Continental Plant Celebrates 20 Years in Mexico

Continental’s power transmission products plant in Chihuahua, Mexico is celebrating its 20-year anniversary.Jim Hill, president of ...
October 7, 2019—
Continental’s power transmission products plant in Chihuahua, Mexico is celebrating its 20-year anniversary.

Jim Hill, president of Continental North America said of the anniversary of the plant, “We look forward to the continued contributions from this facility and its dedicated management, staff and employees.  We are proud of their achievements.”

Plant Manager Roberto Aguilar said, “We not only promote our corporate values, but also we live them on a day-to-day basis.  Our mantra is ‘Trust, One for Another; Freedom to Act and Passion to Win’.  These, we believe, are values that perfectly match the values of our family, but our success is due in great part to the men and women who make the operations possible.”

Built in 1999, Planta Contitech Chihuahua manufactures power transmission belts for a wide range of applications including the agricultural, construction and white line (home appliances) industries, as well as the automotive aftermarket.

The history of the plant began in 1998, when the State of Chihuahua was selected to install a rubber product manufacturing plant. The strategic geographical location, the offer of technical education and higher education, human talent, as well as the disposition of local entrepreneurs were the combination that triggered the project which today is 20 years old. In January 1999 the construction of the industrial building began and in June of that same year, with the workforce of 120 employees, the first power transmission belt was manufactured.

Today, the plant has 400 employees, and has grown in production every year. In addition, this growth has been accompanied by high quality standards with industry awards, recognitions and certifications such as ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 as well as the ContiTech Award for Excellence, which makes Continental Chihuahua a world class plant.

To commemorate the anniversary, a celebration was held within the facilities of the plant where executives of Continental, authorities of the State and the Municipality of Chihuahua were in attendance.