Etel Thermal Module Ensures Motor Protection

The IMTHP analysis tool for KTY thermistors.

The IMTHP analysis tool for KTY thermistors.

June 16, 2015—

Etel has recently introduced the IMTHP, a thermal module that serves as an accessory to Etel’s torque motors, and is designed to provide motor protection from overheating. It is designed to be a supplement for KTY thermistors.

KTY sensors are accurate but have a delay in their output signal if the temperature change is too quick. The IMTHP provides a corrected analog temperature signal, allowing the user to have a precise and continuous monitoring of the actual temperature in the motor. While monitoring readings from three KTY sensors (one on each phase which is standard on all Etel torque motors), it uses a built-in algorithm which detects any steady increase in the KTY sensor output. It also outputs a simple digital warning/error signal that can be used without complex data processing on the controller’s part and has the machine properly react if any problem is ever detected. 

The IMTHP is able to take the input of sensors on each of the three phases and output them as one signal so even if the controls operating the motor only have one sensor input, all three phases can still be monitored. 

The IMTHP has the advantage of allowing engineers to not have to oversize a motor for an application nor put a limit on the current input. That way an optimum motor can be selected, without incurring the cost of having to order an extra-large motor.

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