Ringfeder Offering New Series of Flange Couplings for Heavy Duty Applications

Ringfeder's new flange coupling.

Ringfeder's new flange coupling.

April 15, 2015—

Ringfeder Power Transmission is now offering its new RfN 5571 series of flange couplings for heavy duty applications. These couplings offer easier installation and have higher torque capacity than standard press fits. 

Equipped with Ringfeder shrink discs, the RfN 5571 flange couplings can be integrated into machines without any heating or cooling, making them easily installable for engineers. They are slip fit and come with either hexagon-head or hexagon socket-head cap screws. Other advantages include no wear parts, backlash-free shaft-hub connections, high true running accuracy and elimination of additional components such as keyways or shims.

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