Power Transmission Engineering Product News 2007

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Sick Stegmann, Inc. Introduces Incremental Encoders
The DSF 60 incremental encoder delivers from one to 65,536 ppr in an industry-standard 60 mm housing. Built on the company’s &ldquo... (posted 2007-12-28)

PMI Announces First UK Short Course
On February 5, 2008, PMI will be giving a one day short course at Loughborough University, located in Leicestershire, UK. The short cours... (posted 2007-12-27)

WEG's LV and MV Electric Motors Assist Eucalyptus Project
WEG Electric Motors Ltd. is providing the drive for all its mill facilities in an ecological project (VERCEL) to produce eucalyptus pulp ... (posted 2007-12-27)

QC Industries Offers Lube-for-Life Bearings
QC Industries has replaced its standard bearings with lube-for-life versions featuring a permanent, micro-poly lubricant designed to meet... (posted 2007-12-14)

Heidenhain Offers Infrared Touch Probe
The TS 444 from Heidenhain offers an alternative to battery-operated touch probes for machine applications. According to the company&rsqu... (posted 2007-12-14)

Steinmeyer Inc. Announces Line of Double-Nut Ball Screws
The Series 1510 by Steinmeyer Inc. is equipped with a spring preloaded double nut that compensates for torque variations due to inaccurac... (posted 2007-12-14)

TorqSense Technology Assists Intelligent Extruder
An extruder developed at Bradford University uses a digital torque sensor provided by Sensor Technology Ltd. to handle most of its data c... (posted 2007-12-06)

Revolvo Expands Range of Roller Bearings
Revolvo has expanded its lineup of roller bearings with the introduction of flange, hanger and take-up bearings. According to the company... (posted 2007-12-05)

ISOFits v1.04 Released for PalmOS and Windows Mobile Devices
InfosystemsPro LLC announces the release of v1.04 of its popular "ISOFits" application for PalmOS and Windows Mobile devices. ISOFits ... (posted 2007-11-28)

Lenze Releases Panasonic Geared Motors
The entire range of Panasonic AC geared motors can be built from stock components at Lenze Ltd. With six power increments and a variety o... (posted 2007-11-21)

Philips Develops Innovations in Standard Linear Motors
Philips Applied Technologies recently developed a technique allowing standard linear motors to simultaneously provide movement along two ... (posted 2007-11-20)

Boretech Introduces Weld Overlaying and Restorative System
Boretech Introduces Weld Overlaying and Restorative System[boreclad.jpg]  Boretech Corp. recently introduced BoreClad, a new system ... (posted 2007-11-20)

Heidenhain Introduces Bearingless Angle Encoders
The ERP 4080 and the ERP 8080 angle encoders offer a combination of small signal periods and large mounting tolerances for highly resolve... (posted 2007-11-20)

Parker Releases Trilogy Linear Systems Catalog
Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division recently released its new catalog featuring its Trilogy brand of linear motors and l... (posted 2007-11-19)

BK5 Series Allows Flexibility in Motor Test Applications
R+W America recently introduced its BK5 coupling series to facilitate motor tests and maintenance issues. According to the company’... (posted 2007-11-19)

Schurter Offers Metal Switch with Double Pole Contacts and Sealed Microswitch
Schurter Electronic Components has expanded their vandal-proof metal switch to include double pole and sealed microswitch versions. The M... (posted 2007-11-19)

SKF Polymer-Type Bearings Improve Performance
The new SKF polymer cages offer advanced thermal, friction and wear properties compared with conventional steel, polymer or brass counter... (posted 2007-11-16)

Torque/Thrust Sensors Boast Multiple Components
Sensor Development Inc. recently introduced sensors designed to simultaneously measure both torsion and thrust loads used in test systems... (posted 2007-11-16)

Lenze Expands Range of Geared Servo Motors
The MC range of Lenze motors has recently expanded to cover more than 7,500 selections with in-line or right-angle gearboxes. According t... (posted 2007-11-15)

Baldor Adds High-Powered, Ethernet-Compatible Motor Drives to Lineup
Baldor recently added three higher power AC motor drives to its product line. The Motiflex e100 drives are Ethernet-compatible with Power... (posted 2007-11-15)

Bridge Connections Provide Solution for Running Parallel Systems
The Bishop-Wisecarver Corp. recently announced the addition of bridge connections to its UtiliTrak product line. Available in steel and a... (posted 2007-11-14)

RENCO Introduces Low-Cost Optical Encoder
Renco Encoders Inc. recently introduced a low-cost optical encoder that provides more than eight different connector configurations. Acco... (posted 2007-11-14)

PI Unveils Compact Linear Motor Actuator
PI (Physik Instrumente), a manufacturer of nanopositioning and piezo-based motion control equipment, recently introduced the N-310 NEXACT... (posted 2007-11-14)

Rino Mechanical Components Inc. Launches E-Series Gearboxes
With a recent upgrade to its mechanical tools, Rino Mechanical Components Inc. unveiled its new E-series of gearboxes. The E-series featu... (posted 2007-11-14)

LMC Workholding Introduces Neidlein Face Driver
LMC Workholding recently unveiled its Neidlein FBS MK5 model face driver, designed specifically for hard tuning or grinding operations. T... (posted 2007-11-02)

Rexnord Industries Introduces Shaft-Mounted Drive
The Falk Quadrive 5000 series from Rexnord Industries, LLC eliminates foundations and alignment for grain handling, cement and aggregate,... (posted 2007-10-31)

Zero-Max Offers Three New Sizes To Its ServoClass Coupling Line
Zero-Max has added three new sizes to its ServoClass coupling line designed to handle high-speed reversing loads and precise positioning ... (posted 2007-10-25)

SKF Rolling Bearings Minimize Maintenance Requirements
Offered in a variety of sizes and types, SKF rolling bearings with integral seals provide solutions to protect against contaminants and r... (posted 2007-10-25)

Haydon Switch Introduces Double-Stack Hybrid Actuators
Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc. recently unveiled the 35000 series double-stack hybrid linear actuators as the newest addition to th... (posted 2007-10-25)

