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Energy Efficient Solution Packages Integrate Motor Drive Sizing and TechnologiesCraig Dahlquist, Automation Team Leader, Lenze AmericasVi...
October 22, 2013—Energy Efficient Solution Packages Integrate Motor Drive Sizing and Technologies
Craig Dahlquist, Automation Team Leader, Lenze Americas

Virtually every aspect of automation and plant infrastructures rely on electric drives. Given that electric drives account for such a high proportion of overall energy consumption and are in such widespread use, they are also the most effective means of increasing energy efficiency.  Saving energy can be one of the toughest challenges in power system design. The greater the efficiency of a drive, the more efficiently it runs and same is true not just of individual components, but the complete system. Uniform drive systems not only optimize processes, but permanently reduce life-cycle costs. To avoid squandering energy, the right choices must be made from the point at which drive components are selected. By using intelligent and integrated drive solution packages, energy consumption can be reduced up to 30 percent.

Motor drive sizing and technologies have expanded support for multiple applications, with fully integrated energy efficient packages comprised of engineering design software, MF (multiple frequency) gear motors with beveled gearboxes and highly efficient and economical variable frequency inverter drives. In designing and specifying ‘right sized’ motor drive and control components, the ideal energy efficient package comprises a powerful trifecta of tools that take into account the entire drive system.

Efficiency At-A-Glance with Drive Solution Software
An efficient design process starts with the right design software to ensure precision drive dimensioning by tailoring the drive system specifically to the application requirements. This can prevent the common problem of over-dimensioning of motors and inverter control and regulation of the drive systems.  Lenze Drive Solution Designer (DSD) software can record and save the resulting projected energy consumption. By using DSD to select drive packages with MF motors, the engineer can quickly achieve optimal energy balance with efficient drive dimensioning and assure fully integrated system components. Design software shows potential energy savings options at a glance, which makes it possible to compare several different solutions and ensure selection of the right sized components for the task.

In a side-by-side project comparison, one can compare the different mechanical concepts and the different drive components with respect to their energy demands and energetically optimize them. It generally applies that a complete drive system should take into account motion, mechanical components, and drive components. The total energy efficiency can be calculated, e.g. for a complete production line, and the energy part of the production costs and, additionally, CO2 emissions can be determined. Additionally, it is possible to determine the potential savings by using DC power recovery instead of a brake resistor. Over-dimensioning should be avoided, but the components should not be subjected to extreme overloads. In general, the longer the drive operating time, the higher the cost savings.

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