Power Transmission Engineering Product News 2006

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New Series of Self-Clinching Press Bearings Feature Acetal or Sintered Bronze Bearings
Two new series of press bearings from SDP/SI feature Teflon-filled acetal or oil-impregnated sintered bronze bearings. Uses include mot... (posted 2006-04-30)

Sterling Instruments New Precision Internal Gears Selectable by Inches or Millimeters
New precision internal gears from Sterling Instrument are available from stock in inch and metric sizes. The 20? pressure angle inch ... (posted 2006-04-30)

AST Bearings Introduces New Tapered Roller Bearing Line
AST Bearings announces its high carbon chromium steel tapered roller bearings to complement its existing line of quality products. AS... (posted 2006-04-29)

Zero-Max Introduces Zero Backlash Couplings
The new of ServoClass? Couplings by Zero-Max feature zero backlash and higher torsional stiffness required in modern servo motor applicat... (posted 2006-04-27)

igus Inc. Introduces New Actuators
igus Inc. announced the availability of the company’s first linear actuator. The new DryLin ZLW is a lightweight, toothed-belt linea... (posted 2006-04-26)

New Linear Guideways from Warner Linear
Warner Linear announces the availability of new high-speed, high-accuracy linear guideway assemblies. The new series incorporates a pa... (posted 2006-04-26)

PI Product Releases Ultra-High-Load Precision Linear Actuators
PI Products released the M-238 ultra-high-load precision linear actuators that combine force, resolution and speed The actuators are s... (posted 2006-04-22)

alpha gear’s Right Angle Gear Reducer Designed for High Reduction Ratios
alpha’s TPK+ dual technology gear reducer is a two-stage right-angle gearhead for servo applications featuring a robot flange accord... (posted 2006-04-22)

New Round Urethane Vibration Isolators From AAC
Two new series of round Urethane vibration isolators from Advanced Antivibration Components are designed for use in severe environments ... (posted 2006-04-21)

Safety Interlock Switch from STI Provides Tamper-Tesistant Operation
The MFS stand-alone safety interlock switch requires magnetic and ferroresonant signals to close the safety signals, making this switch h... (posted 2006-04-21)

BrecoFlex Introduces Silicone Flat Belts for Positioning and Conveying PCV Cards with Card Printing and Card Reading Devices
BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. offers seamless ESBAND? flat belts with and without carcass. Customized belts can be designed for individual applic... (posted 2006-04-21)

Fairfields’s New Drives Offer a Variety of Compact Configurations
The new EXCELDRIVES from Fairfield offer the following features: Compact configurations to suit numerous installation needs: SAE ... (posted 2006-04-21)

Dynamic Quartz Force Sensors for Automotive Component Durability and
Piezoelectric force sensors from the Force/Torque Division of PCBョ Piezotronics, Inc., are well-suited for multi-cycle, high repet... (posted 2006-04-21)

New Light- And Heavy-Duty Knitted Mesh Vibration Mounts From AAC
Two new series of base-mounted stainless steel knitted mesh vibration mounts introduced by Advanced Antivibration Components are designe... (posted 2006-04-21)

AAC’s New Ring Type Natural Rubber Vibration and Shock Mounts Feature Lower Vertical Spring Rate
A new series of ring-type natural rubber vibration and shock mounts from Advanced Antivibration Components features a low natural frequen... (posted 2006-04-21)

AAC’s New Isolators Designed for Vibration and Noise
A new series of 104 small square and round vibration isolators from Advanced Antivibration Components are designed for vibration and nois... (posted 2006-04-21)

New Series of Finger-Flex Isolators from AAC Solve Low Load Problems.
The natural rubber "Finger-Flex" ring and bushing in each mount have radial fingers on top and bottom surfaces to absorb vibration parall... (posted 2006-04-21)

New Leaf Spring Vibration Mounts Introduced by Advanced Antivibration Components
A new line of stainless steel leaf spring vibration mounts introduced by Advanced Antivibration Components are designed for use with vari... (posted 2006-04-21)

New AAC Constant Frequency Mounts (CNF) Automatically Adjust to Stiffness in Response to Load
AAC has introduced three new sizes of constant natural frequency mounts-(CNF Type). The natural frequency of a system by its definition i... (posted 2006-04-21)

Latest Advancement in Eagle’s Thread Verification System
Eagle Thread Verifier, makers of an automated thread gauge system, introduced a new higher torque spindle (24",model HT-100), for use in ... (posted 2006-04-20)

Timken Invests $5 Million in Induction Heat Treat Line
The Timken Co. announced plans to invest $5 million in a new induction heat treat line at its steel plant in Canton, OH, that will increa... (posted 2006-04-20)