Tsubaki Debuts Corrosion-Resistant Roller Chain
A new N.E.P roller chain from Tsubaki employs a metal coating process that allows a carbon steel chain to be used in wet conditions witho... (posted 2007-10-24)

PCB Piezotronics Offers Low-Cost Embeddable Sensors
The IMI Sensors division of PCB Piezotronics has introduced its Series 660 low- cost embeddable accelerometers for continuous shock and v... (posted 2007-10-23)

UNILOAD Vibration Mount Catalog from AAC Features Constant Natural Frequency Mounts (CNF Type)
A new vibration mount catalog, "UNILOAD™ Constant Natural Frequency Mounts, V105” has been released by Advanced Anti... (posted 2007-09-27)

Double Studded Silicone Gel Vibration Mounts From AAC Feature Superior Damping Performance
The mounts, identified as the V10Z61MTH and V10Z61MMN Series, are designed for light to medium loads of from 2 kgf to 3.5 kgf (4.4 lb. to... (posted 2007-09-27)

Silicone Gel Base Vibration Mounts From AAC Feature Superior Damping Performance
A new series of double studded silicone gel vibration mounts from Advanced Antivibration Components - AAC feature superior damping perfor... (posted 2007-09-27)

Silicone Gel Pad Vibration Isolators From AAC Feature Superior Damping Performance
These isolators, identified as the V10Z61MSN Series, are designed for light to medium loads of from 0.5 kgf to 2 kgf (1.1 lb. to 4.4 lb.)... (posted 2007-09-27)

Silicone Gel Tape & Chip Vibration Isolators From AAC Feature Superior Damping Performance
The mounts, identified as the V10Z62MGT and V20Z62MGC Series, are designed for light to medium loads. The gel tape are stocked in 1000 mm... (posted 2007-09-27)

Big Kaiser Introduces New Chamfer Mill
BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. introduced the C-Cutter Mini, an ultra high feed chamfer mill. The C-Cutter Mini’s compact design... (posted 2007-08-22)

SKF's Miniature Ball Screws Equipped for Portable and Hand Driven Tools
SKF® miniature ball screws feature internal recirculation inserts promoting smooth running performance and backdriving character... (posted 2007-08-22)

TB Woods Introduces New AC Drive
The new X5 UltraFlex AC Drive from TB Wood¹s augments its line of enclosed variable speed AC drive products. According to the compan... (posted 2007-08-21)

Omron’s STI Modules Available with AC Voltage Input
The RM-2AC-IP is the latest addition to Omron Scientific  Technologies, Inc.'s RM-2 family of resource modules.  Three mode... (posted 2007-08-17)

Nordex Introduces Knurled Thumb Screws
 Nordex Inc. introduced the 303 Stainless Steel Knurled Thumbscrews with standard knurled head, a heavy knurled head and a... (posted 2007-08-14)

Meister Abrasive Develops External Abrasive Product Line
Meister Abrasives USA, recently developed a line of external abrasive products.Bruce Northrup, general manager of Meister Abrasives USA, ... (posted 2007-08-14)

Lenze’s Brakes Include IP65 Enclosure
A new series of brakes from INTORQ with IP65 enclosure offers a  solution for stopping and holding duties in damp or dirty environme... (posted 2007-08-14)

Morgan Advanced Ceramics Introduces New Coatings from the Racing Industry
The Diamonex Products division of Morgan Advanced Ceramics (MAC) introduced its Diamonex® Diamond-like Coatings (DLC) for the pe... (posted 2007-08-14)

Amacoil’s Load Platform Relieves Radial Forces on Linear Drives
Amacoil offers a linear bearing slide option on drive assemblies to protect rolling ring bearings in Uhing linear drives from undue wear ... (posted 2007-08-09)

Portescap's Brushless Ironless DC Motors Feature Carbon Brush Communication Method
Portescap's 25 mm brushless ironless DC motors feature a carbon brush communication method for increased efficiency in high volume ma... (posted 2007-08-09)

Allegro’s Switching Regulators Operate on Higher Frequencies
 Allegro MicroSystems introduced a new family of switching regulators with high operating frequencies and external components. This ... (posted 2007-08-09)

Parker Hannifin’s Actuators Eliminate Need for In-House Positioning System
The PROmech actuators from Parker Hannifin are designed for analytical, OEM and lab instrument manufacturers.The actuators come completel... (posted 2007-08-09)

Trico Corp.’s Dispensers Lubricate Critical Parts During Machine Operation
Trico’s new line of Streamliner grease dispensers are an alternative to manual lubrication. These units are designed for applicatio... (posted 2007-08-09)

SICK STEGMANN Introduces New Encoder
SICK STEGMANN introduced the DKV 60 incremental measuring wheel encoder. The DKV 60 is designed to provide speed and position feedba... (posted 2007-08-09)

Lin Engineering Introduces New Drivers
Lin Engineering introduced a RoHS compliant version of its R701 and R710 drivers.   These bipolar step motor drivers operate fr... (posted 2007-08-09)

Kurt Hydraulics Offers RoHS Compliant Hose Couplings
Kurt Hydraulics provides a complete line of 1,500 hose coupling types that comply with the RoHS standard.Couplings are finished with RoHS... (posted 2007-08-08)

Steinmeyer Customizes Ball Screws
Steinmeyer's ground and rolled thread ball screws in custom styles are designed to match existing designs. Shaft diameters range from... (posted 2007-08-08)

Ruland’s Couplings Contain Keyways in Each Bore
Ruland Manufacturing's stepped bore rigid couplings with standard keyways in each bore. The couplings are a two-piece style allowing ... (posted 2007-08-08)

Toyoda Machinery’s Inverted Vertical Turning Center Introduced at CMTS
Toyoda Machinery will introduce its newest machine line at CMTS from October 15-18 in Booth 3600 with its new Canadian distributor Elliot... (posted 2007-08-08)

PICO Chemical's New Solvent Replaces Hazardous Materials for Gear Cleaning
hemical Corp released its Pico Solv NPB as a new technology chlorine-free solvent cleaner that is manufactured specifically o replace haz... (posted 2007-08-08)

