Power Transmission Engineering Product News 2014

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EFC 3600 Variable Frequency Drive for Energy Efficient Process Control
The EFC 3600 variable frequency drive (VFD) by Bosch Rexroth complements the existing product portfolio including the Fe and Fv frequency... (posted 2014-12-30)

SKF Introduces Sensor Bearing with EMC Filter
A newly introduced SKF sensor bearing equipped with an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filter offers protection against potential dam... (posted 2014-12-29)

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics Introduces Modular Aquarius Cleaning System
Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC,  recently introduced an innovation in aqueous parts clea... (posted 2014-12-19)

'Roll-Slide Mini' Carriage and Rail Linear Motion Systems Now Available From LM76
Low cost, "Roll-Slide Mini" carriage and rail linear motion systems are now available from LM76 in lengths from 160mm (6.3... (posted 2014-12-18)

Revolvo's Water Wheel Bearings Improve Efficiency and Reliability
For any power generation project, efficiency and reliability are two very important characteristics. So, when a 2-star Michelin restauran... (posted 2014-12-17)

Groschopp, Inc., Expanding Innovation and Quality Online
Groschopp Inc. is now offering customers the ability to order custom motors and gear motors online. A recent redesign of Groschopp’... (posted 2014-12-16)

Jergens Expands Pallet Solutions Line
Jergens, Inc.'s range of pallet solutions has been expanded to include two more styles, a 4-Pin pallet and a manual version of the co... (posted 2014-12-16)

J.W. Winco Offers New Revolving Ball Knobs
J.W. Winco, Inc., a supplier of standard industrial machine components, announced it's now offering GN 319.5 revolving ball knobs, lo... (posted 2014-12-11)

Maxon Adds Mini OEM Plug-in Module
In addition to its ESCON servo controller family, Maxon Motor has released a miniaturized, postage stamp-sized OEM plug-in module. The 4-... (posted 2014-12-10)

Parker Announces Release of ETT Linear Motor Actuator Series
Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division, a supplier of motion control technology, announced the release of the Electric Thru... (posted 2014-12-09)

Festo Introduces All-in-One Servo Motor and Drive Unit
Festo, a manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components, and controls for process and industrial automation, recentl... (posted 2014-12-03)

Bosch Rexroth's Adaptive Systems Increases Throughput by 50 Percent
Adaptive Systems technology minimizes unwanted movements like oscillations and vibrations, increasing process throughput by up to 50 perc... (posted 2014-11-26)

Linear Roller Block and Rail Systems Now Available From LM76
Low cost, SAIBO SB-LGB Linear Roller Block and Rail Systems are now available from LM76 in three sizes to meet load requirements up to 12... (posted 2014-11-25)

J.W. Winco Announces EN 450 Ball-Shaped Door Catches
J.W. Winco, Inc., a supplier of standard industrial machine components, announced it now offers EN 450 ball-shaped door catches, in metri... (posted 2014-11-21)

MotiCont Introduces High Speed, Zero Cogging DDLMs
MotiCont, a manufacturer of motion control products, has introduced a new line of direct drive linear motors (DDLMs).MotiCont's&... (posted 2014-11-19)

Jeffery Haas Hired as BellowsTech Technical Support Engineer
BellowsTech, a U.S. manufacturer of edge-welded metal bellows and bellows assemblies, announced that Jeffrey Haas recently joined the com... (posted 2014-11-19)

GAM Releases New Linear Mount Products Brochure
GAM, a manufacturer of precision gear reducers, servo couplings and linear mounting kits, announced the release of its new Linear Mount P... (posted 2014-11-14)

Extended Bolt Calculation in KISSsoft
In the bolt calculation according to VDI 2230 (module SPK), additional strength classes for nuts have been implemented in KISSsoft. ... (posted 2014-11-10)

New Redex Gears Offer Increased Versatility
Versatility is the key issue for manufacturers of multi-axis milling machines and vertical turning lathes. The same machine must be able ... (posted 2014-11-10)

Siemens Simatic 427D Microbox IPC Upgraded with Third Generation Intel Processor
Siemens Simatic 427D Microbox IPC has been upgraded with the third generation Intel Core i7 (1.7 GHz) processor for high system performan... (posted 2014-11-10)

Suhner Solves Noise Absorption for Power Seat
Less noise, less vibrations, less distractions, more comfort; all this is required in today’s global automotive industry. The power... (posted 2014-11-10)

