Promat 2019 Preview: Regal Beloit

Regal Beloit's System Plast will be featured at the booth during Promat 2019.

Regal Beloit's System Plast will be featured at the booth during Promat 2019.

March 15, 2019—
Regal Beloit Corporation has announced it will feature its System Plast, SealMaster, Grove Gear, Hub City, McGill, Rollway and Browning power transmission products and demos for conveyors in its Booth (S2084) during Promat in Chicago beginning April 8. 

New this year are the Browning PE Series 3000 OtN gear motor with innovative tapered shaft connection, Klamploc adapter lock for SealMaster USRB bearings and Hub City Mod Drive gear and motor package. The Mod Drive package bundles the Hub City HERA C-Face gear reducer with the Marathon ECM permanent magnet AC motor and mounted variable-frequency drive (VFD). The Mod Drive package reduces installation costs with a premium efficient integrated VFD, providing variable-speed gear motors made easy.  

Regal’s Promat booth will also feature an expanded MODSORT modular transfer and diverter station. The MODSORT transfer eliminates the need for a lift or pneumatics and can be easily integrated into new or existing material handling systems with the ability to transfer a wide array of products. It now offers the option to increase sort points faster and easier with the addition of two diverts.
“Our team is looking forward to the opportunity to showcase our newest innovations at ProMat this year,” said Mike Suter, vice president – marketing, Regal. “Our product development efforts are focused on reducing installation and maintenance times while also increasing operational efficiencies and decreasing downtime. These newer solutions will give customers a glimpse at how Regal’s products can help them accomplish just that.”

The Klamploc adapter lock, designed with installation quick steps clearly marked on its collar to shorten setup time, includes a clamping force, which standard designs lack. It does not include any part needing to be removed or bent, allowing for a simple tightening process to the recommended torque for final lockdown.
With the Browning Premium Efficient (PE) series 3000 OtN helical-bevel gear motor featuring an innovative tapered shaft connection between its motor and shaft, downtime is reduced in a gear motor design with easy motor replacement. All three-phase PE gear motors are designed for inverter duty starting at 0.33 HP duty. This allows customers to reduce stock with the right motor and gear combination on hand for immediate use in a wide variety of applications.

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