New Bearing Steels from NSK

December 31, 2003—The newest steels, "Z", "EP" and "SHX" from NSK provide spindle bearings with resistance to seizure and minimum levels of heat generation.

According to the company’s press release, these steels have reduced amounts of non-metallic oxide because of the clean steel making process.

"Z"steel is the company’s standard material of manufacture for the new angular contact and cylindrical roller bearings. Bearings made from this steel have 1.8 times longer service life than conventional vacuum degreased steel, according to the company’s press release.

The "EP" steel was made more reliable due to a new evaluation technique in which fewer large sized particles are removed than in vacuum arc remelted steel or the refined "Z" steel.

Lastly, the SHX steel integrates the operating stability and low heat generation of Z and EP steels. This steel can be used as a bearing material in motorized machine tool spindles where the possibility of bearing seizure exists.


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