KISSsoft Adds Beveloid Gears Module
Beveloid gears have their own new module in the KISSsoft system (module ZH1). Sizing and dimensioning of beveloid gears have been impleme... (posted 2014-10-28)

Fenner Link-Belts Designed to Replace Rubber V-Belts
Fenner Drive has announced the launch of two new belt profiles - 3V and 5V narrow wedge belts. These 3V and 5V narrow wedge profiles are ... (posted 2014-10-13)

Hygienic Gearbox Meets Food and Pharma Standards
Neugart USA has designed its new HLAE gearbox from the ground up for use in food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries with str... (posted 2014-10-07)

Mayr ROBA-DS Hubs Provide Easy Installation
The high-performance ROBA-DS shaft couplings from Mayr transmit torque backlash-free and with high torsional rigidity. They compensate fo... (posted 2014-10-06)

Portescap Introduces 16mm ECH Brushless Slotless Motor
Portescap introduces the newest addition to our Ultra EC mini motor platform - the 16ECH brushless motor, designed specifically to provid... (posted 2014-10-03)

Bosch Rexroth Offers Latest HMI Solutions
The compact IndraControl VR series of embedded terminals complement the existing IndraControl V portfolio of larger screen HMIs and the P... (posted 2014-09-25)

LM76 Offers Saibo Linear Motion Systems
LM76 is the exclusive distributor of Saibo Linear Motion Systems in the US. Saibo SB-LGA Roller Block and Rail Systems feature: Low noise... (posted 2014-09-24)

SKF Introduces Speedi-Sleeves
New generation SKF Speedi-Sleeves used with radial shaft seals in rotating machinery resolve the micro-cracking issues typically associat... (posted 2014-09-23)

Napoleon Announces Aerospace Bearings Offerings
The ISO9001:2008 and AS9100C certified Napoleon Engineering Services (NES) recently announced the company’s specially tailored bear... (posted 2014-09-22)

Parker Expands XE Line
Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division is pleased to announce the expansion of the XE line to include the 401 XE. The new 4... (posted 2014-09-17)

NTN Offers Food Grade Mounted Units
NTN Food Grade Mounted Units protect bearings from the harsh environments in the food and beverage industry. This stainless series has a ... (posted 2014-09-16)

Baldor Electric Announces QD Bushed Para-Flex Couplings
Baldor Electric Company recently announced a new addition to its Baldor-Dodge coupling product offering -- the QD bushed Para-Flex coupli... (posted 2014-09-15)

Voith Presents Alternative to Electromechanical Shaft
The CLDP servo drive from Voith can be used for all direct linear motions, especially when dynamic response, reproducibility and reliabil... (posted 2014-09-05)

Vacon Offers AC Drive for Outdoor Applications
The Vacon 100 X is equipped with highly advanced control capabilities to ensure processes run exactly as intended. Supporting both induct... (posted 2014-09-03)

Ruland Introduces Beam Couplings for Medical Applications
Ruland beam couplings are zero backlash, have high torsional stiffness and accommodate misalignment, making them well suited for encoder,... (posted 2014-09-02)

Stafford Offers Staff-Lok Hinged Shaft Collars
A line of lever-actuated hinged shaft collars now offered with a mounting flat to create high-strength, quick-change pipe mounts and pipe... (posted 2014-08-27)

REO-USA Increases Motor Lifespan
In mission critical industries such as pharmaceuticals or paper and pulp, a motor malfunction can translate to millions of dollars in los... (posted 2014-08-26)

IANA Preview: Sesame Motor Corp.
Sesame Motor Corp. (Booth E-4832) offers a wide variety of high quality motors, gear motors, reducers and planetary gearheads for over 20... (posted 2014-08-25)

IMTS Preview: Bosch Rexroth
Bosch Rexroth will exhibit a broad range of automation products and systems for improving productivity and energy efficiency, as well as ... (posted 2014-08-22)

MDA Preview: Festo Corp.
Festo (Booth E-4936) will be showcasing the HGPLE electric gripper in an end-of-arm-robotic-tooling demonstration at IMTS. The HGPLE elec... (posted 2014-08-21)

GWJ Updates Rolling Bearing Calculations
GWJ Technology, a software company from Braunschweig, Germany, announces the update of the calculation module for rolling bearings. GWJ i... (posted 2014-08-20)

