GE Energy Partners with Chinese Co. To Develop Wind Turbine Gearboxes

April 22, 2006—GE Energy and Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear Company (NGC) have agreed to jointly develop gearboxes for GE's 1.5-megawatt wind turbines. The deal makes NGC one of GE's leading suppliers in the wind energy market.

?By integrating the experience and skills of both companies, we will expand our capability to meet the needs of customers in the rapidly growing renewable energy industry worldwide,? said

Steve Bertamini, chairman and CEO of GE China.

GE's gearbox is a critical component of its 1.5-megawatt wind turbine, which is among the most widely used megawatt-class wind turbines in the global renewable energy industry.

Approximately 5,000 of the machines are used or committed to projects around the world. GE will contribute Six Sigma quality processes and ntechnical consulting to the gearbox design process, while NGC senior management will attend training sessions at GE's development center in Crotonville, NY.

?This cooperation with GE will enhance our position as a leading supplier of high-quality

gearboxes for a variety of industries,? said Hu Yueming, chairman and president of NGC. ?The

partnership will benefit not only the parties involved, but also the customers and the gear

industry of China as a whole.?