Miki Pulley Couplings Absorb Vibration While Allowing High Misalignment

Miki PulleyBellowflex Couplings provide a low weight/low inertia solution.

Miki PulleyBellowflex Couplings provide a low weight/low inertia solution.

January 18, 2016—
Miki Pulley is introducing their new Bellowflex Couplings for direct sale to OEM’s in North America. These couplings absorb vibration while allowing for a high degree of angular misalignment.

Bellowflex Couplings have a unique design that combines a polymer resin bellows with aluminum hubs for high performance in machine applications involving vibration and misalignment. Allowing angular misalignment up to 10°, the coupling’s bellows element provides robust elasticity and high damping performance with minimal backlash.

Bellowflex Couplings are suitable for stepper motor and encoder applications providing radial flexibility. They reduce reaction forces such as side loads on shaft bearings and seals that can be caused by shaft misalignment. The polymer bellows allows parallel, angular and axial shaft misalignments while maintaining constant transmission of torque and angular velocity.

They provide a low weight/low inertia solution and are designed with high strength, zero backlash aluminum hubs with corrosion resistant socket head cap screws for ease of installation. These couplings handle shaft speeds from 5,500 to 9,000 rpm depending on model selected.

Especially important, the Belloflex electrically insulating bellows prevents electrical current from passing between the system shafts through the coupling. These couplings operate well in applications where temperatures range from 20° to 60° C.

Available in three sizes, with a bore range of 3 mm to 18 mm, Bellowflex Couplings can be utilized in printing, packaging, inspection, automation and similar systems.

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