Power Transmission Engineering Product News 2003

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New Cooling Method from Engis
The megasonic cooling system from Engis Corp. utilizes ultrasonic cooling to reduce coolant consumption, increase removal efficiency, ex... (posted 2003-12-25)

New Bearing Inspection from American Stress Technology
The BearingScan300 inspection system from American Stress Technology is the latest part of the Rollscan system. According to the compa... (posted 2003-12-25)

New Oscillating Mount from Lovejoy
[photo] The ROSTA AB oscillating family from Lovejoy is an upgrade of the heavy-duty AB mounts in order to perform lighter operation wit... (posted 2003-12-25)

New Composite Gear from Intech
The Power-Core gears from Intech Corp. are self-lubricating and feature a Nylon 12 gear body securely cast around a sturdy metal hub, whi... (posted 2003-12-25)

New Single Axis Servo Controller from Aerotech
The Soloist is a single-axis servo controller that combines a power supply, amplifier and position controller in a single package. Ac... (posted 2003-12-25)

New Coupling Brochure from Voith Turbo
Users can now download or order a new brochure from Voith Turbo detailing their offerings for the 2005 season. According to the compan... (posted 2003-12-21)

New Ball Nose Insert from LMT-Fette
The WPR-D helical ball nose insert from LMT-Fette was designed in response to problems associated with machining complex contoured workpi... (posted 2003-12-14)

New Planetary Gearhead From Alpha Gear
The new SP+ from Alpha Gear is available in seven sizes as an update to last year?s SP Series. The series features noise levels from ... (posted 2003-12-09)

New Micrometer from Mitutoyo
The new IP65-rated micrometer from Mitutoyo America is dust, chip and coolant proof. According to the company?s press release, the IP... (posted 2003-12-08)

New Brochure from Logansport
A new 12-page electronic brochure from Logansport Matsumoto Co. features their line of workholding chucks suitable for automotive part ma... (posted 2003-12-08)

New Carbide Taps From LMT-Fette
The HPF carbide insertable forming taps from LMT-Fette features a replaceable carbide insert on a steel body. According to the compan... (posted 2003-12-08)

New Turning Tool from LMT-Fette
[photo] The Pentatec from LMT Fette can perform drilling, boring, facing, turning and counter boring with a single tool. The tool’... (posted 2003-12-01)

Parking Brake Option from Eskridge
The 34C and 90B Series' parking brakes from Eskridge eliminate the need for a pressure reducing valve, as they allow for full system ... (posted 2003-12-01)