PCB’s Triaxial Force Sensors Designed for Aerospace Vibration Testing
The 261A Series Triaxial Force Link Sensors from the Force/Torque Division of PCB Piezotronics Inc. simultaneously measures dynamic and q... (posted 2006-04-18)

PCB’s New Remote Charge Converters Complement Differential Sensors
The Vibration Division of PCB Piezotronics introduced the Series 495B10 differential remote charge converters for use with differential c... (posted 2006-04-18)

New Zero Max Software Hits the Shelves
Zero-Max has introduced Version 1.5 of its latest software designed for faster sizing and selection of components for motion control an... (posted 2006-04-18)

Allegro Releases Two New Motor Drivers
The A3992 is a complete microstepping motor driver with serial interface and outputs rated at ?1.5 A and 50 V. The A3992SB-T has the same... (posted 2006-04-18)

Steinmeyer Introduces New Low Profile Stage

Del-Tron’s Online Catalog Features 3-D Models of Linear Motion Products
Del-Tron Precision is creating 3D models of its linear motion products available in all major computer-aided design (CAD) formats in a... (posted 2006-04-17)

Allegro Introduces New Family of Low Power Off-Line SMPS Primary Regulators
Allegro announces a new line of low-power off-line SMPS primary regulators targeted at the consumer electronic, industrial appliance and ... (posted 2006-04-17)

Grieve’s Furnace Prepares Metals for Forging
The No. 939 is a 2,000 degree F gas-heated box furnace from Grieve, currently used for preheating metals prior to forging. Workspace ... (posted 2006-04-16)

Steel Bearings from MRC Designed for Harsh Corrosive Environments
MRC’s new HNRC steel bearings are constructed from high nitrogen corrosion resistant steel and offer improved corrosion resistance a... (posted 2006-04-16)

Stock Drive’s New Molded Racks Offer Extension Possibilities
A new series of four flexible molded racks introduced by Stock Drive Products can run with standard 20 degree pressure angle metric gears... (posted 2006-04-16)

Steinmeyer Introduces New Low Profile Goniometer Stages
Steinmeyer has introduced two new low profile Goniometer stages manufactured by its FMD division. These stages are designed for precis... (posted 2006-04-15)

New A-Track Series Linear Actuators
March 15, 2006 ? South Beloit, IL ? Warner Electric announces the availability of new A-Track Series Linear Actuators. The new series of... (posted 2006-04-15)

Heidenhain Introduces New Linear Encoder
For straightforward motion applications where primarily simple and fast mounting of a small encoder is decisive, HEIDENHAIN now offers a ... (posted 2006-04-15)

PCB Piezotronics Miniature Accelerometer Designed for Shock and Vibration
The Vibration Division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc. announces release of the Model 352C23 miniature ICP accelerometer, designed for shock an... (posted 2006-04-15)

Steinmeyer Releases World’s Smallest Ball Screw
Steinmeyer, Inc. announced an important addition to its standard line of miniature precision screws the "world’s smallest commercial... (posted 2006-04-15)

New Lubrication from Linear Systems Offers Increased Smoothness
The Precision Alliance and KSS Ball Screws introduce a dramatic improvement in lubrication of anti-friction linear bearing and ball screw... (posted 2006-04-15)

Steinmeyer’s New Rotary Stage Features Built-In Stepper Motor and Controller
Steinmeyer, Inc. announced a new precision rotary positioning stage. The fully integrated and compact DT 200-SM "plug and play" rotary st... (posted 2006-04-14)

Tornos Technologies Debuts New Swiss-Type Multi-Axis Machine
The new DECO 8sp single-spindle Swiss-type multi-axis, multi-function machine will be making its debut at IMTS. The machine accommoda... (posted 2006-04-14)

Avtron Manufacturing Announces Magnetic Encoder
Avtron Manufacturing, a manufacturer of industrial motor speed control equipment announced the first shipments of its new HS35M magnetic ... (posted 2006-04-14)

Bishop Wisecarver’s Newest Linear Actuator Completes Product Line
Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.’s new SRX-150 is a high precision, compact aluminum profile linear actuator that’s available in belt or... (posted 2006-04-14)

Aerotech’s Latest Gimbals Ensure Zero Backlash
Aerotech’s AMG LP (Low Profile) position and rate gimbal mounts provide ultra-precise angular position, rate, and acceleration for d... (posted 2006-04-14)

HSI’s Linear Actuators Include Encoder Feedback
Haydon Switch & Instrument’s size 11 hybrid linear actuators are now available with encoder feedback. According to the company&... (posted 2006-04-13)