New Single Axis Servo Controller Offers Solution to Single Axis Automation Projects
Techno, Inc.  introduced its new Phoenix single-axis servo controller, the complete solution to single-axis automation projects... (posted 2007-08-08)

alpha gear drives Introduces New Gearhead
The in line basic precision alphira product from alpha gear is packaged in a lightweight aluminum case and offers power-dense and mainten... (posted 2007-08-07)

Allegro’s New Low Voltage, Full Bridge Brushless DC Motor Driver Integrates Hall Element Commutation Circuitry to Drive Vibration Motors
Allegro Microsystems introduced a new full bridge motor drive designed to drive low voltage bi-polar brushless D motors. Commutation of t... (posted 2007-08-07)

HSI’s Linear Actuator Available with Connector
Haydon Switch & Instrument introduced its size 11 hybrid linear actuators, now available with an integrated connector.Offered alone o... (posted 2007-08-07)

Baldor Introduces New Series Adjustable Speed Control and Motor
Baldor announced a new series of brushless adjustable speed controls and motors featuring less maintenance, quieter operation, more ... (posted 2007-08-07)

IMI Sensors ’ Vibration Alarm Modules Provide Alarm and Shutdown Protection for Machinery
The Series 684 indicator alarm module from IMI Sensors division of PCB Piezotronics provides a solution to machine shutdown protection wh... (posted 2007-08-07)

J.W. Winco’s Linear Actuators Feature Two Separate Threaded Shafts
J.W. Winco's metric linear actuators have two separate threaded shafts and feature guide tubes of chrome-plated precision steel with ... (posted 2007-08-06)

Omron STI's Switch Locking Devices Enables Quick Moving of a Safety Interlock Switch to Safe Position
The SLD series switch locking devices from Omron Scientific Technologies enables personnel to quickly lock a safety interlock switch to a... (posted 2007-08-06)

Cicoil’s Custom Shaped Flat Cables Eliminate Problems Caused by Precise Routing
For space-sensitive electronics, Cicoil features custom shaped flat silicone cables. The custom shaping allows for very precise cable rou... (posted 2007-08-06)

Automation Direct’s New Temperature Controllers Offer Dual Output Control
Automation Direct introduced the new SOLO process/temperature controller line with 22 different models.Available in four standard DIN siz... (posted 2007-08-06)

Ameridrives Introduces New Disc Coupling
The ASPI-671 compliant disc coupling line for power transmission applications from Ameridrives Couplings was developed with advanced fini... (posted 2007-08-06)

Sensor Development's Latest Model Measures Small Reaction Torque Level
The Model 01165 small flange reaction torque sensor from Sensor Development is designed to measure small reaction torqu levels using flan... (posted 2007-08-06)

Bosch Rexroth Develops Hydraulic Pitch Drives for Wind Energy Turbines
Hydraulic pitch drives from Bosch Rexroth enable turbines to shift automatically with changes in wind velocity. As the wind grows stronge... (posted 2007-08-06)

Parker Introduces Ironless Linear Positioner
Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division, a leading supplier of motion control technology, announces the latest additions to ... (posted 2007-08-06)

Bodine's New Gearmotors Deliver Twice the Torque of Popular Motor/Gearhead Combinations
Bodine Electric's CG gearmotor, an extra-rugged line of variable speed AC inverter-duty and permanent magnet DC gearmotors, was devel... (posted 2007-07-26)

Zero-Maxs Keyless Shaft Locking Bushings Contain FDA-Approved Food Grade Minimums
Zero Max's ETP Stainless Steel shaft locking bushings are designed to lock gears, pulleys, sprockets and other components to a keyles... (posted 2007-07-26)

New Magnetic Clutches and Couplings from Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument Feature Frictionless Parts
A new series of magnetic clutches and couplings from Sterling Instrument feature no friction or wearing parts, uses no electricity and no... (posted 2007-07-25)

New 512-Page Hardware Catalog from All Metric Small Parts Features 5,600 RoHS Components
A new 512-page catalog from All Metric Small Parts features 5,600 100% RoHS compliant components. The catalog, identified as M100 fe... (posted 2007-07-25)

Magnetic Clutches and Couplings With No Friction from Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instruments
An exiting new series of Magnetic Clutches & Magnetic Couplings rounds out the growing products from Sterling Instrument (an ISO 9001... (posted 2007-07-24)

Maska Offers New Coupling
Maska has added the Four-Flex,  an elastomeric gear type coupling.  The cast iron flanges are machined in Canada, with two... (posted 2007-07-23)

BIG Kaiser's Adaption Kit Simplifies Use of the Unilock Clamping System
BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. introduces a rotary indexer adapter kit, designed for use with the Unilock clamping system. According t... (posted 2007-07-19)

Gear Racks, Metric Precision Ground Racks-NEW
A NEW series of ISO class 5 rectangular Ground Racks. Gear racks are used to convert rotational motion into linear motion. In theory, a r... (posted 2007-07-12)

Plastic Metric Gear, Metal Reinforced Plastic Gear
An expanded line of Modulel, 2, 2.5, and 3 molded-plastic gears from Quality Transmission Components offer designers the best of both wor... (posted 2007-07-12)

Flexible Molded Duracon and Steel Racks
A new series of 7 flexible molded Duracon and steel racks  introduced by Quality Transmission Components can run with standard ... (posted 2007-07-12)

Spur Gears, Metric Gears, Gears with Internal Shafts
These 20 degree Pressure Angle pinion shafts are made of S45C (AISI 1045) steel and feature induction hardened and ground teeth which are... (posted 2007-07-12)

Belt Tensioners and Chain Tensioners-Zetasassi
QTC's Econobelt line includes over 330 Zetasassi belt and chain tensioners which improve performance by keeping constant tension. The... (posted 2007-07-12)

Big Kaiser's Boring Tools Allows Users to Make Incremental Adjustments
BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. introduces a patent-pending new series of Kaiser boring tools. The new series has adjusting resolu... (posted 2007-07-11)

