Fluid Power Track Offers Energy Efficiency, Productivity and Machine Safety at MDA North America

Senior level discussions about the latest innovations in hydraulics and pneumatics equipment utilized to lower manufacturers’ energ...
July 25, 2016—

Senior level discussions about the latest innovations in hydraulics and pneumatics equipment utilized to lower manufacturers’ energy consumption will be the focus of the Fluid Power Track, an extension of the Integrated Industries Conference at IMTS from September 12–17, 2016, at McCormick Place in Chicago. Taking place on Wednesday, September 14, themes for the Fluid Power Track will revolve around energy conservation, productivity, and machine safety and will reflect the various technologies demonstrated on the floor during Motion, Drive & Automation North America.  

“Energy Efficiency is increasingly a driver in the dozens of markets served by hydraulics and pneumatics,” said Eric Lanke, president/CEO of the National Fluid Power Association. “The speakers and topics we’ve assembled for IMTS attendees and exhibitors will showcase energy efficient uses of fluid power that can be used in today’s state-of-the-art technology. Attendees are invited to visit the IFPE Fluid Power Zone to see even more solutions and innovations that hydraulics and pneumatics can provide.”

The line-up of speakers and discussion topics include:

Jon Jensen, energy conservation group manager of SMC Corporation, will define energy conservation, explain the benefits of energy conservation, and define areas where energy conservation can be applied. SMC Corporation’s presentation was developed for the benefit of plant managers, design engineers and maintenance personnel who have a concern or responsibility to control the costs and environmental impact of energy use in their facility. Topics covered are applicable to OEMs and end-users of pneumatic equipment.

Dennis Mell, vice president manufacturing of Nexmatix LLC, will provide an overview of how to fix the biggest leak in actuation systems. The presentation will provide case studies of Nexmatix projects that have delivered 20-30 percent compressed air savings and will include a live demonstration of real time monitoring of valves to report air leaks and number of cycles for preventive maintenance.

Larry Brown, corporate sales manager of Proportion-Air,  will discuss whether attendees use compressed air to drive air operated double diaphragm pumps or I to Ps to control processes in their factory, Proportion-Air’s presentation will explain how they can reduce the amount of compressed air used and still get the job done.

Bob Pettit, CTO, North America of HAWE Hydraulik  will cover three major topics regarding hydraulic clamping circuits in Machining Centers will highlight: 1) energy efficiency with leakage free hydraulics, 2) total cost of ownership, and 3)sample calculation of a machining center. Included in the presentation are actual moving animations of a hydraulic circuit in motion to help the audience understand the key points.

Peter Nachtwey, president of Delta Computer Systems will provide a discussion on optimizing sensor, actuator and control technology in fluid power motion. Practical industrial applications will be presented.

Steve Zumbusch, director-technology development of Eaton Corporation will discuss options for consideration in the design and maintenance of machines to achieve machine safety and ensure energy costs are minimized.

Additionally, exhibitors in the IFPE Fluid Power Zone within the Motion, Drive & Automation North America trade show will be showcasing hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for the factory of the future. The latest in compressors, heat exchangers, linear motion systems, air pressure regulators and air flow control valves, predictive maintenance solutions, motors and pumps will be demonstrated. 

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