Bosch Rexroth Demos Drive, Motion and Control Products

Demonstrations of drive, motion and controls products along with in-depth presentations of engineering software tools and a range of pneu...
October 21, 2013—Demonstrations of drive, motion and controls products along with in-depth presentations of engineering software tools and a range of pneumatic solutions were shown during Pack Expo. Applications experts from Bosch Rexroth presented working demonstrations of drive, motion and controls products, including the company’s Mechatronics @ Work exhibit; the award-winning Open Core Engineering platform; and a new machine safety offering. The Rexroth booth also included a special Innovation Corner, where visitors attended in-depth presentations to learn about the company’s sophisticated programming, control and design software.

Mechatronics @ Work automation exhibit
The dynamic Mechatronics @ Work exhibit demonstrated Rexroth’s ability to integrate a host of proven drive, control, pneumatic, linear motion and assembly components into high-performance mechatronics systems. This working model demonstrated how Rexroth’s wide range of complementary technologies can improve energy efficiency, optimize throughput, and create systems whose productivity and modularity add long term value. The display integrated electric drives and controls, linear modules, pneumatics and a flexible chain conveyor in a multi-axis pick-and-place continuous loop operation.

Open Core Engineering
Rexroth’s Open Core Engineering platform is an innovative approach to connect PLC and IT automation, with a tool that gives developers a greater degree of freedom in software engineering. OEMs can flexibly access the control core of the Rexroth IndraMotion MLC and IndraLogic XLC controller systems from applications that are based on high-level languages. This allows them to create customized solutions independently and more easily, and at a lower cost than before.

SafeLogic compact safety solution
Scalable safety is made easy to implement with the SafeLogic compact control version from Rexroth. It is the ideal solution for safe logic processing in small to mid-range machines. The control can be expanded as the number of peripherals increases. Defined functional modules and graphic wiring simplify configuration and speed up the commissioning process.

Pneumatic Solutions for the Food and Packaging Industry
A variety of pneumatics solutions will be featured, specially designed for use in the food and packaging industry, including the CL03 valve terminal system and the AV03 compact, lightweight valve. Pneumatic components from Rexroth enable hygienic handling of food products and efficient packaging of all types of products.

Bosch Rexroth