House Positioning System at AACC Meeting/Clinical Lab Expo
Parker Hannifin's PROmech series of linear actuators come completely assembled and tested and include linear bearings, drive screws, ... (posted 2007-07-10)

Sick Stegmann's Programmable Encoders Designed for Miniaturized Applications
Sick Stegmann Inc. introduced the DiCoder CKS 36 programmable motor feedback system. The user-programmable DiCoder CKS36  provides r... (posted 2007-07-10)

Helical Gears & Ground Helical Gears, Helical Gear
QTC offers all types of Helical Gears and Ground Helical Gears. Quality Transmission Co. offers over 230 standard Helical Gear options fo... (posted 2007-07-10)

Timing Belts, Fiberglass Reinforced Neoprene
The Econobelt Line features timing belts in 11 different profiles. Made from fiberglass reinforced Neoprene, these belts are available in... (posted 2007-07-10)

AAC's New Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Vibration Mounts Designed for Corrosive Environments
A new series of 3 heavy-duty base mounted vibration and shock isolators by Advanced Antivibration Components feature stainless steel mesh... (posted 2007-07-09)

New Vibration Mount Catalog V100 from AAC Features Over 1,270 Off-the-Shelf Shock and Vibration Damping Components
Finding the right vibration mounts for your application has become easier with the publication of a new 240-page catalog "Shock and ... (posted 2007-07-09)

Hainbuch Produces Large Mandrel With Significant Clamping Range for China
Hainbuch GmbH produced a workholder that weights 1.3 tons and features a clamping range of up to 420 mm.According to the company's pr... (posted 2007-07-09)

ITW Rocol's Lubricant Applied to Grinding Wheels to Increase Belt Life
Accu-Lube Stick lubricant is a ready-to-use lubricant stick that is applied to the tool before start-up. Accu-Lube Stick can be used on g... (posted 2007-07-09)

Weiler Publishes Brochure Detailing Gear Deburring Capabilities
Weiler Corp.'s  six-page technical brochure on gear deburring with power brushes explains the importance of deburring ... (posted 2007-07-09)

Belden's Shaft Assemblies Used in Military Vehicles
Belden Inc. supplies customized drive shaft assemblies for Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) multi-role military vehicles used in ex... (posted 2007-07-05)

Sakor Technologies Releases New Series of Small Motoring Dynamometers
Sakor Technologies, Inc. ntroduced the MicroDyneT series of small motoring dynamometers. Best suited for a wide range of automotive, mili... (posted 2007-06-29)

Allegro Microsystem's New Brushless DC Motor Driver Integrates Hall Element Commutation Circuitry
Allegro introduces a new full-bridge motor driver designed to drive low voltage bipolar brushless DC motors. Commutation of the moto... (posted 2007-06-29)

PCB’s Piezotronics’ Multi-Purpose Vibration Alarm Modules Provide Alarm and Shutdown Protection from Machinery
The Series 684 indicator alarm module from the IMI Sensors division of PCB Piezotronics provides a solution to machine shutdown protectio... (posted 2007-06-27)

Sick Stegmann's Servo Motor Feedback System Mounts Directly to the Motor Shaft
Sick Stegmann introduced SinCos® SEK52 servomotor feedback systems with HIPERFACE® interface.  The SEK52 features a simple d... (posted 2007-06-26)

Omron's Safety Switches Connect up to 30 Switches to a Single Controller
Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. introduced D40A non-contact door switches. Features include high-visibility, two-color LED ... (posted 2007-06-26)

Applied Motion's Stepper Drives Offer 220 VAC Operation
Applied Motion Products STAC6-Si high performance stepper drives are now available for 220 VAC operation.  Drives are programmable f... (posted 2007-06-26)

R + W's Line Shafts' Sleeves Tapered up to 4,000Nm
R+W developed the ZA high torque series with tapered bushings for improved shaft holding ability.The shafting systems not only compensate... (posted 2007-06-26)

Allegro Microsystems Introduces New Bi-Directional DC Motor Driver
Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. introduces a new low voltage bi-directional DC motor driver with an input voltage range of 3.0 V to 5.5 V and ... (posted 2007-06-26)

mG miniGears Installs Furnace Loading System
mG miniGears installed a furnace loading system in its powder metal department to avoid defects, especially for gears where small damage of the... (posted 2007-06-25)

J.W. Winco's Linear Actuators Available With Two Separate Threaded Shafts
J.W. Winco offers metric linear actuators with two separate threaded shafts.The actuators feature guide tubes of chrome plated precision ... (posted 2007-06-20)

Stock Drive Interactive CD, Order & Quote NEW
Interactive CD Rom (D710)including 2D and 3D modeling downloads, quoting and ordering ability announced by Stock Drive Products / Sterlin... (posted 2007-06-20)

Handbook of Inch Drive Components: 790-2
The process of selecting small INCH size drive components for new prototypes or production applications just became easier with the publi... (posted 2007-06-20)

New Handbook of Metric Drive Components: 785
The process of selecting small METRIC drive components for new prototypes or for production applications just became easier with the publ... (posted 2007-06-20)

Steinmeyer Introduces New Ball Screws
Steinmeyer offers ground and rolled thread ball screws with shaft diameters from 3-125 mm with various pitch levels. The customized ball ... (posted 2007-06-15)

Automation Direct Expands Line of Option Modules
  AutomationDirect has extended its line of DirectLOGIC option modules to include 16-bit high-resolution analog modules designed for the ... (posted 2007-06-15)

Sakor's Dynamometers Test Small Rotary Devices
Sakor Technologies  introduces the MicroDyne series of small motoring dynamometers. Suitable for a wide range of automotive, military and... (posted 2007-06-15)

AAC Vibration Mounts and Dampening Components Catalog
The new vibration mount catalog V100 from AAC - features over 1,270 off-the-shelf shock and vibration damping components The company i... (posted 2007-06-15)

Compression Springs and Constant Force Springs from SDP/SI
SDP/SI is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of over 262 compression spring, constant force spring, Belleville washer, Belleville spring washers, e... (posted 2007-06-15)

