Voith Presents Drive Components at Power-Gen Europe

June 3, 2014—From June 3-5, 2014, Voith will present efficient and innovative drive components for the energy sector at Power-Gen Europe in Cologne (Booth 7U28). Highlights will include the Vorecon variable speed planetary gear, the BHS planetary gear unit, the new TurCon DTm digital turbine controller, the self-contained linear drive, torque-limiting couplings and Hirth couplings.

Reliable speed control €“ Vorecon

The Vorecon variable speed planetary gear unit controls the speed of pumps, compressors and fans. It is used most often in the oil and gas industry as well as thermal power plants. Based on the hydrodynamic principle, the variable speed planetary gear can provide more than 50 MW of power and be operated at speeds exceeding 20,000 rpm. The hydrodynamic power transmission is wear-free.

Higher efficiency €“ BHS planetary gear units

BHS planetary gear units from Voith control speeds in the drivelines of turbomachinery reliably and efficiently. The type of turbo gear unit works on the Stoeckicht principle, which ensures an ideal load balance between the sun gear, planetary gear and ring gear. The sun gear and ring gear do not need bearings. This reduces power losses in the gear unit considerably, permitting a very high efficiency of up to 99.4 percent.

Controlling turbines reliably €“ TurCon DTm

The new digital TurCon DTm controls steam turbines with a power rating of up to 500 MW and is especially well-suited for a variety of control modes: from speed and frequency control to complicated extraction steam control. This allows the TurCon DTm to offer operators a wide range of benefits. Unlike some comparable systems, the controller features an integrated speed measurement system with short-circuit and open-circuit monitoring.The TurCon DTm does more than just monitor speed for plausibility €“ it also monitors the electric lines for malfunctions.

Highly dynamic and energy-efficient €“ Self-contained linear drive

The newly developed electrohydraulic linear drive from Voith regulates control valves on turbines precisely and in a highly dynamic way. It is self-contained, meaning it operates completely without a hydraulic power pack. In addition, there is an integrated spring assembly. Using it, the drive closes the control valve in less then 200 ms in the event of a malfunction. This fail-safe function increases the operational reliability of the system and avoids costs arising from secondary damage.

Increased reliability €“ Torque-limiting couplings

Torque-limiting couplings from Voith offer operators increased reliability in the driveline of turbomachinery. In the event of an overload, the couplings protect not only the turbomachinery, but also all drive components from extreme shock and torsional vibrations. The primary benefit of a torque-limiting coupling is that the system can be operated at maximum capacity. In case of impermissibly high torque, the couplings respond immediately and interrupt power flow in the driveline. This prevents expensive damage. Torque-limiting couplings are used in many applications around the world; for example, in power plants, rolling mills, shredder systems and mining.

Precision connection €“ Hirth coupling

Hirth couplings from Voith connect shafts, pulleys, wheels and cranks made of metal and plastic with exceptional precision and maximum torque capacity. With an indexing accuracy of +/-2€˜€˜ and repeat accuracy of 0.001 mm, the Hirth coupling is used as an especially positive indexing and positioning element. Thanks to a ring set size of up to 1660 mm, standard and custom-made rings from Voith satisfy almost all requirements. They are used in turbines, fans and compressors as well as many other applications.

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