Mesys AG Will Present New Shaft and Bearing Analysis Software at Hannover Messe

Mesys AG is debuting its new version of shaft and bearing analysis at Hannover Messe.

Mesys AG is debuting its new version of shaft and bearing analysis at Hannover Messe.

April 13, 2015—

Mesys AG will present its new version of shaft and bearing analysis software in Hall 25, Stand A21 at Hannover Messe.

The bearing analysis software allows the calculation of bearing load distribution and bearing life according ISO/TS 16281 and is integrated in a shaft system calculation with additional possibilities like strength calculation for shafts, modal analysis and interfaces to gear calculation programs.

Mesys AG can now do a variation of clearance within bearing tolerances, consider misalignment of one bearing up to 0.1mm and use a tolerance for loading. For all cases a normal distribution is used with three times standard deviation fitting into the tolerance field.

The number of calculations can be specified by the user. A first insight is already possible with a smaller number of calculations, but for nice-looking curves several thousand calculations are needed. The probability for the results of basic reference life were calculated with 20,000 load cases, which took about 12 minutes on a standard desktop computer. For the initial calculation the maxima of the curves are close to each other, but the variance for the roller bearing B2 is much larger. The reason is the misalignment of the shaft, which has a larger influence on the roller bearing. The report will also show minimum, maximum, mean value and standard deviation for each selected result.

The default version of parameter variation is helpful to visualize the influence of one parameter on one or multiple results. The statistical version can be used if the influence of multiple uncertainties should be evaluated. Instead of manually checking multiple parameters an automatic calculation of the whole ranges can be done. In order to understand the reasons behind the results it will still be necessary to carry out additional evaluations, but the software shows the ranges of results that have to be expected.

In addition to the shaft and rolling bearing calculation software a new calculation of load distribution for ball screws is available now. Life is calculated from load distribution analogously to ISO/TS 16281. This allows the consideration of radial and moment loads in addition to axial loads. As in the other programs, an automatic parameter variation is available as well.


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