Bosch Rexroth Introduces a New Series of Hagglunds Hydraulic Motors

Pictured is one Bosch Rexroth's new hydraulic motors.

Pictured is one Bosch Rexroth's new hydraulic motors.

March 26, 2015—

Bosch Rexroth has repackaged its compact series of Hägglunds industrial hydraulic motors. The new Hägglunds CA 10 to 40 motors are far smaller and lighter, yet nothing has changed in their output.

The new motors will extend the Hägglunds compact series downward to 10 Nm/bar. Initially, the focus for the Hägglunds CA 10 to 40 series will be injection molding machines in the plastics industry. These machines represent a large portion of the demand at 50 Nm/bar and below. Additional industries and further applications are set to follow in the very near future. 

Unequaled power density
To achieve the power density of the CA 10 to 40 motors, Bosch Rexroth has reduced the motor diameter while refining the internal construction. These changes have no effect on reliability or output, which is why the motors deliver more kilowatts per kilo than any other. Full speed and full torque are available simultaneously, and both can be sustained for an indefinite time.

“In designing the series, we’ve used principles similar to those in our proven Hägglunds CBM motors,” said Bengt Liljedahl, technical product manager. “The new CA 10 to 40 motors provide the same power as before but with far less weight – up to three times less than a competitor solution.”

Energy-saving productivity
For customers, the power density means energy and production efficiency. Compared to competitor solutions, CA 10 to 40 motors provide 10 to 15 percent more torque for the amount of energy put in.

“Because they weigh so much less, they use less energy in the high-speed range,” said Liljedahl. 

Further efficiency comes from the flexibility in the series, which includes four basic models and a wide variety of displacements. Fourteen configurations in small torque steps allow tight dimensioning, as well as full optimization in relation to the hydraulic pumps. The configurations are achieved using just two mechanical interfaces, which means easy adaptation is also possible.

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