Ringfeder TSCHAN TNR Couplings Designed for Wide Range of Rigidity

Ringfeder TSCHAN TNR couplings can be operated under extreme ambient conditions.

Ringfeder TSCHAN TNR couplings can be operated under extreme ambient conditions.

December 21, 2015—

Unlike commonly used, torsionally elastic shaft couplings, the TSCHAN TNR is adjustable and therefore allows for a smoother start-up of power transmissions. This new, non-shiftable coupling made by Ringfeder Power Transmission is not only ideal for compressors, pumps, generators and crushers, but it is also suited for all fields of power generation using combustion engines, such as emergency power aggregates and mobile generators. Describing the challenge, Norbert Telaar, strategic product manager, said, “When selecting couplings for power transmissions, we often had to make compromises if a very involved design preceded it.“ Given this observation, his team came up with the idea of developing a coupling that would allow for the rigidity to be adjusted within a wide range.

When internal combustion engines, such as frequently used diesel engines, are employed, the power train is subject to dynamic stimuli. The actual dynamic behaviour can be plotted mathematically by joining mass moments of inertia, damping and rigidity. When the excitation frequency and the natural frequency coincide, resonance is inevitable. By changing the mass moments of inertia and specifically adjusting the rigidity of the coupling, these resonances can be moved from service speed into the non-critical range. 

What makes the TSCHAN TNR special is that the parameters of the coupling can be adjusted within a wide rage, while its outer dimensions remain the same. The coupling becomes “adjustable” because the elastic buffers are separated one from another and, as a result, are ordered in series. This simply requires a smart combination of available elastomers on an inner and an outer buffer plane, respectively. You no longer have to compromise over setting the torsional-vibration behaviour. By employing TSCHAN TNR, the properties of couplings can be adjusted dynamically with little effort. 

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