Bell-Everman Introduces New ServoSpline with Backlash-free Motion

Pictured is Bell-Everman\'s new ServoSpline positioning stage.

Pictured is Bell-Everman\'s new ServoSpline positioning stage.

March 18, 2015—

Bell-Everman’s new ServoSpline positioning stage offers a drive mechanism that provides backlash-free motion and simplified control.

ServoSpline is an extension of a classic rack-and-pinion design that provides simple motion commands and positions the stage in the X- and Y-axis by independently driving the two splines. It provides engineers with a reliable stage that is easy to deploy. Technical advantages include no backlash, long wearing and easy implementation.

This positioning stage can serve in a variety of machines requiring easily-implemented motion stages. Applications include 3-D printers, automated assembly, dispensing, engraving, additive manufacturing, biomedical titer plate indexing and pipetting for diagnostic equipment. 

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