Warner Electric Features A-Track Linear Actuators in New Brochure

April 8, 2006—Warner Electric published a new eight-page, full-color brochure to introduce new A-Track Series Linear Actuators, a four-model series of lightweight, economical actuators that

are easy install and provide quiet, maintenance-free operation.

The A-Track Series incorporates ball bearing screws, instead of bushings,that support the motor shaft for more accurate positioning. A round, ground ball nut makes the transition of the ball bearings more consistent than a

tapped square unit and extends service life.

Limit switch and potentiometer options provide automatic shut-off and feedback.

The brochure provides information and specifications on each of the four models that are available for light, moderate, and

heavy-duty applications. A-Track Linear Actuators are suitable for a wide variety of in-plant, outdoor, and mobile applications, from adjustable-height work tables to RV compartment extensions.

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