Bosch Rexroth Develops Control Solutions for Crane Drives

Pictured is Bosch Rexroth\'s new control solution for simple and complex winch and crane drives.

Pictured is Bosch Rexroth\'s new control solution for simple and complex winch and crane drives.

February 10, 2015—

Rexroth recently developed a new control solution that is suitable for both simple and complex winch and crane drives. Designers can generate new systems quickly and flexibly with it.

The control system from Rexroth can be connected to the customer's system using predefined interfaces. Numerous hardware variants in the form of an extensive modular system allow the designer maximum flexibility and reduce costs and errors during commissioning by means of a simple “plug-and-play” interface.

In the software, for example, the designer can access standardized modules for control functions. Integrated security features ensure compliance with the required safety level. The modular structure of the software makes using the control system very flexible, in both simple and complex applications. The designer can choose the degree of networking, also in terms of security features, according to the specific application requirements.

For example, for applications with a hydraulic power unit and a single winch drive Bosch Rexroth offers with this solution a cost-effective and extremely compact integrated control system, based on its BODAS RC28-14/30 controller.

Originally developed for mobile applications, the controller is designed for use in harsh environments, as it can withstand temperature changes as well as vibrations and shocks. The control solution is also compact and can be installed saving space on deck for workboats or platforms.

Modifications, enhancements, and the interface to the customer's system can be tested and adjusted by the designer directly on a test stand provided by Rexroth. This saves an expensive commissioning and testing of the solution on board the ship.

Based on proven technology, field-tested components and validated software, Rexroth’s control solution enables engineers to develop crane and winch systems with optional active heave compensation capabilities faster and cheaper.

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