Maxon Motor Assists Space Probe
After more than ten years of travel through space, the European space probe Rosetta has reached the comet Chury. Three months from now, f... (posted 2014-08-18)

Aerotech Introduces Piezo Nanopositioners
Aerotech’s QNP-L series linear piezo nanopositioning stages give nanometer-level performance in a compact, high-stiffness package. ... (posted 2014-08-15)

Zero-Max Offers Right Angle Gear Drives
Lubricated for life with Beacon 325 premium grade grease, Zero-Max Crown drives feature heat treated AGMA Class 10 spiral bevel gears. Th... (posted 2014-08-14)

Siemens Offers AC Power Modules for G120 Drives
A new line of PM240-2 power modules is now available from Siemens, extending the use of the popular Sinamics G120 drives family. A signif... (posted 2014-08-13)

MDA Preview: ZF
ZF has pooled its comprehensive knowhow for the new hollow shaft drives from the Duoplan model range. Consequently, the ZF-Duoplan 2K 150... (posted 2014-08-12)

Oriental Introduces Linear Slides and Cylinders
Oriental Motor USA is proud to introduce its newest and most cost effective linear actuators, the EAS Series motorized linear slides and ... (posted 2014-08-11)

Altra Couplings Solves Vibration Issues for Large Pumps
A large raw water pumping station in Malaysia was suffering from severe vibration problems with the drivetrains on a number of large pump... (posted 2014-08-07)

Taylor Hobson Offers Bearing Measurement Tool
A precision surface measurement tool featuring an industry-leading high-speed column drive, precision positioning and 4 mm roundness and ... (posted 2014-08-06)

SKF Optimizes Bolt Mounting
SKF Spherical Washers optimize bolt mounting of machinery and bolted equipment by integrating unique design features promoting suitable p... (posted 2014-08-05)

Hedienhain Expands Rotary Encoders
Heidenhain is expanding its third generation of absolute inductive rotary encoders with the ExI 11xx series, providing a single encoder s... (posted 2014-08-04)

Maxon Motor and Gearhead Boast High Speed and Low Heat
The new brushless drive with a diameter of 19 mm has been specially designed for high speeds and features low heat development and extrem... (posted 2014-08-01)

Curtiss-Wright Supplies Motor Controllers for Racing Team
Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division has announced that, via the Lynch Motor Company, it has supplied Sigmadrive motor controllers ... (posted 2014-07-31)

Multivac Relies on Kollmorgen for Pneumatic to Electric Transition
An increasing number of companies in the packaging machine industry have chosen electrical servo technology – mainly to replace mot... (posted 2014-07-25)

Industrial Origami Develops Bearing Retainer
Industrial Origami, Inc. (IOI) has developed a high performance bearing retainer made exclusively from folded sheet metal. Thin sheet met... (posted 2014-07-23)

Conveyor Components MSD-800 Monitors Rotary Speed
The new Model MSD-800 series motion sensing controls offer affordable and reliable protection of indoor and outdoor rotating equipment su... (posted 2014-07-22)

Baldor Offers High Torque Synchronous Solution
Baldor Electric Company’s Dodge HT500 synchronous drive system delivers high torque, low maintenance and potential energy savings w... (posted 2014-07-21)

Romax Enhances Product Portfolio
Romax Technology is enhancing its product portfolio with the launch of a number of new releases. Currently used by 14 of the world’... (posted 2014-07-18)

C&U Americas Offers Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings
C&U Americas, the North American subsidiary of The C&U Group, offers a wide range of hybrid ceramic ball bearings for electrical ... (posted 2014-07-18)

IMTS Preview: ETEL
ETEL will exhibit its full range of torque motors at this year's IMTS 2014 show in Chicago's McCormick Place (September 8-13). &n... (posted 2014-07-18)

Klϋber Lubrication Introduces KlĂĽbertemp GR AR 555
Klϋber Lubrication has introduced Klübertemp GR AR 555, a multi-purpose lubricant offering exceptional corrosion protection and... (posted 2014-07-18)

Heidenhain Introduces Sealed Linear Encoders
For use on machine tools, Heidenhain Corporation’s newest absolute LC 185 and LC 485 sealed linear encoders are now available as a... (posted 2014-07-14)

Bosch Rexroth Introduces Lean Production and Automation Kit
Bosch Rexroth has added a new Lean Production and Automation Insights Kit to its popular educational resource kit series. Drawing on a we... (posted 2014-07-11)

