Lenze i500 Frequency Inverters Achieve IE2 Rating without Sacrificing Versatility

Lenze's i500 has achieved an IE2 rating.

Lenze's i500 has achieved an IE2 rating.

October 27, 2015—

Lenze recently announced the launch of its new line of fully scalable i500 frequency inverters.

The functions and power of the new range of i500 frequency inverters are designed to be tailored to almost any machine application and industrial environment.  Compliant with efficiency class IE2, Lenze i500 inverters feature a slim design and peak energy efficiency in the 0.33 to 60 Hp (0.25 to 45 kW) power range.

“Lenze set out to bundle cutting edge control technologies into a customizable IE2-compliant package for machine builders,” according to Darrow Hanesian, director of product management at Lenze.  “All of the i500 components are stringently designed for optimal energy efficiency, which boosts the value for machine builders by increasing power density while allowing for a smaller design.”

The compact, modular Lenze i500 frequency inverter features a lower housing depth along with a sophisticated cooling system to reduce heat losses and allow side-by-side installation with minimal wiring in a smaller control cabinet. Inverters for control cabinet installation feature IP20 and IP31-rated protection.

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