Power Transmission Engineering Product News 2008

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VWDIR Gearmotors Operate Under Heavy Duty Torque and Power
Bison Gear's Von Weise Drop-In Replacement gearmotors offer up to 800 in-lbs of continuous torque output, making them suitable for e... (posted 2008-12-18)

Rotary Table Ideal for Tight Spaces
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Mitsubishi Integrates Advanced CNC Control in All Product Lines
The M700 Series CNC Control provides advanced programming for high-precision machining and productivity using nano technology. Mitsubishi... (posted 2008-12-08)

Ogura Spring-Set Brakes Give Two Mounting Options
The Ogura series of MCNB brakes give customers two mounting options for connecting the hubs to the shaft. The first is the traditional s... (posted 2008-12-04)

Bison VWDIR Line Expands
A right-angle AC gearmotor in six standard models is the latest product released in the Von Weise Drop-In Replacement gearmotor line from... (posted 2008-12-02)

Camshaft Inspection Gage Measures Up to 200 Parts-Per-Hour
The Adcole 1310 is a high-speed camshaft inspection gage with sub-micron accuracy measuring camshafts for rise error and chattermark dete... (posted 2008-11-24)

Redesigned Air Motors Minimize Need for Compressors
A redesigned series of air motors from Huco Dynatork has reduced the need for air compressors in paint stirring applications. Plants in t... (posted 2008-11-21)

OneGear Product Line Offers Maximum Motor Use
The Allen-Bradley OneGear product line from Rockwell Automation supplies a full range of motor and power control center options. The line... (posted 2008-11-21)

Yaskawa Reduces Parts in Compact Drive
The J1000 AC drive from Yaskawa Electric America, Inc. claims to be the world's smallest compact drive with 70 percent less space req... (posted 2008-11-21)

Zero Wear Clutch/Brake
Torque is transferred magnetically with the PHT units, there is no friction surface to wear, which means that clutches and brakes have a ... (posted 2008-11-19)

New Atlanta TR Flanged Pinions Available
Atlanta Drive Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce a new range of ISO 9409-1 flanged pinions, which have compact designs to reduce the am... (posted 2008-11-19)

IS23x-MA Intelligent Step Motors Suited for Multi-Axis Applications
Technosoft announces the IS23x-MA Intelligent Step Motors, based on the MotionChip DSP Control Technology and specially adapted to distri... (posted 2008-11-03)

Narrow Profile Slide 2 Guides Designs Through Tight Quarters
Techno, Inc. Linear Motion Systems introduces the new Narrow Profile Slide 2 designed to carry heavy loads and constructed from a singl... (posted 2008-10-14)

Permanent Magnet Brakes Apply Controlled Stop
Like spring applied brakes, permanent magnet brakes are applied when power is lost. However, unlike spring applied brakes, permanent magn... (posted 2008-09-29)

Specialized Gripper Expands Product Line into Food-Handling Business
The newest edition to the Techno-Sommer Automatic product line is the GGL3060 "Food" gripper. Designed specifically for food-... (posted 2008-09-19)

Under-the-Hood Electric Clutches with Higher Speed Capacity
Ogura mobile clutches are used to drive a variety of air conditioning compressors, water pumps, air pumps and hydraulic pumps. Standard ... (posted 2008-09-18)

Frelon Lined Linear Bearings from QBC Offer Load and Wear Rate Design Advantages
An expanded line of linear ball bearings from Quality Bearings & Components are stocked in both U.S. and European standard specificat... (posted 2008-09-04)

Gearmotor Line Boasts More Than 75 Standard Models
Bison Gear and Engineering Corp. has responded to growing OEM customer demand with more than 75 standard gearmotor models designed as V... (posted 2008-08-28)

Low-Cost Tension or Slip Clutch/Brake
OPL units are primarily designed for controlling paper jam conditions in copy and fax machines. They are made in very high volumes, so th... (posted 2008-08-26)

Fairloc Shaft Reducers and Extenders Eliminate Need for Special Shafting
Sterling Instrument’s 21 inch and 27 metric size stainless steel adaptors, referred to as the S52FCY (-, M) Series, offer preci... (posted 2008-08-19)

Deep Groove Ball Bearings Operate Smoothly, Quietly
SKF Explorer deep groove ball bearings feature raceways and cage geometry that provide smooth, quiet operation, accuracy, speed, low fri... (posted 2008-07-23)

Short Inductive Proximity Sensors Fit into Cramped Spaces
A family of ultra-short inductive proximity sensors designed by Balluff Inc. for OEM applications fits into tight spaces, allowing for m... (posted 2008-07-23)

