Sturdi to Distribute Shaft Repair Sleeves in U.S.

Sturdi will begin distributing Sturdi shaft repair sleeves in the U.S.

Sturdi will begin distributing Sturdi shaft repair sleeves in the U.S.

January 21, 2015—

Sturdi-USA has recently been selected by Taiwan-based Sturdi Sealing Tech as the exclusive U.S. distributor of its Sturdi shaft repair sleeves, a kit for repairing worn shafts. Each kit includes a thin, stainless steel sleeve and a basic installation tool.

“Sturdi shaft repair sleeves are highly engineered components that press-fit onto a shaft to quickly, easily, and economically repair and even deter damage to shafts and spindles,” said Steve Kroll, president of Sturdi-USA, in Houston, TX. “Sturdi shaft repair sleeves provide a protective seal running surface and reduce the need for complex and expensive shaft machining, repair or replacement.”

Engineered for automotive and industrial applications, the sleeves are designed for ambient-temperature interference fit and are available in various sizes and finishes.

There are four benefits to using Sturdi shaft repair sleeves as an alternative to repairing or replacing a damaged shaft. Sturdi shaft repair sleeves reduce equipment down time as they are installed without having to remove the shaft. The sleeves are thin, so there is no need to change seal size. The sleeve’s surface is machined without directionality, making it more wear resistant and often resulting in a better finish than that of the original shaft. Sturdi shaft repair sleeves have a durable, corrosion free surface, which creates a sealing surface conducive to extending the life of the seal.

Grooving wear on a shaft can require re-machining, such as metalizing, regrinding, or result in the shaft having to be replaced. Sturdi shaft repair sleeves are pushed over the worn running service. A standard depth installation tool is supplied with the sleeve. 

Sturdi shaft repair sleeves are suited for applications in industries such as aerospace, agricultural equipment, automotive, construction equipment, food and beverage processing, marine, material handling, mining and natural resources, oil and gas, pharmaceutical processing and power generation.

Automotive applications include, but are not limited to, engine crankshaft front and rear, transmission front and rear; transfer case input and output shaft, pinion differential/yokes, harmonic balancer, camshaft, timing cover; wheel; steering sector/shift shaft.

Industrial applications include, but are not limited to, industrial gearboxes and motor shafts, industrial pumps, crushers, conveyors, motors, reducers, fans, valves and pumps.

“Steve Kroll was the obvious choice to be Sturdi’s exclusive U.S. distributor," said Winston Lai, president of Sturdi Sealing Tech in Taiwan.  “As owner of Intech Bearing for 30 years, he is intimately familiar with the needs of the industrial power transmission industry, a substantial segment of Sturdi’s customer base.”

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