Zero Max’s New Linear Actuators Convert Rotary Motion into Precise Linear Motion

April 12, 2006—The Roh’lix linear actuators from Zero-Max convert rotary motion to linear travel and carry loads at speeds up to 70" per second, depending on size. They are designed for positioning operations in different types of machinery and are an alternative to ball screws.

Loads can be attached to the Roh’lix carrier block using two cap screws. The product’s thrust capacity is adjustable so the system will disengage if the present thrust is exceeded, providing overload protection if an obstruction is encountered.

The linear actuators consist of three replaceable precision ball bearings at each end of a two-piece aluminum carrier block. Mounted at an angle to the drive axis, the six bearings convert drive shaft rotation into proportional linear travel. With a minimum of 90% efficiency, the actuators can normally provide up to 100 million inches of linear travel. The movable Roh’lix carrier block travels on a smooth, threadless, hardened RC 58 shaft that requires no lubrication, Zero-Max says in its press release.

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