Allegro Hall-Effect Sensors Target Automotive, Industrial, Consumer Markets
Allegro Microsystems, Inc. has introduced a programmable, linear Hall-effect sensor with a 125 Hz pulse width modulated output. According... (posted 2008-06-19)

Spring Applied Brake for Stopping and Holding
Many brakes are available as holding brakes, but the SNB series from Ogura can both stop and hold. It uses an extra large friction disk t... (posted 2008-05-30)

Linear Actuators Improve Performance and Life
Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc. recently announced that its size 14 hybrid linear actuators are now available with an integrated c... (posted 2008-05-29)

Three New Planetary Gearhead Sizes Released from QTC
Quality Transmission Components released size 98, 78 and 52 planetary gearheads, that feature smooth, quiet, lightweight and compact heli... (posted 2008-05-19)

Taper Bushings Fasten Rotating Components without Marring Shafts
Econobelt's new stainless steel taper bushings are designed to secure rotating components without marring shafts. Stocked in 18 sizes... (posted 2008-05-19)

SDP/SI Publishes Catalog, Redesigns Website
The 96-page "Handbook of Fairloc Components, , The Integral Fastener, D243" from Sterling Instrument and Stock Drive Products, ... (posted 2008-05-02)

QTC Belt and Chain Tensioners Maintain Constant Tension
Quality Transmission Components has introduced a new line of belt and chain tensioners called the Zetasassi line that is designed to redu... (posted 2008-04-04)

Sumitomo Drive Technologies Introduces Food-Grade, High-Pressure Washdown Hyponic Right Angle Reducer
Sumitomo introduces its newest Hyponic® product variant designed for the food industry and high-pressure washdown (HPW) applications. Dev... (posted 2008-03-24)

PMI Announces New Capillary Flow Porometer for Cartridge Media
While similar to our other Capillary Flow Porometers, this new CapFlow has unique features which our other machines do not have. Safet... (posted 2008-03-24)

Low Viscosity Silicone Potting Compound Assures Complete Fill-In
Hackensack, NJ. March 17, 2008-Master Bond MasterSil 151 is a new two component, low viscosity silicone compound for high performance cas... (posted 2008-03-24)

Sick Stegmann Encoders Equipped for Dirty, Dusty Environments
The DFS 60 incremental encoders are made in a blind, hollow-shaft version, so the risk of potential contamination by dust, dirt or water ... (posted 2008-03-17)

Warner Electric Improves Clutch/Brake Modules in New Line
The Gen 2 packaged electromagnetic clutch/brake modules present several enhanced performance and appearance features compared to the orig... (posted 2008-03-17)

Compact Pneumatic Mini Slide Positions Accurately
Festo Corporation’s pneumatic mini slide DGSL features an integrated bearing system that is accurate to .01 mm and has linearity an... (posted 2008-03-17)

Tsubaki Chain Withstands Higher Temperatures
A new product in Tsubaki’s Lambda chain family, the H.T. Lambda, is heat resistant, operating at temperatures between 150 degrees C... (posted 2008-03-17)

Torque Feedback Device Simulates Hydraulic Position/Velocity Feedback
Danaher Motion’s Torque Feedback Device (TFD) meshes tactile and position or velocity feedback with a steering wheel interface in a... (posted 2008-03-12)

PIM2401 Intelligent Plug-in Minidrive with CANopen
PIM2401, the new Technosoft intelligent plug-in minidrive, is specially designed for motion control applications where space is dramatica... (posted 2008-03-03)

Bodine Motors Combine Control, Motor and Gearhead
Bodine Electric Company expands the INTEGRAmotor product line to integrate electronic and mechanical motors into the same unit. Combining... (posted 2008-02-18)

Fenner Precision Engineers High-Torque Belt
The new Fenner High-Torque (FHT) class of synchronous belts is made of polyurethane—instead of traditional materials like rubber&md... (posted 2008-02-18)

alpha & Wittenstein Increase Measurement Accuracy
New sensor technology from alpha & Wittenstein integrates torque and force sensors into the housing of servo gear reducers, enabling ... (posted 2008-02-18)

Cam-Clutches Deliver Greater Torque Capacity, Longer Fatigue Life
Tsubaki recently introduced a range of cam-clutches designed for back-stopping operations in light-duty applications at high RPM. The MRE... (posted 2008-02-14)

