Asahi Intecc Offering Drive Cables in Expanded Size Range

Pictured is Asahi's new drive cable.

Pictured is Asahi's new drive cable.

April 1, 2015—

Asahi Intecc now offers high speed rotation stainless steel miniature drive cables for medical device and industrial applications requiring diameters less than 1/3". The Asahi drive cable is a multi-layer, multi-filar, stranded flexible shaft with high bi-directional torque transmission properties with minimal backlash or lag. The multi-stranded shaft may be edm cut to short lengths for a smooth finish (1") to 2 m lengths depending on the application, and in-house assembly and coating services are offered. 

The layers and size of wires, along with the way in which the wires are processed, may be customized to the degree of flexibility, torque force, rotation speed required by the application. Secondary operations for the drive cable include laser welding, soldering, crimping hypotubes, cutters, micromachined parts, housings; extrusion, heatshrink, dip, spray PTFE, ETFE, PU, PE, FEP with lubricity and bonding strength; centerless grind the distal end for multi-segmented flexibility; rotary swaging for torsional rigidity, and augering the drive cable with a stainless wire for additional cutting and aspirating capability. A cannulated 3 layer version is also offered for applications in which material in which aspirated material is extracted through the lumen.

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