Expanded Series of 55 Metal-Reinforced Molded Universal Joints from SDP

April 7, 2006—An expanded series of 55 SUPER-PLAST? molded universal joints from SDP/SI feature plastic, plus the positive fastening characteristics of metal-to-metal contact.

According to the company's press release, the u-joints offer lower inertia, greater torsional strength and higher strength-to-weight ratio than equivalent all-metal couplings.

Developed for a wide variety of instrumentation applications, especially where the starting torque of a drive is too high for conventional all-plastic u-joints, the joints combine brass inserts within a thick-walled molded plastic hub. This construction leads to a lighter and more durable design.

Four different universal joint types are available including: single, double, plus types with molded slide extensions, as well as with brass slide extensions. AII are available in inch and metric sizes, and most are available completely molded with metal spiders, or with inserts and metal spiders.

The bodies are made from molded acetal with the spiders and inserts made from nickel plated brass. With these components, using the new joint designs, you can replace metal components more easily, especially for low torque applications. AII SDP molded universal joints can operate at temperatures up to 180? F (85?C).

The molded universal single joints have an angular displacement of up to 45? and are available in lengths ranging from 3/4" to 2-5/64" (19.0 mm to 52.7 mm) for fully molded pieces and 1 -3/64" to 2-41/64" (26.6 mm to 66.9 mm) for those with inserts. O.D.'s range from 1 /4" to 5/8" (6.3 mm to 15.9 mm) for all pieces. Maximum torques for these joints range from 5.0 to 60 lb.-in. (.57 to 6.8 N?m).

The molded universal joints with molded slide extensions have an angular displacement of 90? maximum and can be extended up to 3/4" (19 mm).The maximum torques range from 8 to 14 Ib.in. (0.9 to1.6 N?m) closed and from 5 to 10 Ib.in. (0.5 to 1.1 N?m) open. Typical bore depths for these joints range from 0.34"-0.63" (8.6 mm to 16 mm).

The molded universal joints with brass slide extensions have angular displacements of up to 90? and can be extended up to half the length of their brass tubes. These joints have closed lengths ranging from 3-1/4" to 8" (82.6 mm to 203.2 mm). These telescoping universal joints have typical bore depths ranging from .39" to .86" (9.9 mm to 21.8 mm).

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