Parker Offers MPW Servomotor Series
Parker's MPW Series stainless steel servomotors extend the existing MPP product family to meet the needs of applications exposed to h... (posted 2014-07-10)

Stafford Shaft Collars Enhance Mounting Options
A line of clamp-on shaft collars with mounting holes that can be supplied with plain or custom flanges featuring different mounting hole ... (posted 2014-07-09)

Altra Offers Combined Misalignment Coupling and Slip Clutch
The Oldham clutch-coupling from Huco Dynatork provides system protection and misalignment compensation in one, compact device. It combine... (posted 2014-07-08)

Bison Launches Improved Gear Reducer
Lighter weight with more power, the New 881 parallel shaft gear reducer is available for a wide array of applications. The 881 reducer is... (posted 2014-07-07)

Baldor Introduces Electric Motor Line
Baldor Electric Company is proud to announce a new line of energy efficient electric motors. The Large AC – GPM induction motor is ... (posted 2014-07-03)

Igus Offers Solutions for Packaging Industry
Igus is presenting a range of innovative new products specially developed to meet stringent demands of the packaging industry. Manufactur... (posted 2014-07-02)

Solid Technical Solutions Offers Tec-Flon Lubricants
Solid Technical Solutions recently introduced its product line of high-tech lubricant materials, Tec-Flon (GM-approved). The Tec-Flon ... (posted 2014-07-01)

NSK Offers Sleeve Bearings or Bushings
NSK has introduced a range of sleeves, aimed mainly at OEMs and other volume users of sleeves or lubricated bushings used in equipment such as excavator buckets, backhoe linkages and conveyors... (posted 2014-06-26)

Miki Pulley Introduces Step-Flex Coupling
Miki Pulley announces introduction of its Step-Flex Coupling for direct sale to OEM’s in North America. The Step-Flex is an altogether new class of shaft coupling... (posted 2014-06-25)

GKN Offers PM Alternatives
GKN Sinter Metals is a developmental partner of the automotive industry producing the widest range of sintered drivetrain components from metal powder worldwide... (posted 2014-06-18)

Voith Develops High-Performance Drive
As part of its plant modernization in the heavy plate mill in Linz, Austria, Voestalpine Grobblech GmbH opted for the newly developed high-performance drive from Voith... (posted 2014-06-17)

Stober Drives Expands Gearbox Series
Stober Drives, Inc. is expanding its KSS stainless steel gearbox series by adding ratios that allow customers to use smaller reducers at lower speeds. The “K” series is a right-angle, helical bevel gearbox... (posted 2014-06-16)

J.W. Winco Offers Revolving Ball Knobs
J.W. Winco, Inc., a supplier of standard industrial machine components, announced it now offers GN 319.2 Phenolic Plastic Revolving Ball Knobs, Long Shoulder Type, Tapped, in inch and metric sizes... (posted 2014-06-13)

SKF Black Oxide Bearings Promote Reliability
SKF black oxide bearings add a surface layer of protection to promote higher reliability and performance for wind turbines... (posted 2014-06-11)

NKE Offers Rolling Bearings for Gearboxes
NKE Austria offers rolling bearings for industrial gearboxes that meet the efficiency and reliability requirements of a wide range of sectors, such as general machinery, mining, material handling systems and heavy machinery... (posted 2014-06-10)

Aerotech Introduces Ball-Screw Stage with Linear Encoder
A compact, high-performance linear positioning stage, Aerotech’s MPS75SLE features exceptionally smooth travel combined with outstanding accuracy, repeatability and positioning resolution capability... (posted 2014-06-06)

Milk Processing Company Relies on Emerson
La Compagnie des Fromages is part of the Bongrain Group, the world's fifth-largest milk-processing company and an employer of 18,870 people... (posted 2014-06-05)

Zero-Max Offers Latest VRT for Agriculture Equipment
Today’s precision farming equipment requires accurate and repeatable speed settings when dispensing seed and fertilizer... (posted 2014-06-04)

Voith Presents Drive Components at Power-Gen Europe
From June 3-5, 2014, Voith will present efficient and innovative drive components for the energy sector at Power-Gen Europe in Cologne... (posted 2014-06-03)

Havlik Expands Plant Capacity and Ability
Havlik Gear, a Renaissance Power Systems company, announces the addition of a TSO FUQ 150-VR6 CNC machine to expand plant capacity and ability... (posted 2014-06-02)