Roller Chains-Ladder Chains-Plastic Chains from Stock Drive Products
SDP/SI is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of over 68 roller Chains, ladders chains, plastic chains, roller chain links, and all types of chains.... (posted 2007-06-15)

Industrial Machine Vibration Mounts from Stock Drive Products
SDP/SI, an ISO 9001 manufacturer of vibration mounts, suspension mounts, vibration isolators, conical bumpers, damped spring mountings, m... (posted 2007-06-15)

New Linear Motion Systems & Components Catalog B615
The process of selecting the right linear motion rails, guideways, raceway rails and positioning tables for your application just became ... (posted 2007-06-14)

New Linear Motion Catalog B612
QBC is an authorized national catalog stock distributor of Thomson Industries linear motion products. The new 40-page catalog features ov... (posted 2007-06-14)

Cicoil’s High-Flex Cables Resistant to Water
Cicoil's silicone cables offer improved environmental protection, including superior water resistance. According to the company's... (posted 2007-06-13)

Renco’s Encoder Contains Hollow Shaft
Renco Encoders released the RCH50  hollow-shaft encoder, which contains an Opto-ASIC supporting incremental encoder line that&n... (posted 2007-06-13)

Redex Andantex Uses Mechanical Preload System to Increase Drive Capacity
The new DualDrive from REDEX ANDANTEX eliminates backlash and increases the rigidity of rack and pinion drives using a patented mechanica... (posted 2007-06-12)

Zero-Max's Stress Resistant Couplings Operate at High Speeds
Zero-Max CD® couplings with aluminum hubs are designed for servo motor and other precision motion control applications. CD couplings comb... (posted 2007-06-11)

Renco Encoders Introduces 50 MM Hollow Shaft Encoder
Renco Encoders introduced the RCH50 hollow-shaft encoder. The foundation of this product is a custom Opto-ASIC supporting incremental... (posted 2007-06-11)

Lenze’s New Inverter Offers IP65 Protection to Vector-Based Motor Controls
The new SMV frequency inverter from Lenze Ltd. includes an enclosure that allows outdoor use or use in damp environments with protection ... (posted 2007-06-11)

Ruland's Couplings Accomodate High Misalignment
Ruland Manufacturing's oldham couplings accomodate large amounts of parallel misalignment. Applications for oldham couplings incl... (posted 2007-06-07)

New Miniature Pressure-Compensated Flow Control Valve from Beswick Engineering
Beswick Engineering released an ultra-miniature pressure compensated flow control valve with low friction diaphragm. The PCFCD-1N1 is... (posted 2007-06-07)

Bodine’s New Motors Equipped with Interior Encoders
The Incodermotor from Bodine Electric is a selection of permanent magnet DC and brushless DC motors and gearmotors that are equipped with... (posted 2007-06-07)

Gearmotors Built for High Torque Applications
The AKM gearmotors set from Heason Technologies combines the torque density from the company's line of servomotors with its planetary... (posted 2007-06-06)

Applied Motion’s Stepper Drive Engineered for the OEM Market
The ST10-S from Applied Motion delivers up to 10.0 A with 24-80 VDC input and can be controlled by a step and direction input or by a hos... (posted 2007-06-05)

Fairloc-Bellows, Neo-Flex and Shaft Couplings
Fastening rotating components to shafts has become easier with Fairloc® Components. The patented system offers several features including... (posted 2007-06-05)

BWC’s Linear Actuator Offered in Five Standard Lengths
Bishop-Wisecarver's heavy duty linear actuator line, the SRX-150 is now available in five standard lengths. According to the company... (posted 2007-06-04)

NKE Introduces New Ball Bearings
NKE introduced its new range of single row deep groove ball bearings. The new NKE POP range of single row deep groove ball bearings o... (posted 2007-05-31)

SKF’s Spring-Load Ball Transfer Self-Adjust in Load Transfer Applications
SKF 's "Hevi-Load" spring-loaded ball transfer unit for load-transfer application are engineered to reduce damage caused by shock loa... (posted 2007-05-31)

Belden’s Corrosion-Resistant Universal Joints Suitable for Packaging Industry
Belden introduces corrosion-resistant universal joints and drive shaft assemblies for the packaging and conveying industry. Accordin... (posted 2007-05-30)

Zero-Max's Newest Couplings Designed for Servo Application with High Reverse Load and Precise Positioning
The next generation of ServoClass® couplings has been introduced by Zero-Max. According to the company's press release, the new c... (posted 2007-05-30)

Danfoss' New VLT Drive Handles Extended Motor Control Requirement
Danfoss Drives' VLT® AutomationDrive variable frequency drives are now available in the 75-100 HP power range at 380-480/500 VAC. T... (posted 2007-05-30)

Portescap Develops New Brushless Motor
Portescap, a Danaher Motion company, introduces 22mm brushless motors. The motors weigh 94 grams and provide 50 watts of power at up... (posted 2007-05-30)

Universal Joints and Telescoping Joints and Slides
SDP/SI is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of over 184 universal joint, telescoping joints, telescoping slides, plastic joints, and zero backlash... (posted 2007-05-30)

Rigid Couplings
SDP/SI is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of over 1,044 timing flexible coupling rigid coupling, Oldham coupling, Bellows coupling, flexible sha... (posted 2007-05-30)

Timing Pulleys, English Pitch
SDP/SI is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of over 4,256 timing pulleys, belt pulleys, flat belt pulleys, idler pulleys, grooved idler pulleys, s... (posted 2007-05-30)

Mechanical Clutches
SDP/SI stocks over 194 electromagnetic clutches, roller clutches, magnetic clutches, slip clutches, leaf spring clutches, Rectangular clu... (posted 2007-05-30)

Timing Pulleys, Metric Pitch
SDP/SI Is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of over 4,256 timing pulleys, belt pulleys, flat belt pulleys, idler pulleys, grooved idler pulleys, s... (posted 2007-05-30)

Replacement Timing Belts-Metric Pitch
SDP/SI is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of over 4,929 Timing Belts SDP/SI can modify standard catalog parts to various specs or produce com... (posted 2007-05-30)