Bison Gear Introduces Line of AC Motors
Bison Gear & Engineering introduced a new line of custom AC motors manufactured in their St. Charles, IL, facility. Motors will be ava... (posted 2006-04-12)

Samputensili Master Gears Personalized to Customer or DIN Specifications
Samputensili has introduced a range of master gears to determine work gear accuracy and setting masters to adjust checking equipment. ... (posted 2006-04-12)

Zero Max’s New Linear Actuators Convert Rotary Motion into Precise Linear Motion
The Roh’lix linear actuators from Zero-Max convert rotary motion to linear travel and carry loads at speeds up to 70" per second, de... (posted 2006-04-12)

Alpha Gear New Gearhead Follows Trends in High Reduction Torque and Ratios
The new SPK+ right-angle gearhead is designed for applications with high reduction ratios and torques. This product combines features of... (posted 2006-04-11)

SKF’s New Cylindrical Roller Bearings Extend Wind Turbine Gearbox Life
New SKF high-capacity cylindrical roller bearings for wind turbine gearboxes have been engineered to promote longer gearbox service life... (posted 2006-04-11)

Weiler’s New Brochure Details In-Machine CNC Deburring on Flat Surfaces
Weiler Corp.’s newest brochure details its in-machine CNC deburring of flat surfaces and highlights the company’s Nylox disc br... (posted 2006-04-11)

Atlanta Drive Showcases Rack and Pinion Drives at IMTS
Atlant Drive Systems, Inc. will showcase their expanded range of rack and pinion drives, consisting of both helical & straight (spur) too... (posted 2006-04-09)

SKF’s New Cylindrical Roller Bearings Extend Gearbox Life
New SKF high-capacity cylindrical roller bearings for wind turbine gearboxes have been engineered to promote longer gearbox service life... (posted 2006-04-09)

Bishop-Wisecarver Debuts Heavy Duty System for Lifting Automation Equipment
The new MHD track range from Bishop-Wisecarver supports high load and high duty applications, such as robot transfer systems for welding ... (posted 2006-04-09)

SKF’s New Turntables Suitable for Lazy Susan Operations
New heavy-duty turntables from SKF have been engineered for smooth and long-lasting operation in a wide range of industrial "Lazy Susan" ... (posted 2006-04-09)

Atlanta Drive Systems Expands Range of Servo Reducers
Atlanta Drive Systems Inc.expanded their range of servo worm reducers, now offering four levels of precision to meet any application requ... (posted 2006-04-09)

Warner Electric Features A-Track Linear Actuators in New Brochure
Warner Electric published a new eight-page, full-color brochure to introduce new A-Track Series Linear Actuators, a four-model series of ... (posted 2006-04-08)

Parker Expands Its PowerStation Family
Parker Automaton-CTC introduced the EPX10S, which is equipped with a 10" TFT, SVGA display and analog resistive touchscreen. It joins th... (posted 2006-04-08)

Heidenhain’s New Interface Box Changes Analog Encoder Signals to Digital
The EIB external interface box from Heidenhain Corp. changes a 1 Vpp encoder signal to an EnDat 2.2 bidirectional digital interface. A... (posted 2006-04-08)

Kinefac Introduces Robo-Roller Thread and Form Rolling System
Kinefac introduces its new Robo Roller flexible, quick changeover, automated production system for rolling threads, knurls, worms and oth... (posted 2006-04-08)

Boston Gear Publishes Gearhead Brochure
Boston Gear has published a full color, 36-page brochure to introduce a new high precision helical planetary gearheads The gearheads ... (posted 2006-04-08)

Expanded Series of 55 Metal-Reinforced Molded Universal Joints from SDP
An expanded series of 55 SUPER-PLAST? molded universal joints from SDP/SI feature plastic, plus the positive fastening characteristics of... (posted 2006-04-07)

Philadelphia Gear Simplifies Controller
Philadelphia Gear Corp. introduces the Mark VII controller, which was developed for the company’s Synchrotorque brand of variable sp... (posted 2006-04-07)

Rockwell Automation Dodge Reliance Introduces New Helical/Bevel Speed Reducer
The new Dodge motorized Torque-Arm II (MTA) from Rockwell Automation is a high efficiency, case carburized helical/bevel speed reducer. T... (posted 2006-04-06)

Allegro MicroSystems New Motor Driver Completes Product Family
Allegro MicroSystems announced a new DMOS full-bride motor driver to complement their parallel input DC motor driver family. Designed... (posted 2006-04-04)

New Vibration Mounts from AAC Feature Finger-Flex Ring and Bushing Isolators
The new V10Z 4 Series of vibration mounts from Advanced Antivibration Components feature unique "Finger-Flex" isolators which are designe... (posted 2006-04-02)

