SKF Roller Screws Engineered for Demanding Linear Actuation

January 21, 2006—

SKF® recirculating and planetary roller screws provide solutions for demanding linear-actuation applications requiring accuracy, rapid acceleration, fine leads, and high load capacities.

According to the company’s press release, these roller screws can sustain static loads up to 1,000 tons and dynamic loads up to 200 tons, which is three times greater dynamic load capacity than comparably-sized ball screws.

Planetary roller screws incorporate threaded nuts, rollers, and screw shafts.  Their planetary roller motion eliminates the need to recirculate the rolling elements, which reduces required components and contributes to high acceleration, smoother operation, and longer service life.  Multiple contact points on each roller contribute to improvement in load-carrying capacity.

Recirculating roller screws are designed with a threaded shaft, a nut threaded to the same lead, and a set of grooved rollers.  The rollers recirculate after each revolution within the nut, which allows for fine-lead threads (as small as 1mm) to deliver high-precision positioning and maintain greater load capacity.

All roller screws are available in various styles and a full range of diameters and leads offering optimum rotational speed and acceleration capabilities.  They can be customized with special surface treatments, lubrication, solid or hollow screw shafts, and end machining to satisfy particular application requirements.


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