New Linear Guideways from Warner Linear

April 26, 2006—Warner Linear announces the availability of new high-speed, high-accuracy linear guideway assemblies.

The new series incorporates a patented recirculation system for smooth linear motion with very little noise. The combination of lube-retaining end caps and sealed bearing blocks reduce friction. End seals, available with optional double seals and scrapers, protect from contamination.

Additional features include tapped and threaded holes referenced to the mounting surface that can be installed from either top or bottom. Clearly marked reference surfaces on both the blocks and rails provide easy, accurate access regardless of mounting location. Fully interchangeable rails make these assemblies suitable for both OEMs and end users.

A wide range of models is available for use in super heavy-duty to light loads and with various levels of precision and dust protection.

* ATH Series is designed for the heaviest loads, such as machine centers and transportation equipment.

* ATE Series offers an interchangeable block and is ideal for precision measuring equipment and woodworking machinery.

* ATM Series combines a miniature size with ultra-high accuracy for applications such as medical and IC manufacturing equipment.

* ATH E2 is a self-lubricating model providing clean, low-maintenance operation for electronic, medical, and manufacturing machinery.

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