Raytheon Missle Buys Allied Motion’s Gimbal Servo Modules

April 2, 2006—Allied Motion Technologies announced a commitment from Raytheon Missiole Systems to purchase gimbal servo modules from Allied’s wholly owned subsidiary, Computer Optical Products.

According to Allied Motion’s press release, the total value of the commitment was $1,092,000. Allied will supply high precision, high resolution brushless DC motors and optical encoders for use in the Joint Standoff Weapon missle systems. The motor amd encoder are key components in the Imaging Infrared (IIR) autonomous terminal seeker and tracker system of the missle.

JSOW is a joint Navy and Air Force program and a family of low-cost, highly surviveable, air-to-ground weapons employing an integrated Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation system that guides the weapon to the target. After the weapon arrives in the target area, it utilizes the IIR seeker for autonomous guidance in the terminal phase of the flight to attack with precision accuracy. Allied and Raytheon have until September 5 to finalize the terms of the definitive purchase order. Shipments for the initial order are scheduled to occur over a 14- month period, beginning in September with the potential for additional follow-up orders through 2011.

"Being selected by Raytheon and the tremendous support they have provided us to ensure we meet the demanding requirements as a partner in this application is very rewarding and we appreciate the trust Raytheon has placed in our capabilities," says Dick Warzala, president and COO of Allied Motion Technology. "The performance required of our products in the JSOW application demanded ruggedness and reliability. Our high performance products and engineering skills made the difference in successfully meeting the needs of this application."