How Modified Standard Gearboxes Solve Real-World Problems

Gearboxes are essential for practically every industry. What happens when there are specific challenges presented - whether it be environmental, safety or application challenges? How can a gearbox work in extreme conditions? Learn how we can implement a standard gearbox with modifications that are ideal for your applications.

Hitesh Patel has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. With 14 years of various experience throughout different industries, Hitesh started working at DieQua straight out of college as a Product support specialist. 12 years later, Hitesh returned to DieQua, this time, as a Product Manager for Power Transmission components. Hitesh currently works with inside and outside sales for defining and planning product enhancements and developments for both current and NEW products. In addition to this, he also helps with mapping strategic goals with distributors, OEMs and system integrators for business growth.

Meikel Quaas, President and co-owner of DieQua Corporation, is a degreed Mechanical Engineer from the University of Illinois. Mike is the second generation owner of DieQua and has been serving as President since 1998. He is also active on a daily basis on the engineering and sales floor and is constantly working with customers, creating engineered solutions to a constant stream of power transmission applications.

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How Modified Standard Gearboxes Solve Real-World Problems