Zero-Max Expands Overhung Load Adaptors Catalog

Zero-Max has expanded its OHLA catalog.

Zero-Max has expanded its OHLA catalog.

November 13, 2018—
Zero-Max has published a newly expanded 48-page catalog of OHLA Overhung Load Adaptors. OHLA’s extend lifetime of hydraulic motors and pumps by protecting the bearings and seals from overhung loads (axial and radial). They also provide a solid, permanent mounting surface for the motor/pump and prevent contamination of hydraulic fluid in harsh environments. This new catalog describes in detail the OHLA’s rugged cast iron housing design, 130,000 PSI stress-proof steel shafts, ball, tapered roller or spherical bearings and a variety of shaft options, including splined shafts and attractively coated housings.

The new catalog describes and illustrates the OHLA product line from the smallest 200 SAE “A” mount to the largest model 1500 SAE “F” mount. Included are previously unpublished OHLA configurations and several part numbers. The large number of different OHLA configurations gives the system designer a wider range of options.

Where customized OHLA’s are required for special application requirements, this new catalog has a three-page spread describing a full-range of available special features. 

The catalog has easy-to-follow sizing and selecting information with complete product information to help match up the correct model and size for a particular overhung load application. Models are available with SAE A, B, C, D, E and F mounts with 2 or 4 bolt flanges. Special models are featured with splined, threaded, double-male, and tapered output shafts, as well as special lubrication options and vents. All standard models are available for immediate delivery.

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