Parker Offers Improved Performance on Linear Motor Technology
Parker has one of the broadest offerings in available linear motor technologies... (posted 2014-05-30)

SKF Launches Wireless Machine Condition Sensor
SKF recently launched the SKF Wireless Machine Condition Sensor, which uses the WirelessHart communication protocol and provides dynamic vibration and temperature data... (posted 2014-05-28)

ContiTech Offers Latest Innovations at CeMAT 2014
Whether it is in forklift trucks, conveyor belt systems, or machines, ContiTech air springs and air actuators also fulfill a wide range of applications... (posted 2014-05-27)

Sakor Announces Accudyne AC Dynamometer for Wind Industry
Sakor Technologies, Inc. recently announced the availability of its complete AccuDyne AC Dynamometer system for wind power testing applications... (posted 2014-05-23)

NSK Launches Solutions App
NSK has launched a Solutions App that works alongside the company’s Added Value Programme AIP to improve efficiency, reduce breakdowns and improve profitability for industrial users... (posted 2014-05-22)

Zero-Max Adds Insulation Protection to Components
Motion system designers have a new option to arrest electrical current... (posted 2014-05-21)

Dana Unveils Transmission Technology Strategy at CeMAT
At CeMAT 2014, the world’s leading exhibition for intralogistics, Dana Holding Corporation unveiled a four-tier technology strategy offering powershift transmissions customized to meet regional requirements... (posted 2014-05-20)

Ringfeder Introduces GWS Couplings
In daily operation, high-performance heavy-duty gears have to continuously withstand huge loads... (posted 2014-05-19)

Leine and Linde Introduce Encoders with HC-HTL Outputs
The ability to drive long cables and meet the high and low level voltage requirements for the transmitted signal is what sets the Leine & Linde... (posted 2014-05-15)

KISSsoft Offers Local Wear Simulation
A new progressive wear method is used to define the wear for cylindrical gears... (posted 2014-05-15)

Siemens NX Nastran Software Available on Rescale
Siemens’ NX Nastran software is now available on Rescale... (posted 2014-05-09)

GWJ Technology Introduces TBK 2014
Software company GWJ Technology, headquartered in Braunschweig, Germany introduces a completely new software generation of its TBK calculation software for gearboxes... (posted 2014-05-08)

Stafford Offers Two-Piece Shaft Collars
A line of machined two-piece shaft collars for locating and mounting objects onto square and round structural tubing... (posted 2014-05-07)

Applimotion Offers Thin Radial Cross Section Motor Kits
Applimotion’s ULT, UTH, and UTS frameless brushless motor kits cover a wide range of applications in direct drive motion control. New sizes recently introduced have large center through-holes and thin radial cross-section... (posted 2014-05-06)

Maxon Launches Positioning Controller
By their design, the ironless Maxon DC brushed motors and brushless (maxon EC) motors are suitable for applications demanding high dynamics and longevity... (posted 2014-05-05)

Emerson Releases Innovative Roller-Top Belt
Emerson's innovative System Plast multi-directional, roller-top conveyor belt makes packages dance to the user's tune with the ability to align them to any angle... (posted 2014-05-02)

REO-USA Extends Liquid-Cooled VFD Components
Energy savings versus fixed-speed motor technology have enabled Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to make their mark across a broad spectrum of industries via fan, pump and other control applications... (posted 2014-05-01)

MTS Introduces Linear Position Sensor
MTS Systems Corporation recently announced that the Sensors Division has introduced the Temposonics MH-Series Model MXR linear position s... (posted 2014-03-12)

SKF Launches Portable Infrared Thermometer
SKF has launched the SKF TKTL 40, a portable, lightweight, multi-functional instrument for measuring temperatures from a distance. The SK... (posted 2014-03-11)

Force Control Presents Travelling Roadshow
Force Control Industries, Inc. brings their traveling Roadshow to the western part of the United States and Canada from April through Aug... (posted 2014-03-10)

Bauer Gear PMSM Series Offers Efficiency and Flexibility
The IE2 regulations effectively cleaned-up the lower efficiency end of the market; if an application requires a motor to operate rarely, ... (posted 2014-03-07)

Weiss Introduces Pick-and-Place Direct Drive Module
Weiss North America, Inc. has introduced its HP70 Pick-and-Place direct-drive component that is thinner (60 mm wide) than any linear moto... (posted 2014-03-05)