Danaher Motion Planetary Gearheads Require No Maintenance
[photo]Danaher Motion's Micron ValueTRUE planetary gearheads are a more economical extension to Danaher Motion's family of Micron... (posted 2006-04-01)

Zero-Max Linear Actuators Convert Rotary Motion Into Linear Motion
The Roh’lix linear actuators from Zero-Max convert rotary motion to linear travel and carry loads at speeds up to 70" per second dep... (posted 2006-03-17)

SKF’s Toroidal Roller Bearings Accomodate Heavy Loads and Misalignment
The SKF Carb torodial roller bearings serve as non-located bearing in large electric motors (125 Hp and above) with their capability to a... (posted 2006-03-14)

Bison Gear’s Hollow Shaft Gearmotor Doubles Continuous Torque Ratings
Bison Gear’s new 562 series hollow shaft gearmotor offers increased low speed center distance coupled with greater clearance for wid... (posted 2006-03-10)

Sterling Instrument’s Anti-Backlash Gears Eliminate Marred Shafts
A new series of 1158 anti-backlash gears manufactured by Sterling Instruments feature the Fairloc integral hub fastening system, which el... (posted 2006-03-10)

New Brake for Gearless Drives
Ortlinghaus has introduced the DIMO braking system for gearless applications. The brake is electromagnetically actuated. According to... (posted 2006-02-03)

New Linear Bearings from The Precision Alliance
The MONORACE Series of linear bearings from The Precision Alliance can carry payloads range from 50-5,000 lbs. over distances up to and e... (posted 2006-01-30)

White Electronic Designs Introduces Medical CompactFlash Cards
White Electronic Designs Corp. announces the availability of its Medical Series 1 CompactFlash cards. According to the company’s... (posted 2006-01-29)

Soft Servo Systems Updates Software and Motion Control Products
Soft Servo Systems announced the release of Versio... (posted 2006-01-22)

Parker Introduces Replacements for Rockwell Motors
Parker's new MPN motors are designed to replace the discontinued N Series motors from Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley. Accordi... (posted 2006-01-21)

SKF Roller Screws Engineered for Demanding Linear Actuation

SKF® recirculating and planetary roller screws provide solutions for demanding linear-actuation applications requiring accuracy, r... (posted 2006-01-21)

Zero Max’s New Couplings Provide Zero Backlash Operation While Handling High Torque
The new CD® Couplings from Zero-Max combine high torsional stiffness and high dynamic load capacity providing engineers with the righ... (posted 2006-01-19)

Parker’s New Catalog Details Motion and Control Products

Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division announces the release of a new catalog featuring its Bayside... (posted 2006-01-18)

Animatics’ New Rotor Design Offers Additional Capacity

Animatics Corp. announces the release of a OEM Series of SmartMotors, the new SM2315DT.

The SM2315DT ... (posted 2006-01-18)

Detroit Precision Introduces New Modular Roughness Measuring System
The new W55 roughness measurement system from Detroit Precision Hommel is designed to operate within a production line, acquiring and ar... (posted 2006-01-15)

Lin Engineering Introduces New Damper

Lin Engineering  introduced its new line of NEMA 17 dampers.  These dampers can easily be mounted ... (posted 2006-01-15)

Parker’s New Drives Offer Resolver Feedback
A new resolver feedback option on the Aries servo drives gives applications the advantages of rugged resolver technology. A resolver f... (posted 2006-01-14)

Expanded Servo Reducer Range from Atlanta Drive
Atlanta Drive Systems Inc. now offers four levels of precision to meet any application requirements. These reducers are an upgrade of the... (posted 2006-01-12)

Seamless Flat Belts from BRECOflex
BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. offers a large variety of seamless ESBAND® flat belts... (posted 2006-01-12)

Standard Plus Belts from BRECOflex Offer Optimized Length Tolerance and Running Performance

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C., presents the new STANDARD PLUS TECHNOLOGY. Standard Plus is the new generation of BRECOFLEX Truly Endless timin... (posted 2006-01-12)

Nordex Standard Timing Pulleys and Custom Pulleys

Nordex manufactures timing belt pulleys to industry standards as well as custom pulleys.

The improvements in timing belt technol... (posted 2006-01-12)

Boston Gear Introduces New Worm Gear Reducer
A new 700 Series Conveyor Flange Adapter (CFA) is specifically designed for increased control and lower maintenance cost on material hand... (posted 2006-01-10)

New Linear Guideways from Warner Linear
Warner Linear announces the availability of new linear guideways, a line of high-speed, high-accuracy guideway assemblies. The new ser... (posted 2006-01-10)