Power Transmission Engineering Product News 2009

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Safety-oriented Rotary Encoders Feature Small Footprint
Heidenhain Corporation's 1000 Series rotary encoders offer IP 64 protection, absolute position-value formation and functional safety ... (posted 2009-12-29)

Multi-axis Motion Controller Executes G-code Applications
TMC-3D, the Technosoft multi-axis motion controller, is now adapted to execute G-code language commands. Many industrial applications tod... (posted 2009-12-28)

Interconnect motor cables for continuous-flex applications
Cable carrier manufacturer igus has developed a line of continuous-flex, interconnect motor cables harnessed in accordance with leading... (posted 2009-12-14)

Newspaper Machine Conversion Project Running on Vacon Drives
Vacon is supplying approximately 180 AC drives to a project carried out by Vaasa Engineering (VEO) at the Kama paper mill in Krasnokamsk,... (posted 2009-12-09)

PV Inverter Combines All Solar Elements
The RPS450-TL photovoltaic inverter from Bonfiglioli is a solar industry first as a modular solar power inverter system. It was released ... (posted 2009-12-03)

Emerson Bearing Launches New Website
Emerson Bearing, a Boston-based bearing company catering to OEM and MRO markets throughout the U.S., recently announced the launch of the... (posted 2009-11-16)

Double-Walled Steel Bellows Couplings Withstand High Torque
The BK3 couplings from R+W America are designed for high torque servo gearboxes. They feature double-walled stainless steel bellows that ... (posted 2009-11-10)

Control Knobs Feature Four Standard Options for Specific Applications
All Metric Small Parts (aMsp) announced the availability of the MMAHOFM Series of control knobs. They feature four standard configuration... (posted 2009-10-27)

Machinable Nylon Grade Broadens Size Range
Nylatron NSM, a wear-resistant machinable nylon grade, is available in a wider range of tubular shapes for machining larger bearings, bus... (posted 2009-10-08)

Bison Gear Adds 46 Models to FlexTorq Line
The FlexTorq line of gearmotors from Bison Gear and Engineering Corp. continues to grow with 46 models of the 562 Series of hollow shaft ... (posted 2009-10-06)

Plug-in Mini-drive with CANopen Interface Runs Complex Motion without External Controller
PIM3605 extends Technosoft's plug-in mini-drive series by increasing the power capabilities offered by PIM2401 (25 W) and PIM2403 (75... (posted 2009-10-02)

User-Friendly Non-Contact Torque Sensor Mounts in Moments
Sensor Technology Inc.'s RWT 350/360 TorqSense is a non-contact digital torque measuring system that features an integral sprocket or... (posted 2009-09-30)

Excel Gear Designs, Prototypes Navy Gun System Gearboxes
Roscoe, IL-based Excel Gear has transitioned from prototype to production of 38:1 ratio gearboxes designed for positioning the gun mount ... (posted 2009-09-10)

PCB Conformal Coating Features Fast Tack-Free Cure
Moisture-curing silicone conformal coatings are suited as protective coatings for sensitive board components in demanding environments, b... (posted 2009-09-10)

TechnoMod Gantry Machine Provides Complete Automation Platform
Techno, Inc. Linear Motion Systems announces the TechnoMod gantry machine, a multi-axis motion platform complete with controls, cabling... (posted 2009-09-10)

Renishaw's RLS Line Provides Sensor Solutions
Renishaw was on-hand at the Sensors Expo to discuss their new generation of position encoders for harsh environments. Traditional optical... (posted 2009-08-25)

Slit Type Plastic Couplings Feature Low Cost Solutions
Sterling Instrument now offers a series of slit type plastic couplings that are inexpensive, UV resistant with voltage and RF isolation. ... (posted 2009-08-24)

Maxon Motors Aims for Medical Applications
Maxon, a manufacturer of small, high-quality DC brush and brushless motors, announced key product developments for medical technology ap... (posted 2009-08-19)

Magnetic Particle Clutches Provide Accurate Torque
Ogura's line of small magnetic particle clutches provides accurate torque control by providing five different model clutches that hav... (posted 2009-07-21)

PLC Applications Made Easy with Technosoft Motion Control Libraries
The TML_LIB_X20 Motion Control Library embeds the Technosoft drives' intelligence into a B&R PLC environment. The library is a co... (posted 2009-07-17)

Inch and Metric Magnetic Disk Couplings from Sterling Instrument Feature No Wearing Parts
Magnetic disk couplings from Sterling Instrument (ISO 9001:2000+AS9100B Registered Manufacturer) feature no friction or wearing parts, us... (posted 2009-07-08)

ISD720: Cost-effective 1 Hp Drive with High-performance Servo Control
ISD720 is a servo drive developed for high power needs and cost-sensitive applications. Based on the MotionChipTM DSP technology, ISD720 ... (posted 2009-07-08)

