Nook Industries Offers Complete Line of Series 500 Programmable Actuators

Nook PA actuator.

Nook PA actuator.

May 6, 2015—
Nook Industries now offers a complete line of Series 500 programmable actuators designed for continuous duty and long service life.
Series 500 incorporate a direct or toothed-belt drive for high mechanical efficiency, while also allowing for quieter running performance.

Ball screw-driven programmable actuators are made with high-strength materials and are available in parallel and in-line models with either a servo motor or stepper motor. The screw shaft is constructed with medium-carbon, induction-hardened, alloy steel and the ball nuts are manufactured from high-grade bearing steel. Both ball screw and nut are heat treated to a surface hardness of 56 HRC. 
Acme screw-driven programmable actuators are made from 4140 alloy steel with a black-oxide finish with a 2C thread form and are available in parallel and in-line models with either a servo or stepper motor. Nook’s Acme nut material is selected for low friction, minimum wear, long life and clean operations.

“Nook provides a single source for a complete system including motor, drive, controller and power supply,” said Jeff Naymik, marketing manager at Nook Industries. “These rugged actuators provide high efficiency and run quietly.”
Nook’s Series 500 programmable actuators are ruggedly designed and offer an expanded range of performance by providing higher loads, longer life and increased duty cycles with higher speeds and programmability. 

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