IMTS Preview: Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth will exhibit a broad range of automation products and systems for improving productivity and energy efficiency, as well as ...
August 22, 2014—
Bosch Rexroth will exhibit a broad range of automation products and systems for improving productivity and energy efficiency, as well as safety and training in machine tool and CNC applications at IMTS 2014. The drive and control company will feature CNC platforms, advanced automation technologies and open programming tools to help optimize machining time and improve operational flexibility and precision production.

Booth highlights include:
Open Core Engineering Machining Demo: This will show the flexible programming abilities of Bosch Rexroth’s Open Core Engineering system. Booth visitors can have their business card etched in metal on a specially-designed machine tool. Real-time machining visualization on a handheld tablet connected by wireless Ethernet demonstrates real-time machining monitoring.
IndraMotion MTX: This is a family of machine tool controls that provide open, scalable, CNC platforms for cutting, forming and machining applications. The newest platform version features the multi-core hardware CML 85, which supports 60 parallel NC-channels and control of up to 99 axes (up from 12 channels and 64 axes). In addition, the machine builder using IndraMotion MTX can now take advantage of simplified wiring of safety devices by using CIP Safety on Sercos (CSos) with the IndraDrive and PROFIsafe over Profibus DP. 

IMS-I: An integrated measuring system incremental that combines highly rigid Rexroth Ball Rail and roller rail systems with an incremental length measuring system. It offers the measurement accuracy comparable to high-precision glass scales, making it ideally suited for use in external measuring systems on machine tools.
Safety on Board: Intelligent and Economical Machine Safety Bosch Rexroth integrates safety into IndraDrive platforms so movement is monitored where it is generated, enabling extremely short reaction times and simpler safety architecture. Bosch Rexroth offers three layers of integrated safety for its drive and controls products under Safety on Board:
•Drive-based safety: The newest version of the safety-certified IndraDrive offers very fast response and up to 16 configurable safety modes (increased from 4 modes). The modes are configured in the IndraDrive based on mode selection; this can be done using either CIP Safety on Sercos (CSos), or via hard-wired safe zone modules.
•Distributed PLC safety: Rexroth’s SafeLogic compact (SLc) is a small programmable safety PLC with support for up to 2 Sercos interfaces. A safety system with up to 16 axes can be configured between the SLc and IndraDrive devices, using a common Sercos Ethernet cable with minimal wiring.
•Centralized PLC safety: Rexroth offers centralized safety PLC functionality with our IndraLogic XLC controller, IndraMotion MLC motion-logic platform and IndraMotion MTX CNC. Bus architectures supported include Sercos with CSos, which reduces wiring and safe motion programming time; in addition, PROFIsafe with Profibus DP is used for connecting safety I/O devices combined with normal Inline I/O.

Sytronix Variable-Speed Pump Drives for Machine Tools:
The Sytronix FcP (frequency controlled pump drive) is an energy-efficient, variable-speed pump drive for use in constant pressure systems such as machine tools. It is available in the performance class 1.5-90 kW, and offers energy savings that range from 40% to 70%. In addition, the Sytronix FcP reduces average noise emission by up to 20 dB (A), has minimal or no cooling requirements and features a compact design to help save space.
Rexroth experts will also be available at IMTS 2014 to discuss a wide range of products including electrohydraulic controls and systems; linear motion components and modules; assembly and equipment for lean manufacturing; and electric drives, motors, controls and HMIs.

Bosch Rexroth