Replacement belts-timing, English Pitch from SDP/SI
SDP/SI is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of over 4,929 timing belts. The company is able to modify standard catalog parts to customer specs ... (posted 2007-05-30)

Roller and Ladder Chain Sprockets from SDP/SI
Sprockets, Roller Chain, Metric are available from SDP/SI, an ISO 9001 manufacturer of over 540 sprockets, roller chain sprockets, ladde... (posted 2007-05-30)

Hubless Sprockets-Roller Chain Sprockets
SDP/SI is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of over 540 sprockets, roller chain sprockets, ladder chain sprockets, and hubless sprockets. The c... (posted 2007-05-30)

Slip Clutches-Leaf Spring and Roller Clutches
SDP/SI stocks over 194 Electromagnetic Clutches, Roller Clutches, magnetic clutches, slip clutches, leaf spring clutches, rectangular clu... (posted 2007-05-30)

Worm and Spur Gears, English and Metric
SDP/SI is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of over 13,627 spur gears, plastic gears, helical gears, bevel gears, worm gears, precision gears, int... (posted 2007-05-30)

Spur Gear & Straight Tooth Gear, English and Metric
SDP/SI is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of over 13,627 Spur Gears, Plastic Gears, Helical Gears, Bevel Gears, Worm Gears, Precision Gears, Int... (posted 2007-05-30)

Flexible Couplings from SDP/SI
SDP/SI is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of over 1,044 timing flexible coupling rigid coupling, Oldham coupling, Bellows coupling, flexible sha... (posted 2007-05-30)

Fairloc Timing Belts, Timing Belt Pulleys from SDP/SI
Fairloc is designed to solve phasing, timing, positioning and frequent removal problems which conventional fastening methods, such as cla... (posted 2007-05-30)

Flexible Shafts, Power Drive Cable, Flexible Shaft from Stock Drive Products
A new series of flexible shafts with casings from SDP are designed for power drive assemblies. A new series of flexible steel cable sh... (posted 2007-05-30)

Fairloc Shafts & Shaft Reducers/Extenders
The patented system offers several advantages including: built-in overload protection, full use of the bore, easy adjustment, compact sel... (posted 2007-05-30)

New Timing Belt Clamps from Stock Drive Products
A new series of 16 timing belt clamps from Stock Drive Products (an ISO 9001 manufacturer) for long span reciprocating synchronous drives... (posted 2007-05-29)

New Synchromesh Cable Drives from Stock Drive Products
This patented miniature cable, identified as the A 6J 9- and A 6J 9M Series, consists of a straight center section, encased in nylon and ... (posted 2007-05-29)

Fairloc Catalog D242 Available from Stock Drive Products
Fastening rotating components to shafts has become easier with the publication of a new 96-page catalog "Handbook of Fairloc® Components,... (posted 2007-05-29)

New Handbook of Metric Drive Components Features More Than 4,000 New Products
The process of selecting small METRIC drive components for new prototypes or for production applications became easier with the publicati... (posted 2007-05-29)

New Conidrive Belt Drive Catalog DN10
The N10 belt and pulley system which features an offset conical projection profile on the bearing surface to ensure positive fit without ... (posted 2007-05-29)

Vectron's Viscosity Sensor Detects Oil Change in Gearbox
The low shear ViSmart™ viscosity sensor from Vectron International was recently used to collect real-time viscosity data in an oil-aging ... (posted 2007-05-29)

NEW Feed & Idler Roller Catalog D150
The catalog D150 features over 190 feed & idler rollers with multiple applications. It also includes cam followers and friction drive whe... (posted 2007-05-29)

Handbook of INCH Drive Components: 790-2
The catalog itself includes over 48,000 off-the-shelf standardized commercial and precision quality INCH size components, including over ... (posted 2007-05-29)

J.W. Winco’s New Actuators Available in Stainless Steel
J.W. Winco now offers metric linear actuators with left- and right-hand thread. According to the company's press release, the act... (posted 2007-05-29)

Source Engineering Introduces Planetary Gearmotors for OEM Applications
Source Engineering introduced planetary brush and brushless gearmotors for OEM applications. Gearmotors are best suited to applications r... (posted 2007-05-24)

Renold Introduces Interchangeable Range of Gearboxes and Couplings
Renold will exhibit its SMXtra interchangeable range of gearboxes and fluid couplings, for quarrying applications, at the Hillhead Exhibi... (posted 2007-05-24)

ZF's Right-Angled Gearheads Open Door for Luxury Multimedia Pod
The SWG gearheads from ZF offer a smoother alternative to screwjack-based door control systems used in the latest luxury media experience... (posted 2007-05-24)

Moventas Launches Wind Turbine Condition Management System
Moventas introduced its latest wind turbine condition management system at Hannover Messe 2007. The system focuses on the gearbox and a... (posted 2007-05-24)

Schreiner ProTech Introduces PTFE Membrane
Schreiner ProTech today announced the introduction of their new PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane, an air-permeable and waterproof ... (posted 2007-05-18)

Parker Offers Linear Motion in a Small Package
The T1D and T1S ready-to-run positioners from Parker can perform and accommodate customization at the same time. Features include an ... (posted 2007-05-18)

Bosch Rexroth’s New IndraLogic Device Platform Provides DeviceNet and Ethernet IP Connectivity
Bosch Rexroth introduces the latest in the company’s Indra automation family--a universal control system in its IndraLogic PLC platf... (posted 2007-03-23)

Bison Gear Publish New Motors Brochure
Designed for industrial and commercial duty OEM applications, Bison Gear & Engineering’s new line of AC motors is detailed in a six-... (posted 2007-03-21)

Midwest Motion Releases New Gearmotor
Midwest Motion Products announced the release of a new DC Gear Motor, the Model No. MMP-TM55-90-12V GPk52-124. Accepting any 12 Volt D... (posted 2007-03-15)

Sick Stegmann’s Absolute Encoders Used in High Shock and Vibration Environments
Sick Stegmann Inc. introduces ATM 60-C multi-turn absolute encoders. These IP67 encoders are electronically adjustable, provide resoluti... (posted 2007-03-15)

