Suppliers Join Forces to Create Smart Automation Group

The world’s leading suppliers of custom automated manufacturing equipment recently launched the Smart Automation Group, a collabora...
July 27, 2016—

The world’s leading suppliers of custom automated manufacturing equipment recently launched the Smart Automation Group, a collaborative partnership designed to disrupt the custom automation services industry.

This unique partnership – which includes Eclipse Automation, Insys Industriesysteme AG, Transmoduls Ltd, SMZ Wickel-und Montagetechnik AG, JULI Technology, and ITE Automation – are joining together to share best practices, industry IP, experience, and know-how to provide customers with automation solutions in a way unlike anything on the market today.

Thanks to the collective expertise of its member companies, Smart Automation Group will be able to produce technologies that are the lynchpins of manufacturing processes across every industry, including automotive, consumer, health sciences, nuclear, electronics, energy, and industrial, to help clients grow today, and build for tomorrow.

“Our vision is to collectively disrupt the traditional way of providing custom automation services, putting the customer at the core of everything we do,” said Steve Mai, president of Eclipse Automation. “Smart Automation Group’s collaborative approach means we can automate any manufacturing process, and that through a commitment to quality, and operational excellence, there is no challenge we can’t solve for our clients, no matter where they are in the world.”

As part of this new joint venture, each partner is taking a team-oriented approach, significantly increasing the overall capabilities that enhance automation solutions for clients. Each company will review its own client requests, but if a particular project requires additional capabilities, the collaborative project team can be tapped to bring the best value to the table.

All of this seamlessly takes place in the background, ensuring the client maintains a single point of contact. The result: enhanced value of all automation solutions for customers.

In any given case, one of Smart Automation Group’s partners could be called on to contribute with its global reach, intellectual property, employee know-how, resources, or relationships, all with the sole goal of providing value-added solutions to each project scope.

With offices in Canada, the United States, Hungary, Switzerland, and China, Smart Automation Group works with strategic partners in every region of the world, to provide unique, cost-effective, and scalable solutions through collaboration and shared innovation, with a global support network. 


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