Brother Will Introduce ie3 Premium Efficiency Gearmotors at Pack Expo

Brother Gearmotors ie3 motors.

Brother Gearmotors ie3 motors.

August 7, 2015—

Brother Gearmotors recently announced it will introduce a line of ie3 premium efficiency gearmotors at Pack Expo Las Vegas, Sept. 28-30.

The new ie3 premium efficiency gearmotors offer increased efficiency over standard ie1 models throughout the speed range and initiate less mechanical stress. The ie3 gearmotors run cooler and with less noise and, as they are sealed for life and designed to require little maintenance, reduce downtime. Two factors in the durability of Brother’s ie3 gearmotors are the company’s e-coat paint and lubrication through premium H1 food-grade grease.

Attributes of Brother gearmotors: light, reliable and compact in size; high torque at low speed; sealed for life for maximum efficiency and reduced labor; standard high-grade grease for lifetime lubrication and reduced maintenance/downtime; high-quality, durable, e-coat paint to withstand the toughest environments; more efficient than worm gearboxes as a result of hardened hypoid gearing

“Brother Gearmotors is pleased to add the ie3 premium efficiency gearmotors to our product offerings,” said Matthew Roberson, senior director of Brother Gearmotors. “In addition to staying ahead of government energy efficiency regulations, we maintain a strong, ongoing commitment to providing our customers with gearmotors that are not only durable and reliable, but highly efficient and cost-effective.”

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