Ringfeder Adds Line of Heavy-duty Shaft Couplings

March 10, 2015—

Ringfeder Power Transmission Group has expanded its offering of heavy-duty couplings with the acquisition of Tschan GmbH, a supplier of non-shiftable mechanical shaft couplings.  

Tschan couplings are used primarily in heavily-loaded, large-machine applications — including mining, offshore, construction, steel production, cement, pump, compressor and power generation. These heavy-duty couplings complement the precision couplings from Ringfeder’s GERWAH product line.

“The new Ringfeder - Tschan coupling product line adds a whole new dimension to our capabilities. No matter how big or small the machine, we have a power transmission solution ready to go for our customers,” says Ross Rivard, president of Ringfeder Power Transmission USA Corp. 


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