SKF’s Sealing Solutions Eliminates Need to Rework Problem Shafts
SKF’s "Speedi-Sleeve" offers a sealing solution when machine shaft surfaces have been damaged or worn in operation. Simple repl... (posted 2007-03-12)

PCB Piezotronics Publishes New Sensors Catalog
PCB Piezotronics, Inc. announced the release of a 200-page product catalog, entitled, "Sensors for Force, Load, Strain and Torque." ... (posted 2007-03-08)

Lin Engineering Releases Step Motor, Driver, Controller and Encoder in One Unit
Lin Engineering released the SilverPak 23CE, an integrated NEMA 23 high torque step motor, microstepping driver, intelligent controller,... (posted 2007-03-08)

Leroy-Somer Designs Geared Motor for the Food Industry
The new Multibloc IAW FLS IAW worm geared motor range from Leroy Somer was designed for extreme use conditions and harsh environments suc... (posted 2007-03-08)

The Precision Alliance, PM Bearings Debut New Rotary Bearings
PM Bearings and The Precision Alliance introduce the FMB Series of low profile, high precision rotary bearings, suitable for rotary posit... (posted 2007-03-08)

New Parallel Shaft Gearmotors from Sharq Motion Offer Backward Compatibility
The new Sharq 207 series parallel shaft gearmotors, designed as direct drop-in replacements for many high volume OEM applications are the... (posted 2007-03-05)

Philadelphia Gear Offers Two Versions of Continuous Oil Rescue Equipment
Philadelphia Gear Corp. announced the availability of two versions of the company's proprietary CORE Continuous Oil Rescue Equipment.... (posted 2007-03-05)

New Brevini High Power Series Combines Epicyclic Gear Design with Modularity
Brevini's new ?High Power? Series combines the highly efficient epicyclic gear design of Brevini's recently introduced ?S? Series... (posted 2007-03-02)

NSK’s New Bearing Designs Deliver Longer Life, Higher Speeds in Papermaking Machines
Rolling bearings used in the production of paper undergo a continuous production cycle, are required to handle high-temperature condition... (posted 2007-03-02)

Revolvo’s Dimensionally-Interchangeable Split Plummer Blocks Deliver Downtime Reductions for Bearing Users
Revolvo’s new SN and SD series SRB Split Roller Bearing units provides an easy retrofit solution, which offers full dimensional inte... (posted 2007-03-02)

High Performance Stepper Drives with Advanced Features and Control Options Available in 200VAC Models
Applied Motion Products’ family of STAC6 High Performance Stepper Drives are now available in 220 VAC models. According to the c... (posted 2007-03-02)

Tsubacki’s Linipower Jacks Lift and Actuate
Tsubaki UK launched a new range of high precision power jacks for lifting and actuation tasks. The comprehensive Linipower range, with th... (posted 2007-03-02)

Leroy Somer’s Newest Motor Takes Extends Varmeca’s Range to 11kW
Leroy-Somer’s Varmeca 30 motor with integral variable-speed drive has extended the Varmeca range up to 11kW. Now available from ... (posted 2007-03-02)

Sick’s New Encoder Offers 30 Bit Resolution
SICK Ltd. launched a new encoder that, when coupled to special evaluation electronics, can offer 30-bit resolution. This level of accurac... (posted 2007-03-02)

Sick’s New Sensor Offers Micro-Level Performance
The new OD Max displacement sensor from Sick Ltd. is suitable for applications where distance measurement is required with an accuracy i... (posted 2007-03-02)

Leroy Somer’s Powerdrive Requires Only Eight Parameters for Application Commissioning
The Powerdrive from Leroy Somer covers the range from 45 to 675KW, and is modular with air or liquid cooling and offer open- or closed-lo... (posted 2007-03-02)

Danaher Motion Updates Control Platform for Automated Guided Vehicles
Danaher Motion introduces version 1.4 of its world-renowned NDC8 control platform for automated guided Vehicles (AGVs). The NDC8 control... (posted 2007-03-01)

NKE Austria Manufactures 3,000 Types of Roller Bearings in New Assembly Plant
NKE Austria introduced its new series of single row cylindrical roller bearings. According to NSK’s press releae, more than 3,00... (posted 2007-03-01)

Ruland Manufacturing’s Couplings Resistant to Wind-Up
The F-series flexible beam couplings with high torsional rigidity are introduced by Ruland Manufacturing Co., Inc. Couplings feature... (posted 2007-03-01)

Sprint Electric’s DC Drives Regenerate Energy
Sprint Electric’s 340XRi, 680XRi and 1220XRi DC drives are designed to regenerate energy back into the mains supply under braking wi... (posted 2007-03-01)

Belden’s Universal Joint Exceeds Military Standards
Belden’s complete line of universal joints and shaft assemblies include a full range of military certified universal joints used in ... (posted 2007-03-01)

igus Downloads Product Data Into CD-ROM Format
igus? Inc. offers a free CD-ROM of its energy chain and iglide product catalogs and design guides. More than 1,000 pages of technical... (posted 2007-03-01)

R + W America’s Torque Limiters Allow Output Plate to Spin Freely
At torque overload, the balls in torque denent load limiters overcome the spring load, and roll out of their detents, allowing the output... (posted 2007-02-28)

Moog’s New Controller Offers Advanced Capabilities in Industry-Standard Package
The M3000 from Moog Controls is designed to address the needs of high-performance digital control for hydraulic and electrical products. ... (posted 2007-02-28)

Modular Powerdrive from Leroy Somer
When designing the new Powerdrive variable speed drives, the engineers at Leroy Somer wanted keep components and wiring to a minimum, mak... (posted 2007-02-28)

HBD Thermoid Adds V-Belt Line
HBD/Thermoid Inc., a power transmission belt manufacturer, announced a new V-Belt product line, Thermoid Select to further complement its... (posted 2007-02-28)

