PI Product Releases Ultra-High-Load Precision Linear Actuators

April 22, 2006—PI Products released the M-238 ultra-high-load precision linear actuators that combine force, resolution and speed

The actuators are self-contained packages consisting of a DC-servo motor connected to a ball screw. A lower cost model with a rotary encoder and an higher precision model with a linear encoder are available.

Both provide a very high load capacity of 400 N and a travel range of 50 mm. The M-238.5PL model is equipped with a non-contact optical linear encoder (direct metrology) with an output resolution of 0.1 オm. Because the encoder measures the actual position of the non-rotating actuator tip, drive train errors like backlash and elastic deformations are eliminated.

Like most other PI motorized actuators, the M-238 series features a non-rotating tip which ensures maximum stability and motion linearity. Integrated non-contacting limit switches and homing sensors protect sensitive equipment in applications where extended motion could cause damage.

M-238 actuators are ideally suited applications in astronomy, precision machining and flexible automation.

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