HSI’s New Linear Actuators Available with Encoder Feedback

February 27, 2007—The new size 8 linear actuators are now available with encoder feedback, making them suitable for high and low volume motion control applications.

The encoder module incorporate a lensed LED light source and monolithic photo detector array with signal shaping electronic to produce two channel bounceless TTL outputs. The internal monolithic electronic module converts the real-time position, speed and direction into TTL compatible outputs.

Linear actuators occupy 0.8" square space and are available in resolutions ranging from 0.00006" per step to 0.00157" per step and deliver thrusts of up to 10 lbs. According to the company's press release, models can also be micro stepped for even finer resolution. Applications requiring precise positioning and rapid motion are best suited for this motor, which is best used as a drop-in replacement.

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