Chick Workholding Implements Consumer Design Program

April 14, 2006—Chick Workholding Solutions invited the CNC marketplace to contribute to the design of its new CNC vise before it is released.

The new vise does not fall into current workholding categories. It is not a traditional single station vise originally designed for use on a manual machine nor is it a double station workholding system for CNC production applications.

The company plans to roll out a conceptual prototype of the CNC vise for the public's viewing, use and comment at IMTS. Visitors to Chick's booth will be able to test the product in a real-world setting through the company's QwikChange Challenge. The challenge will put four participants at a time in a head-to-head race to see who can take the CNC vise through five different changeovers in the least amount of time.

According to the company's press release, Chick aspires to have the product ready in its final version, ensuring the CNC vise will not need to be redesigned later. By previewing the concept, Chick plans to field test the CNC vise.

The company launched an interactive website dedicated to the CNC vise at