Power Drive Systems Looks to Grow by Joining IDC-USA

May 14, 2015—

For 40 years, Power Drive Systems, Inc. has been distributing first-class power transmission products to customers across the United States. Based out of Jackson, Michigan, they focus on employee training so they can provide the best possible solutions to their customers. They also partner with top-notch manufacturers and keep an expansive inventory of product in order to meet customer needs. This is one of the reasons they joined IDC-USA.

Justin Phelps, Power Drive Systems Vice President, sees this partnership as a great opportunity for the company to grow. “We joined IDC-USA to better serve our customers with additional products and services, provide employees with new training programs and take advantage of the networking opportunities,” said Justin Phelps. “In short, joining IDC-USA will allow Power Drive Systems to become a stronger, better positioned company in our market.”

“Power Drive Systems has already shown great success in their market,” stated Jack Bailey, IDC President and CEO. “With a larger network in IDC-USA, they will be able to continue to thrive and compete with the big chains.”

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