QuickSilver Controls SilverMax Hybrid Servo Motors Introduce Direct Drive Solution

The SilverMax is designed to eliminate the need for gear heads.

The SilverMax is designed to eliminate the need for gear heads.

December 30, 2015—

QuickSilver Controls, Inc. has released the SilverMax Line hybrid servo motors. Hybrid servos provide superior continuous torque at low speeds, transitioning to nearly constant power curves up to 4000 RPM. They are suited to the direct drive of lead screws and belt drives, typically eliminating the need for gear heads. The PVIA control system includes patented damping methods to allow wide ranges of inertial mismatch without retuning or notch filters. The interpretative command language allows for easy program creation/modification/debug using the free QuickControl environment available from their web site. The programming environment provides for two programming threads in addition to an active motion. Serial communications include Modbus RTU, 8bit ASCII, 9bit binary, and DMX512. CANopen is simultaneously available with the serial options. Seven IO are provided for external interfacing. Programmable terminations allow the IO to be pulled high, pulled low, or floated while in input mode. All of the IO may also be used as analog inputs, with one channel supporting 0-10v analog control. 

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