Nord Provides Pump Drive Solutions
Permanently full speed? Not such a good idea for pump drives. Speed control balanced to actual requirements greatly enhances the energy e... (posted 2014-03-04)

Applied Motion Expands Brushless DC Motor Line
Applied Motion Products offers new additions to their line of brushless DC motors & drives. In addition to the line of 42 mm motors i... (posted 2014-03-03)

Maxon Introduces GP 32 HD
Deep drilling technology (called “downhole drilling” in the field of oil and gas exploration) makes it possible to recover ... (posted 2014-02-28)

CONEXPO-CONAGG-IFPE Preview: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
In facilitating the advancement of fluid power, motion control and power transmission applications, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions invites ... (posted 2014-02-27)

CONEXPO-CONAGG-IFPE Preview: Oerlikon Fairfield
Oerlikon Fairfield will unveil its new patent-pending hybrid electric drivetrain technology at the upcoming ConExpo-Con/Agg trade show fr... (posted 2014-02-26)

CONEXPO-CONAGG-IFPE Preview: Emerson Industrial Automation
Once you’ve seen enough of “the big stuff” at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, stop by the “sandbox” at the Emerson Industr... (posted 2014-02-26)

SKF will be showing how its knowledge and expertise in developing sealing solutions that will increase system efficiency and save money f... (posted 2014-02-26)

As customers strive for increasingly efficient, environmentally sustainable vehicles and machinery to meet the demands of a crowded plane... (posted 2014-02-26)

Bell-Everman Introduces Sealed Linear Stages
A new line of ballscrew- and linear-motor-driven sealed motion stages has been developed by Bell-Everman, Inc.  SLS Sealed Linear St... (posted 2014-02-26)

Lubrication Engineers Introduce Monocal GP Grease
Lubrication Engineers, Inc. recently introduced Monocal GP Grease (1499), a versatile general purpose lubricant for use in severe conditi... (posted 2014-02-26)

ABB Boosts Uptime at Lapland Gold Mine
ABB is currently upgrading the automation system at Agnico Eagle's gold mine in Lapland, with eight of its latest ruggedized PLCs for... (posted 2014-02-21)

Stafford Introduces Variety of Collars and Couplings
A full line of shaft collars and rigid shaft couplings that come in a wide variety of configurations for conveyor drive and roller system... (posted 2014-02-20)

Klüber Introduces Bearing Greases
Klüber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, has introduced Isoflex Topas NB 52 and Isoflex Topas NB 152, t... (posted 2014-02-19)

Bauer Takes Steps to Meet Energy Efficiency Regulations
Plans by the European Commission to tighten the regulations on the energy efficiency of electric motors came into force at the end of 201... (posted 2014-02-18)

Oerlikon Develops Synchronizer for Agritech Lavrale
Transmission specialist Oerlikon Graziano, part of Oerlikon Segment Drive Systems, has developed a new synchronizer for Agritech Lavrale,... (posted 2014-02-17)

Brevini S Series Answers Mining Challenges
Mining across the globe takes many forms but one factor is common to all of them, the need for robust and reliable machinery. From open c... (posted 2014-02-14)

Voith Turbo Couplings Prevent Downtime
The Indonesian mining company Bukit Asam expands its operations at Tanjung Enim Coal Mine in Sumatra, Indonesia. For ten new belt conveyo... (posted 2014-02-13)

AutomationDirect Offers Stepper Gearboxes
AutomationDirect’s new SureGear PGCN series of stepper gearboxes is a suitable choice for stepper and other motion control applicat... (posted 2014-02-12)

ContiTech Offers Solutions for Construction Industry
Robust product solutions for the construction industry are the focus of ContiTech at the CONEXPO in Las Vegas. Innovative products for va... (posted 2014-02-11)

NES Announces Custom Bearing Services
Napoleon Engineering Services recently announced their newly expanded custom bearing manufacturing services, in support of oscillating, w... (posted 2014-02-10)

Applimotion Releases IPM Brushless Motors
(Editor's Note: Applimotion was acquired by Celera Motion in 2015)ULT, UTH, UTS, and UTO frameless motor kits cover a wide range of a... (posted 2014-02-07)

JVL Releases MAC402 Servomotor
Designed for battery powered and low voltage applications the MAC402 is now available from JVL. The MAC402 is the VDC version of the popu... (posted 2014-02-06)

Ringfeder Develops Ring-flex Coupling
Whether in test stands, pumps or machining centres – more and more users are relying on torsion-proof multiple-disc couplings for t... (posted 2014-02-05)

