA (March 21, 2018)
IMTS 2018 – The International Manufacturing Technology Show continues to increase its appeal to international and domestic visitors...

34 Steigentech Launches High-Performance V-Belt During Hannover Messe (April 5, 2019)
The Steigentech PowerPlus EPDM CRE V-belt range has been designed to keep HVAC equipment, compressors, fans and ventilators or tool mac...

35 Hannover Messe Preview: Voith (March 8, 2018)
Voith will be presenting high efficiency, dynamic hydraulic systems, self-contained servo drives, and pump technology at the IAMD (Integr...

36 Hannover Messe 2016 Preview: Sercos (April 22, 2016)
Sercos International, supplier of the Sercos automation bus, is presenting a number of demos during Hannover Fair in Hannover, Germany fr...