Igus Offers Insight into World of Low Cost Robotics

The new website shows how easy cost-effective automation can be.

The new website shows how easy cost-effective automation can be.

November 30, 2017—

Today, robots dominate the manufacturing industry and are increasingly emerging in many other fields. Automation applications that grip, turn, pivot and perform simple pick-and-place tasks over long periods of time are made possible with low cost robotics. This can create a huge competitive advantage for small and medium-sized businesses. At low-cost-robotics.com, a comprehensive overview of the benefits of this type of engineering are available. For example, the website can help you decide between modular constructed robotic parts or packaged solutions, choose which model is suitable for your application and learn the differences in customization and price.

Get a free eBook and participate in an innovation competition

In his eBook “Low Cost Robotics – Status, Opportunities, Prospects,” Dr. Ing. Sebastian Feldmann of the University of Duisburg-Essen, Faculty of Engineering Sciences covers all the fundamentals of low cost robotics. He gives a detailed account of categorization, application scenarios, opportunities and risks, and purchase costs of low cost robotics, among other topics. This free eBook is available on low-cost-robotics.com.

Igus is also sponsoring a robotic competition testing innovation. Individual applications that can optimize a conventional production process and are made with robolink joints or modular kits are eligible. An independent board of research, press and manufacturing experts will evaluate the submissions. The winner will receive robolink components of his or her choice worth $3,000. More information about the competition can be found on the website. 

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