Amacoil-Uhing Introduces Easylock Shaft Collars

Amacoil/Uhing has introduced Easylock shaft collars which hold reels, spools and other objects in place on shafts. Objects are held firml...
January 27, 2014—Amacoil/Uhing has introduced Easylock shaft collars which hold reels, spools and other objects in place on shafts. Objects are held firmly between two pintles, one of which has a clamping force control. The clamping control permits adjustment of the holding force from 90 to 1124 pounds.

A conical point mounted to each pintle is the mechanism for engaging the object with the shaft. The points are specially machined so that start-up and braking moments are transmitted from the shaft to the load. This design prevents the shaft from slipping or turning independently of the load. Rapid stopping and starting is then possible without rotational play of the object on the shaft.

In converting and winding applications where it is important that there be no play between the shaft and the core, Easylock is an easy-to-install solution with no special tools required. The non-adjustable or fixed pintle is installed with a set screw to hold it in place. The reel/spool or other object is then placed on the shaft and the adjustable or removable pintle is pushed up against the object. The clamping force control on the removable pintle lets users increase or decrease holding power to meet application requirements. A quick release feature facilitates speedy reel/tool changeovers.

Easylock collars must be used on smooth shafts with no threads. The shaft material must be case hardened (Rockwell 55 or greater). Easylock applications include high-speed packaging, roll-fed lamination, stretch-wrapping and holding down lids and plates. Easylock collars are used in packaging machinery, various types of roll-fed converting equipment and static procedures such as securing mounting plates and machine covers.

When Easylock collars are used to secure something other than a core or reel, the conical points on the pintles are easily removed by prying off with a screwdriver. It should be noted that without the pintle points installed, there is no guarantee of synchronized movement between the shaft and the load, especially at high shaft rotational speeds.

The maintenance-free Easylock system is available in ten different sizes for shafts with diameters of 10 to 40 mm (0.39 - 1.57 in.). Pricing for Easylock collars starts at $230.00. One complete Easylock consists of the adjustable pintle and point and the fixed pintle and point. Parts are also sold separately. Delivery time is about two weeks ARO.