Portescap’s Linear Actuators Capable of Precise Positioning
Portescap, a Danaher Motion company, introduces 26DAM Series digital linear actuators. These units provide linear force up to 120 oz. (33... (posted 2007-02-28)

HSI’s New Linear Actuators Available with Encoder Feedback
The new size 8 linear actuators are now available with encoder feedback, making them suitable for high and low volume motion control appl... (posted 2007-02-27)

High Performance Stepper Drives with Advanced Features and Control Options Available in 200 VAC Models
Applied Motion Products’ family of STAC6 High Performance Stepper Drives are now available in 220 VAC models. According to the ... (posted 2007-02-21)

Newage Testing’s Microhardness System Contains Multi-Specimen Fixture and Positioning Tables
Newage Testing Instruments' introduced the new model CAMS-MSO multi-specimen microhardness testing system. The system can handle... (posted 2007-02-14)

Holroyd?s Plated CBN on High-Rigidity Edgetek Machines Reduces Process Times with Single Lift and Setup
Holroyd's Edgetek machines are produced with high-power/high-speed spindles that optimize the use of plated CBN wheels at surface spe... (posted 2007-02-14)

Slater Tools Introduces Rotary Broaching Tool Holder
Slater Tools Inc. released a new, adjustment-free rotary broaching tool holder designed for Swiss- type machines. Slater's new adj... (posted 2007-02-14)

Steinmeyer’s New Inspection System Serves Semiconductor Industry
Steinmeyer Inc. released a new precision linear stage model, KDT450-205-SM-L. This table features a low profile design with an overal... (posted 2007-02-08)

Cincinnati Machine Introduces CNC Tape Layer Technology
Cincinnati Machine's new CHARGER Series of machines were designed to improve upon the technology and productivity of CNC composite ta... (posted 2007-02-06)

Zero Max’s Newest Couplings Provide Zero Backlash and High Torsional Stiffness in Medical Actuation Systems
The next generation of ServoClass couplings from Zero-Max have even high torsional stiffness and are the suitable for handling high speed... (posted 2007-02-06)

New Adjustable Length Line Shafting Introduced by R +W America
R+W America developed the EZV series of adjustable length line shafting, which uses the same jack system for various platform sizes in li... (posted 2007-02-05)

Renco Updates Optical Encoder
Renco Encoders introduces a 3.3 Volt feature for the RCML15. The RCML15 is compact optical encoder that provides signals for brushless mo... (posted 2007-01-30)

SKF’s Hybrid Bearings Insulate Against Stray Electric Currents
SKF’s hybrid bearings with silicon nitride rolling elements and steel rings provide insulation against stray currents in large varia... (posted 2007-01-30)

Security Locknut Reports Performance Test Results
Security Locknut Inc. has made its vibration test result dat available to the public. The Vibration test results utilize the same fo... (posted 2007-01-29)

PCB’s New Seat Pad Accelerometer Installed Between Rider and Vehicle Seat for Comfort
PCB Piezotronics, Inc. introduces a new triaxial ICP accelerometer that installs between rider and vehicle seat, for ride comfort studies... (posted 2007-01-24)

Miniature Dynamic Pressure Sensors from PCB Piezotronics
PCB Piezotronics has introduced Series 105, a new family of ICP miniature dynamic pressure sensors, suited for monitoring dynamic combust... (posted 2007-01-23)

Allegro Introduces Two New Motor Drivers, New Regulators
Allegro Microsystems recently released three new products to the marketplace. The A3995 is designed for applications that have two DC... (posted 2007-01-16)

Ogura Introduces New Hysteresis Brake Series
Ogura has just released their new series of Hysteresis Brake (PHT-D). The brakes operate via permanent magnets and are designed to de... (posted 2007-01-16)

Ogura’s Electromagnetic Clutches Engage Hyrdaulic Pumps
Ogura electromagnetic clutches provide a quick and easy engagement of a hydraulic pump, wince drives or other marine components. Avai... (posted 2007-01-16)

Haydon Switch & Instrument Releases Leadscrew Assemblies Catalog
Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc. announced the release of a new detailed technical catalog for the leadscrew assemblies product line. ... (posted 2007-01-15)

Danaher Motion’s New Electronic Indexer Delivers Increase in Throughput
Danaher Motion introduces the rotary indexer product set. This fully programmable direct drive solution provides electronic indexing in a... (posted 2007-01-12)

PCB’s Pressure Sensors Certified for Hazardous Environments
PCB Piezotronics introduced a series of dynamic, ICP pressure sensors that have been certified under ATEX and CSA for use in hazardous en... (posted 2007-01-12)

Rexroth’s New Drive System Contains Drive, Motion Cotrol and Logic Control Mounted on the Motor
The IndraDrive from Rexroth is a new motion control design concept. The motor casing serves as the heat sink for the servo/control sy... (posted 2007-01-10)

Keyway Broach Sets from DuMont Cut 36 Keyway Combinations
The duMont Corp. is offering a complete set of high speed steel broaches, guide bushings and necessary shims for cutting 1/8", 3/16", 1/4... (posted 2007-01-10)

Steinmeyer Introduces New Ball Bearings
Steinmeyer Inc. announced an addition to its standard line of miniature precision screws ? the "world's smallest commercially availab... (posted 2007-01-09)

Boston Gear Publishes Coupling Guide
Boston Gear has published a comprehensive, 60-page reference guide to introduce its complete line of Huco couplings. According to the... (posted 2007-01-09)

PowerJacks Offer More Precise Movement with Spring Coil Limiter
The newest innovation from PowerJacks addresses an industrial machine’s needs to move a cover or lid onto a dead stop or sealing fa... (posted 2007-01-08)

Danaher Motion Announces Record Shipments of SynqNet Motion Network
Danaher Motion announced that shipments of its SynqNet motion and I/O network exceed 225,000 axes. Machinery builders in the medical... (posted 2007-01-05)

R+W America’s New Couplings Qualified for Power Transmission and Pump Drive Applications
R+W America’s new ECOLIGHT-TX1 series of molded thermoplastic insert couplings offer a reduced mass and moment of inertia, accompani... (posted 2007-01-04)