Getrag Combines 14 Companies Under Corporate Umbrella

April 5, 2006—The Getrag Corporate Group will combine its 14 individual companies in the GETRAG Group and GETRAG Ford Transmissions in transmission systems, drivetrain components and engineering service sunder the umbrella of the GETRAG Corporate Group.

Tobias Hagenmeyer, president of the GETRAG Corporate Group, says " Our aim in repositioning ourselves is to strengthen the market position in the global competitive environment and, in doing so, create the conditions for further expansion.We are planning a significatn expansion of our activities across the world in the area of dual clutch transmissions. We are forecasting volumes of up to 2.4 million dual clutch transmissions and a total output of 5.5 million transmissions by 2015."

GETRAG is introducing dual clutch technology that can be executed in wet and dry clutches. According to the company’s press release, this reduces fuel consumption. Dual clutch tranmissions can be used as a platform for hybrid transmissions as well.