Techno's Pro Series 4896 Models Offer Rigid Durability and a Compact Style
Techno, Inc. CNC Routers released the Model 4896 Pro Series. The Pro Series was designed to meet the high demands of panel process ma... (posted 2009-06-04)

Ogura's Mini Clutch Uses Curved Springs
The MC5 mini clutch from Ogura Industrial Corporation incorporates zero backlash curved armature springs. The curved armature spring des... (posted 2009-06-04)

Ball Bearing Mini Clutches from Ogura
Ogura has modified the MC electromagnetic clutch line to incorporate ball bearings. Previous designs had bushings that had limitations o... (posted 2009-05-28)

Heavy-Duty Slide 2 Improved, Carries Heavy-Cantilevered Loads with Ease
Techno, Inc. Linear Motion Systems introduces the improved Heavy-Duty Slide 2, constructed from a single rigid aluminum extrusion profile... (posted 2009-05-15)

Linear/Rotary Platform Combines Material Handling with Direct Drive, Rotary Motion
The LaserTurn 1 is a linear/rotary motion subsystem that integrates automated material handling with direct drive linear and rotary motor... (posted 2009-04-23)

High Speed Ogura Mico Clutch Enhanced to Include Shaft
Ogura has enhanced the Hi-Mic5 clutch to include a shaft designed to customer specifications. The electromagnetic clutch incorporates... (posted 2009-04-13)

Ultra Compact 180 W Intelligent Drive with CANopen Mounts Beside Motor
Technosoft announces the new IBL3605, a compact intelligent servo drive measuring 65 x 58 x 19 mm, which reaches up to 600 W peak power. ... (posted 2009-04-06)

Dodge Steel-Housed Bearing Installs, Removes Quickly
The Dodge Imperial HD mounted roller bearing from Baldor Electric Company features a cast-steel housing and is designed for heavy-duty ap... (posted 2009-04-03)

Grip and Rotate Modules Perform Two Operations in One Compact Package
Techno-Sommer Automatic has announced the DGP404 series parallel grip and rotate modules with T-slot guides. They are designed for high-l... (posted 2009-04-02)

Metal Bonding Adhesive Exhibits Superior Strength
Master Bond's Supreme 10HT is a one-part heat resistant adhesive formulated to cure at elevated temperatures and effectively applied ... (posted 2009-03-30)

Pro Series CNC Router Produced for Panel Process Manufacturing
Techno, Inc. introduces the Pro Series CNC Router to its product line of CNC machining solutions. Designed to meet the high demands of pa... (posted 2009-03-23)

New Ogura Smaller Size Low Cost Brake
Ogura's MCB5 electromagnetic brake delivers the same amount of torque, 4.5 in.-lb., as the previous AMB5 but does so at a 20 percent ... (posted 2009-03-23)

Large Size Roller Chain Over 10m can be Delivered Connected
Tsubakimoto's Super Long Length Formation for Large Size Roller Chain can increase users productivity while helping to maintain a sa... (posted 2009-03-19)

M-Type Shaftloc Rotating Component Fastening from SDP
The M-Type Shaftloc rotating component fastening device from Stock Drive Products (SDP), an ISO 9001 manufacturer, is used as a locking d... (posted 2009-03-16)

High Cycle Clutch/Brake
MP units are made for all types of quick and precise cycling applications. Units include a low voltage clutch and a brake to start and s... (posted 2009-03-05)

LFS 12 Rails and Carriages Offer Low Cost Solutions for Door Enclosure and Transfer System Applications
Techno, Inc. Linear Motion Products released a line of low profile linear rails and carriages called the LFS 12 Series. Offered in two co... (posted 2009-02-17)

Coreless Design Maximizes Motor Efficiency
Portescap, a Danaher Motion Company, introduces the Athlonix high-power density brush DC motors, which are compact, highly-efficient endu... (posted 2009-02-17)

BLDC Motors Offer Advantages Over Brushed DC Motors
Taiwan Precision Gear Corp.'s BLDC motors improve on brushed DC motor technology by offering more efficiency, reliability, reduced ... (posted 2009-02-10)

CD-ROM on Voith Fill-Controlled Fluid Couplings
Voith Turbo, the drive technology specialist, presents animations of fill-controlled fluid couplings on a multimedia CD-ROM. Fill-control... (posted 2009-02-04)

High-Torque Mobile Clutches Developed for Gas and Diesel Engines
Ogura’s series of mobile electromagnetic clutches provide quick and easy engagement and disengagement of pumps, engine cooling fans... (posted 2009-01-30)

Single-Piece Clutch or Brake Available
To reduce assembly time of sub components for machinery manufacturers, Ogura has developed bearing mounted clutch and brake assemblies th... (posted 2009-01-22)

Servo Patriot Yields More Accuracy than Steppers While Promoting Safety in the Classroom
Techno's Educational CNC Division is proud to introduce the Servo Patriot CNC Router, designed especially for technical education env... (posted 2009-01-13)