Magnetic Encoders Offer Higher Accuracy
Heidenhain recently released the new ERM 2400 series of modular magnetic encoders. Featuring more compact dimensions than the 200 series,... (posted 2008-02-14)

IMS Unveils Low Noise Planetary Gear Drives
New Product Release IMS GEAR Planetary Gears Inc has recently completed the development and introduction of a new line of low noise ge... (posted 2008-02-13)

Master Bond EP44 Super Glue Gels in Three Minutes
Master Bond has introduced EP44 a new two component epoxy adhesive with a fast "3 minute" set for high performance general purpose bondin... (posted 2008-02-13)

Steinmeyer, Inc. Introduces High-Precision XY Linear Stage
Steinmeyer recently introduced a high-precision XY linear stage manufactured from high-strength anodized aluminum. The KT 310-210-DC offe... (posted 2008-02-07)

Renold Gears Assists Tire Manufacturer with Gearbox
Mitas, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the Czech Republic, recently commented on the use of Renold gearboxes for their calendar ... (posted 2008-02-07)

Serapid LinearBeam Boasts Actuator for Harsh Environments
Serapid’s LinearBeam rodless actuator is available for heavy loads, long travel or harsh environments where exposure to heat, conta... (posted 2008-02-06)

Stafford Releases Rotary Encoder Collars
A standard line of rotary encoder collars providing sensing capability from their O.D. or face is now available from Stafford Manufacturi... (posted 2008-02-06)

PI Extends Line of Steering Mirror Platforms
PI (Physik Instrumente) recently extended its line of S-330 steering mirror platforms. According to the company’s press release, th... (posted 2008-02-05)

Danfoss Drives Introduces FCD QDrive for Wall or Rail Mounting
Danfoss Drives recently introduced the FCD QDrive, an enclosed drive solution engineered for wall or rail mounting in any position or ato... (posted 2008-02-05)

Sakor Announces New Test System for Hybrid Drivetrains
Sakor Technologies Inc. recently unveiled the HybriDyne series of hybrid vehicle driveline test systems. According to the company’s... (posted 2008-02-05)

SKF Offers Specialty Coating for Bearings
SKF has recently announced a patented NoWear coating application for bearings to promote longer life and increased machinery uptime. Acco... (posted 2008-01-21)

WEG Supplies Automation Package for Usiminas
A WEG turnkey system including transformers, MV motors and MV frequency inverters is used to automate a crane that carries molten metal a... (posted 2008-01-21)

Pepperl & Fuchs Introduces New DeviceNet Gateways
With K20 housing styles, the new DeviceNet gateways from Pepperl & Fuchs are available in single- or dual- channel versions. They are... (posted 2008-01-17)

Applied Motion Expands Stepper Drive Line
The ST10-Q stepper drive is the latest addition to the product line at Applied Motion Products. It offers eight digital inputs, four digi... (posted 2008-01-15)

Hoerbiger-Origa Launches New Sizing Program
Hoerbiger-Origa Ltd. recently released a program that assists design engineers with sizing and selecting electric linear actuators. Accor... (posted 2008-01-14)

SKF Promotes Higher Speeds and Low Noise With Ball Screws
SKF’s compact, long-lead ball screws with a rotating nut design allow the drive motor to move with the nut to reduce inertia, requi... (posted 2008-01-14)

Bosch Rexroth Offers Line of Hydraulic Cylinders
The CDT1 and CDT4 series of NFPA tie-rod hydraulic cylinders are available with fluorocarbon, NBR, PTFE and wear-resistant polyurethane s... (posted 2008-01-14)

Flomerics Offers FloXpress Simulation Software
Flomerics Inc. recently announced that its FloXpress simulation software will be available free of charge to all SolidWorks 2008 users. F... (posted 2008-01-14)

Ono Sokki Launches Gage Sensor
Ono Sokki Technology, Inc. recently unveiled its GS-4630 linear gage sensor capable of measuring dimensions, thickness, displacement, hei... (posted 2008-01-11)

Stock Drive Introduces PowerGrip TruMotion Timing Belts
Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument recently unveiled timing belts for clean running performance. The PowerGrip TruMotion timing bel... (posted 2008-01-04)

Stock Drive Releases Latest Timing Belt Catalog
Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument recently released catalog D155 featuring timing belts for cleaning running performance. The cata... (posted 2008-01-04)

Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument Unveils Self-Guiding Belts
A series of self-guiding Conidrive timing belt drives from Stock Drive Products features the N10 belt and pulley system. These 10 mm pitc... (posted 2008-01-02)