Parker Releases Remote Manager App
Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division is pleased to announce the release of the Parker Remote Manager mobile application f... (posted 2014-02-04)

Igus Extends Self-Aligning Bearings Line
Plastic bearing expert Igus will be presenting their line of detectable self-aligning bearings for the food industry. The detectable bear... (posted 2014-01-31)

Baldor Gear Reducer Can Improve Uptime
No plant can afford to have processing lines shut down when inspectors find corrosion or other damage that can result from the cleaning... (posted 2014-01-30)

Napoleon Engineering Expands Inspection Capabilities
Napoleon Engineering Services have announced the expansion of their bearing inspection capabilities to include first article inspections ... (posted 2014-01-29)

Parker Announces First Phase of Traction Motor Launch
Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division is pleased to announce the first phase of its traction motor launch: the GVM210. The... (posted 2014-01-28)

Amacoil-Uhing Introduces Easylock Shaft Collars
Amacoil/Uhing has introduced Easylock shaft collars which hold reels, spools and other objects in place on shafts. Objects are held firml... (posted 2014-01-27)

Bodine Expands Gearmotor Line
Bodine Electric Company announced that it has expanded its popular FX line of parallel shaft gearmotors to include AC models.The all-new ... (posted 2014-01-24)

NovaTorque Expands PremiumPlus Motor Line
NovaTorque, Inc., a Fremont CA based producer of ultra efficient, cost-effective, electronically commutated permanent magnet motors, intr... (posted 2014-01-23)

AutomationDirect Extends ProSense Line
AutomationDirect’s ProSense line has been extended to include float level switches which provide a low-cost general purpose solutio... (posted 2014-01-22)

Napoleon Engineering Expands Capabilities
Napoleon Engineering Services have announced the recent expansion of their bearing manufacturing capabilities to now include back-up bear... (posted 2014-01-21)

Measurement Specialties Releases XP5 Sensor
Measurement Specialties has released the rugged XP5, a miniature pressure sensor with SanShift technology that eliminates zero shifts cau... (posted 2014-01-20)

Zero-Max Offers ServoClass Couplings
ServoClass Couplings are often described as very smooth and quiet during operation. That smooth operating characteristic is a result of s... (posted 2014-01-17)

Revolvo Provides Pump Solution at Waste Water Plant
Revolvo SRB split roller bearings are providing heavy duty support for the crankshaft of a large sludge pump at a United Utilities waste ... (posted 2014-01-16)

Bosch Rexroth Offers Latest Hydraulic Technology
Bosch Rexroth exhibits the newest developments in hydraulics technology, including Axial Piston Variable Pumps, Mobile Controls, High-Tor... (posted 2014-01-15)

Siemens Introduces Coriolis Flow Meter
With Sitrans FC410, Siemens presents the lightest and most compact Coriolis flowmeter currently available, featuring a high measuring acc... (posted 2014-01-14)

Schneeberger Minirail Announces Complimentary Axis
Schneeberger Minirail offers tight tolerances and smooth running products. With innovations like ball retention clips and a new Miniscale... (posted 2014-01-13)

ETEL Offers Ironcore Linear Motor Series
ETEL is proud to introduce the latest in linear motor technology, the LMS ironcore linear motor series.  Boasting a patented anti-co... (posted 2014-01-09)

Siemens Offers Sinamics Control Unit
Siemens Industry, Inc. announced today the availability of the new Sinamics CU250S-2 control unit for use with its ... (posted 2014-01-08)

Bosch Rexroth Supplies NASA with Components
NASA is currently working on a high-tech parachute so that delicate measurement instruments can land gently on Mars. These “low den... (posted 2014-01-07)

SKF Introduces Carb Roller Bearings
SKF Carb toroidal roller bearings introduce robust non-locating bearing solutions engineered to withstand the tough operating conditions ... (posted 2014-01-07)

Luneta Launches Condition Monitoring Pod
Luneta announces the launch of the Condition Monitoring Pod (CMP), a new multi-parameter inspection device modernizing and expanding dail... (posted 2014-01-06)

J.W. Winco Offers Steel Set Screw with Retaining Magnet
J.W. Winco, Inc. now offers GN 913.6 Steel Set Screws with Retaining Magnet, in metric sizes. These RoHS-compliant set screws are a shiel... (posted 2014-01-02)